Everything you need to know about moo business cards

Moo business cards orders used to be placed at a local print shop, where a staff member would help with the design process. You can do it yourself online now, and a critical distinction between the many companies offering this service is how much they streamline the process for you. MOO’s website has one of the most professionally designed interfaces among the business card printing services we researched. It has the unique ability to use many photos in a single order and offers a vast selection of paper materials from which to choose.

While the website is well-designed and simple to use, the service costs much more than its main competitors and offers less flexibility in design modification. Here we will discuss more moo business cards.

What is this MOO?

MOO is an online service that helps customers design professional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing business cards. It separates itself from the competition by the excellent grade of its models and the wide variety of choices it gives. This upstart corporation is swiftly overcoming all of its peers and capturing their thrones! It updates business cards by providing a user-friendly editor. Why is this area so magical? Let’s find out together.

What are Moo business cards?

MOO has many card designs to help your business card stand out and not get crumpled in a prospective client’s wallet. One of the most potent means of communication is the business card. Even though communicating over the web is increasingly vital in the present world, we cannot disregard the value of print media. They are the guards who care about your reputation. Whether you work in sales, communications management, or design, setting yourself out on your business card is essential.

Differentiated goods:

The following are some of their most popular uses: loyalty cards, posters, date change cards, communication cards, notebooks, flyers, and menus. When utilizing MOO, you won’t have a choice but to explore every alternative. And we are not afraid to declare that we find it to be of tremendous practical utility. Thanks to your creativity, elegance, and finesse, you will undoubtedly find the fulfillment you seek while expanding your professional network.

MOO’s offerings:

If you’re looking for business cards that do justice to your brand and stand out from the crowd, you need to go no further than MOO’s offerings. Ultra-design business cards, embossed text with gold leaf, and a simple style are all available. There is no need to go through all the incomprehensible business card websites since MOO is presented as THE standard in design and graphics. The “basic” business card choice is only one of several available to consumers on MOO’s site.

What should you put on your business card and why?

When creating a business card, it is essential to remember which features should be emphasized and which ones should be omitted to make a card that is both intriguing and well-balanced. Your business card should remind you of your initial meeting and encourage potential clients to contact you or visit your website. It is an essential dual purpose for your card.


Your company’s logo represents its goal and values, making it vital to brand recognition. It should reflect your company well and be something consumers want to retain. Customers have higher faith in a company with a logo, perceiving it to be more legitimate and reputable. Having your company logo prominently displayed on the front of your business card is essential. If you want perfectly crisp edges, choose a high-quality image and print it at a resolution of 300 dots per inch.

Full Moon Salon:

Imagine if the name of the business was Full Moon Salon or if the initials of the company’s name were CFS instead of CFS. Be sure to give the logo some space to breathe by not placing too much text close to it or zooming in on it, and don’t forget to leave some white space around it. If the design of your business card causes the company logo to seem jammed on the card, you may want to try making the logo smaller and increasing the negative space surrounding it.

What is the name of your business?

Your business cards should include your company’s name, even if your logo is the most memorable aspect of your brand. Leave enough space for your name; it’s the most remarkable aspect of your business card, so it has to be front and center. The business name should typically occupy most of the real estate on a business card. Make sure your business name is completely spelled out so customers can quickly identify what you’re selling by looking at it.


Have you considered developing a slogan or catchphrase for your company? The information should be printed on the business card you hand out. If you don’t already have a saying that summarizes your company’s offerings, it’s time to develop one. It might be instrumental if your company’s name doesn’t convey its core services. Stratton Design advertises “Website design & hosting” on their business cards. These few words describe their primary service, which they provide honestly.

Identify yourself and your position:

Make your business card more personable by including your full name and position. You’ll see an increase in consumer loyalty and commitment to your brand. Essential information to have on a business card is your area of expertise since not everyone is excellent at remembering names. Some people are more likely to remember you if they are familiar with your field. Don’t forget your titleā€”it’ll help you remember. You may add a professional headshot to your profile.

Information for getting in touch:

Contact information, such as an email address and phone number, should be provided on a business card. Because they are the most common methods of contact, they are crucial to have on a business card. The contact information on your business card should be easily seen, so be sure you center it to the left or the right. Please choose the most important one and make it stand out from the others by making it bigger or moving it to a more visible spot.


The caliber of your physical and online activities should be the same, so if prospective customers see your website address on a business card, they may assume as much with confidence. The same may be said for your typography and color palette. If you run a business out of a physical location and are working to attract foot traffic, including your address is an essential component of your Moo business cards marketing strategy.


Can you tell me about the Moo business card options?

One thing that sets moo unique from its rivals is the option to have a different image printed on each card in the pack you order. Let’s pretend you decided to purchase fifty business cards. They’ve thought of everything.

Why are moo business cards popular?

A fantastic alternative for writers since it allows them to have a distinctive pseudonym written on every one of their cards.

How to make Moo business cards?

Moo’s user-friendly website allows even those with little experience ordering business cards online to find a solution that works for them quickly.