Which Mueller electric kettle is the best?

Mueller electric kettle: While having one of the best Mueller electric kettles in Europe is a must-have for your kitchen, boiling water on the stove or heating it in the microwave is commonplace in the US. On the other hand, an electric kettle is a much safer and more efficient way to warm water. A kettle comes in handy for making tea or coffee and quickly preparing instant noodles or oatmeal.

Which Mueller electric kettle is the best?

The Mueller electric kettle at the top of the list offers a wide range of options at an affordable price. With the Cuisinart PerfecTemp cordless electric kettle, you can brew different teas at the exact temperature needed for the best results by heating water to six different temperatures. Following are the best Mueller electric kettle of 2021.

Cordless Electric Kettle from Cuisinart:

Cuisinart’s PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle has six temperature settings, including delicate, green, white, oolong, and black, so that tea connoisseurs can find the perfect temperature for their favorite brew. If tea isn’t enough for you, you’ll appreciate the French press setting, which provides just the right water temperature for brewing coffee in a French press instead.

Electric Kettle by Zwilling Infinity:

With its clean, uncluttered look and lack of appliance presence, you’d think this electric kettle was just a black pitcher on the kitchen counter. The absence of plastic inside the kettle and the fact that the exterior remains cool to the touch are both praised by reviewers. As a result of the kettle’s double-wall construction, it keeps the water inside hotter for longer while also keeping the outside cool.

Electric Water Kettle Bodum Bistro:

Inexpensive kettles tend to be useful and plain, but the Bodum Bistro kettle comes in three colors so that you can match it with the rest of your kitchen’s appliances. This electric kettle is so stealthy; no one will believe you got it for under $25. For those of you looking for something to fill up a large French press, the 34-ounce/1-liter capacity may not be the best choice.

Kettle from Breville, but it’s also luxurious:

Stainless-steel kitchen appliances from premium appliance brand Breville are known for their high quality, and this kettle is no exception. Although it’s the most expensive kettle on this list, reviewers love how well-built it is.

The Gooseneck Kettle from Stagg:

This kettle is ideal for sleek and contemporary design fans thanks to its simple aesthetic and variety of color options. This electric kettle is perfect for those who love to pour over coffee because of the gooseneck spout’s precision pouring design. Customers adore the keep warm setting because it keeps the water at a predetermined temperature for up to an hour.

Foldable Electric Silicone Kettle:

This foldable kettle from Loutytuo should be your first choice if you’re looking for an electric kettle to take on your next road trip or want to be able to store it instead of having it clutter your countertop after each use. There are five different color options for the kettle, made of food-safe protective material, has a simple one-button design, and unfolds to about the same height as an iPhone X when fully extended.

Electric Kettle from Uccello:

While using an electric kettle is easier than using a stovetop one, it’s still not for everyone. Disabled or elderly tea drinkers will appreciate this kettle’s rotating cradle, making it easy to pour hot water. There’s no need to remove the pot from the base; it’ll just tilt to release the liquid. If necessary, the base can remove as well.

Electric Kettle from Smeg:

Its 50s-inspired design makes this Smeg kettle an eye-catcher, and it comes in an array of eleven stunning colors, so it’ll go well in most kitchens. While black, white, and cream are the most common shares, there are also pastel shades such as pink and blue along with gold or rose gold for those who want to be a little more daring.

Chefman Electric glass kettle, 1.8 liters:

It’s a low-cost kettle with a lot of features for the money. There are five temperature settings to choose from, ranging from 175 to 212oF, so you can make the perfect cup of tea while using the kettle. The LED lights, which illuminate the entire kettle while it’s boiling and change color depending on the temperature, are extremely popular with customers.

Stainless-steel Kettle from Amazon Basics:

The design of this basic kettle may not satisfy design enthusiasts, but it’s functional and inexpensive, so it’s worth considering if those are your primary concerns. There’s plenty of boiling water in the large 57-ounce/1.7-liter capacity to make several hot drinks at once, and there’s a water gauge so you can see if it needs to be topped up before you turn it on.

Factors should consider when buying Mueller electric kettle?

Before making your purchase, think about a few things when selecting your electric kettle. It’s important to consider the overall design of an appliance when choosing one for your kitchen counter. Also, consider your budget; prices vary widely, and there is a kettle to suit every taste and need. In addition, bear in mind:


Most kettles have a capacity between 30 ounces (0.9 liters) and 61 ounces (1.8 liters). You can only make so many hot drinks at a time because of the size difference. So, if you have a large family, you should think about getting a larger capacity kettle.

Settings for regulating the temperature:

While a basic no-frills kettle will do the trick if all you need is to boil water, tea, and coffee, connoisseurs will appreciate a kettle that can heat water to a variety of temperatures for the best results. Some models also feature a keep warm feature, which keeps the water at a comfortable temperature until you need it again.


Mueller electric kettle is safer than stovetop options because they shut off when the water reaches a boil. However, some models also have a boil dry protection feature that turns them off if there is no more water in the pot. Look for a kettle with plastic or double-walled construction if you don’t want it to get too hot on the outside.

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