Who is Muselk, and what does he stand for?

Muselk zylbrad drama, whose real name is Bradley, was born on April 30, 1996, in Australia. Thus he’s a Taurus and an Australian citizen. He’s well known for his YouTube channel, where he primarily uploads “CS: GO” gameplay videos, but he also plays games like “Overwatch” and “PUBG,” among others. Here characters of muscle Zylbrad drama will discuss.

Zylbrad, Muselk, and Shenpai have all vanished:

The video-making team has disbanded. In addition to helping each other grow fanbases, Zylbrad, Muselk and Shenpai collaborated on several videos. As a result of Shenpai’s comments on social media about Zylbrad (whose actual name is Veronique), the two got into an argument. Muselk then chimed in, saying that Zylbrad was spreading lies about him on the internet.

Who is Muselk, and what does he stand for?

As a Scorpio born on November 22, 1994, Elliott Watkins is a popular YouTuber who enjoys playing “Team Fortress 2,” “Garry’s Mods,” “Overwatch,” “Star Wars: Battlefront,” and “Rainbow Six Siege” in his spare time, just like Zylbrad.

To whom is Senpai?

Leo-born Senpai, better known as AeroViro, has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself creating intricate designs with the Wacom Intros Art tablet. She is a German national. As a side hobby, she also creates a variety of short animated videos.

Look back at childhood and education:

The early lives of these three popular YouTubers have been kept a secret from the public, as they haven’t revealed much about themselves. They will discuss in their own right:


There has been no mention of Zylbrad’s childhood or his family in any of their conversations. According to reports, he is an only child because he refuses to discuss his siblings, and he was raised in a middle-class household. It wasn’t until after graduating from high school that he launched his YouTube channel. He chose to postpone college and focus on his internet profession, which brought in a sizable amount of money as time went on.

Muselk’s childhood:

It’s a lot like Zylbrad’s narrative, in that Muselk is obsessed with his games and avoids talking about his family or personal issues. He began playing video games during high school, and his favourite is “Team Fortress 2,” which he is extremely skilled at. His videos are primarily focused on this game.

Shenpai as member of muselk zylbrad drama:

Senpai is the sole female member of the muselk zylbrad drama; she is an artist and designer rather than a player. Initially, she watched anime with her elder sister, a big fan of the genre; it didn’t take long until she developed a passion for it and began making her animations. Senpai wanted to learn about anime creation on her own rather than go out and play sports, go shopping.

Zylbrad youtube channel:

‘I always wanted to be a turret when I grew up, and now I am Bradstion,’ Zylbrad joked when he launched his YouTube channel on January 14, 2016. His YouTube channel has approximately 1.4 million subscribers, with more than 325 million views on all of his videos combined, as of this writing. In the summer of 2016, he started uploading “Overwatch” game videos instead of CS.

Muselk zylbrad drama on YouTube:

There are currently approximately 8 million subscribers to Muselk’s YouTube channel, and his videos have had more than 2.6 billion views since they were uploaded in 2012. As well as being noted for his “Fortnite: Battle Royale” videos, his “Team Fortress 2” live commentary is what first made him famous.

Personal life of Zylbrad:

Zylbrad, like many other YouTubers, prefers to keep his personal life private. However, he had a girlfriend back in 2016 who frequently appeared in his videos. When she began playing video games, she used the name Taylota as a pseudonym. Senpai started dating Zylbrad following a breakup between the two for unclear reasons, which some have claimed led to the breakup of the popular three.

Muselk’s friendships and family:

It is usually stated who Muselk is seeing — Hannah, better known as HyperShame, was Muselk’s girlfriend in 2016. After a few months together, the two broke up for unexplained reasons. However, it is reported that they were too busy with their YouTube channels to spend much time together. During this time, he began dating Lynette, better known as LuneBun, a popular YouTuber who was frequently featured in his “Overwatch” gameplay videos.

Muselk zylbrad drama Net Worth:


Currently, Zylbrad is a 23-year-old man. It’s unknown how tall or how much he weighs, but he has long brown hair and a beard. Since launching his YouTube channel, his net worth is believed to be in the neighbourhood of $300,000, and it’s only going up.


Twenty-four years old is the current age of Muselk. He has brown eyes and short brown hair, but his height and weight are unclear. According to credible sources, he has accumulated an estimated net worth of more than $1 million since beginning his Youtube account and selling things online.

Online Presences:

Various social media channels are crucial to their careers as YouTubers and internet personalities:


Although Zylbrad does not appear to be active on Instagram, there are 742 images with the hashtag #zylbrad that have been posted. In February of this year, he started a Twitter account and amassed more than 100,000 followers, tweeting nearly 900 times. His Facebook page, which has roughly 5,000 followers, is extremely active and in muselk zylbrad drama.


Muselk is the most popular of the three on the internet. On Twitter, his bio reads, ‘I battle kangaroos and play games for a living.’ He started the account in October 2013. More than 700,000 people follow Timothy the Spider’s account, and he’s tweeted more than 10,000 times. While his Instagram account has over a million followers, and he has posted more than 130 photos to it.


She also has a Twitter account (@AeroViro) that she started in January 2013 and has over 8,500 tweets and approximately 70,000 followers. Even though she has over 3,000 followers on Instagram and over 1,000 likes on her Facebook page, she’s only posted 23 photos to her account.

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