Myrna Pride Morrissey biography, age, family, and additional information!

Myrna Pride Morrissey, better known by her nickname Myrna, is an African-American former receptionist and public personality. She was born on March 20, 1996, in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States of America. Joe Morrissey is her husband. Documents submitted to the court indicate that her father’s name is Coleman Pride and her mother’s name is Deidre Warren. Her elder sister’s name is Deidra Pearson, and she is around ten years her senior.

She attended the Local High School for her secondary school and has since gotten a Bachelor’s degree after completing her secondary education. In the following article, all the facts about Myrna Pride Morrissey.


Myrna Pride Morrissey is a well-known public figure and former receptionist in the United States. She was born on March 20, 1996, in Richmond, Virginia. Because she is married to Joe Morrissey, the public knows her name and face (Lawyer and Politician). 1989 through 1993, he was employed in the city of Richmond, Virginia, as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. In November 2007, Morrissey was victorious in his bid to be elected seat in the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Following his admission that he had sexual relations with a juvenile on December 18, 2014, the lawmaker stepped down, saying he had an improper connection with Myrna, the same girl she was seeing at the time. She had held a position in the private legal company that he owned. In addition to that, Joe was charged with many serious crimes.

Myrna Pride Morrissey, wife:

Myrna Pride is a stunning young lady with a gorgeous smile and incredible physical attributes. Her dark eyes are striking, and the rich brown of her hair, which she wears curled, makes her seem stunning. Myrna Pride, now married to Joe Morrissey, began her professional life in August 2013 at 17 when she began working as a receptionist in the legal office of Joe Morrissey. She worked there as an intern while simultaneously serving as Morrissey’s secretary.

Scandal Involving Myrna Pride Morrissey Wife:

During the course of their employment, Deidra Pearson, her sister, became aware of the fact that Morrissey Pearson messages Myrna Pride after work. Together with Morrissey, Pride also began staying out late. Because of this, she worried about her younger and more impressionable sister. After some time had passed, Deidra Pearson learned about the sexually explicit messages that Morrissey and Pride had been exchanging with one another. Deidra knew about their affair and sexual involvement from a mutual acquaintance of Myrna’s.

As a result, Deidra Pearson began to keep tabs on her sister, and before long, she learned that Morrissey and Pride were going out on a date together. In 2015, Myrna became a mother, for the first time, to a boy who was later called Chase. Even though she was not married then, she was carrying on an affair with Morrissey. The search for Chase’s biological father was initially fruitless since finding him took a lot of work. In a short amount of time following that, Morrissey informed everyone that Chase was, in fact, his son.

They also staged a news conference and distributed an image that included Chase. Pride claimed that she did not engage in sexual activity with Morrissey until she was an adult in the eyes of the law. In 2021, Myrna Pride reached the age of 25 and was a mother to four children: a boy named Chase Morrissey and three girls named Kennedy, Lindsay, and Angela. Her wedding was on June 11, 2016, in Varina, Virginia.

Marriage to Myrna Pride Morrissey and Children:

When Myrna was just 17 years old, she had her first encounter with Joseph Dee Morrissey, who would later become her lover. They first became acquainted with one another at the Richmond Foot and Ankle Center; now, formerly employed at the location as a receptionist was Joe Morrissey’s spouse. Pride began working at Morrissey’s legal company in August 2013 in the same position she had.

Myrna Pride Morrissey is 39 years younger than her husband, also named Pride. Later on, in addition to being Joe’s secretary, she also worked at the company as an intern. Pride wed Joe Morrissey in a private ceremony on June 11, 2016, in Varina, Virginia. The wedding was attended only by close family and friends. Before 2015, Joe and his wife welcomed their first child together, a boy they named Chase Morrissey, into the world.

In addition, Joseph is a father to seven children, including Kennedy, Lindsay, Bella, Maverick, and Angela Morrissey. After the birth of Chase, Myrna and Morrissey issued a formal statement stating that they didn’t physically engage Pride until she was an adult.


Myrna Pride is my objective and completes birth name.

Nick’s name: Myrna Pride Morrissey.

Reason for popularity: She is well-known for her role as Joe Morrissey’s wife.

Age: 23 years.

Date of birth: Birthday was on March 20, 1996, and the date of birth is.

Birthplace: Born and raised in the United States of America.

Nationality: American.

Gender: Female.

Ethnicity: Afro-American.

Religion: Christianity.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

Relationship in the Personal Life:

Current Relationship Status: Married since the Year 2016

Husband name: Joe Morrissey is the name of the husband or wife.

Son: The son’s name is Chase Morrissey.

Kennedy Morrissey, Lindsay Morrissey, and Angela Morrissey are the names of the family’s three daughters.


Education: Qualification of the Highest Order and Complete your undergraduate degree with a Bachelor’s.

Alma Mater: I will update you.

Activities of Interest and Favorite Things:

Actor Matt Damon is my all-time favorite celebrity.

Natalie Portman is the name of the actress.

Paris is every traveler’s dream vacation spot.

Red is my favorite shade of color.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Fries & Ice Cream.

Some Facts about Myrna Pride That Aren’t So Well Known:

  • On March 20, Myrna Pride Morrissey, married to Joe Morrissey, honors her birthday with a birthday party.
  • In 1996, she lived with her mother and father in the United States of America (age 23 years old as of 2019).
  • Coleman Pride (her father) and Deidre Warren (her mother) are her parents (mother).
  • In addition, she has an older sister who goes by the name of Deidra Pearson.
  • During an interview, she said that Joe would send her several text messages in the hours after her shift at the legal company where her brother had previously worked for Morrissey.
  • Pearson even had confirmation from her buddy that Pride and Morrissey had previously exchanged sexually explicit text messages.
  • After Deidra Pearson saw the two of them out on a date together, the former receptionist became embroiled in the ensuing conflict.
  • After that, they walked to Morrissey’s house, where Pearson contacted their father for assistance.
  • In addition, this event resulted in a significant controversy since Coleman Pride alerted the authorities, and they removed his daughter, who was then a teenager, from the lawyer’s house.
  • In addition, a county court ordered an inquiry into inappropriate sexual interactions that had been occurring between Joseph Dee and the girl who was a child at the time.
  • Her mother, Warren, supported the attorney and her daughter throughout the ordeal.
  • Deidra and Coleman accused Joseph Dee Morrissey of sexually exploiting her.
  • At the moment, Pride is wholly cut off from her sister and her father.

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