Which city, Nashville or Knoxville, is more secure?

For all of Knoxville’s burgeoning hipster inclinations, Knoxville has a distinct East Tennessee flavor, like the overlooked middle child between Nashville and Asheville. As a Wall Street Journal reporter put it in 1980, Knoxville was “a scruffy little city on the Tennessee River.” Reclaiming that scruffy title rather than fading into the tourism night, Knoxville reclaimed the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” as Austin did with the slogan. The following are about Nashville to Knoxville.

The Historic District

Nooks and crannies make up the Old City’s distinct character. If you’re a young professional or an adult who has arranged a babysitter, you’ll find yourself in this part of town at night (looking for a reprieve from the workweek). Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held annually in June, and the entire sports community is invited to attend.

Knoxville’s Zoo:

The city of Knoxville does an excellent job of educating tourists about the conservation of wildlife. Zoo Knoxville’s premier breeding programmer has made the city famous as the world’s red panda capital. It’s not uncommon for visitors to zoos to overlook programs like these when making decisions about the value of a visit. The only question on their minds is, “Does the zoo have a lot of interesting animals to see?”

The Muse:

Is the size of the exhibits at a children’s science museum important? That’s what I used to think. I’m a happy family travel writer if you there should be five floors of hands-on activities for children in a massive building. My first impression was that it was a daycare rather than a science museum when I arrived at Surprised’s globe-shaped building.

I Jams navigation:

Participants test their nerves on an array of bridge and tunnel combinations high in the forest canopy. Thanks to the variety of courses and difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone here—all above about Nashville to Knoxville.

Museum of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee:

Visitors to Knoxville looking for a cultural experience on a tight budget can take advantage of this free activity located just outside the UT campus. If you’re looking for a fun activity for kids, this is the place to go. There is a great view of downtown Knoxville and the Sun sphere on the second floor.

Sun sphere:

The Sun sphere, a golden globe, is another free attraction. As an example, consider the Space Needle on a smaller scale. Once at the visitor’s history and enjoy the panoramic views as they take in the history lesson.

Suttee Landing, New York:

Cities located near water appear to have an advantage in the tourism industry! And the best weekend destinations are those that know how to use this asset to their advantage. Knoxville isn’t any different. It’s not just businesses like Outdoor Knoxville that offer watercraft rentals, but there’s also a riverside park where visitors can take a breather. Visitors with young children will appreciate the tranquility of Suttee Landing’s surroundings on a weekend getaway.

The Market Place:

Market Square is a hotspot in the city a popular location for many of the city’s major events. In addition to a splash pad for kids, the lively square is lined with talented buskers as you walk around Market Square. All the above is about Nashville to Knoxville.

Downtown and its shops are a must-see:

Welcome to downtown Knoxville’s main thoroughfare, South Gay Street. All kinds of people are milling about here, from tourists to residents to also on the sidewalk and well-known, and as well as Knoxville’s historic core meets the city’s burgeoning gentrification on this major thoroughfare. Businesses in the downtown area appear to be taking advantage of the still catering to modern customers. A good example is Maple Hall.

Breathe in the fresh air:

If you’re in Knoxville, don’t miss the opportunity to get outside. As the city is situated in a beautiful valley just west of the Great Smoky Mountains, you can’t avoid it. There are numerous trails and exhibits at the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum, where visitors can take in nature’s most beautiful creations.

Food in the South:

Travelers, of course, tend to focus on one thing when it comes to food in Tennessee. Southern staples such as barbecue, grits, and farm-fresh produce attract visitors. However, don’t overlook Knoxville’s other culinary delights. All the above is about Nashville to Knoxville.

Plenty of antiques and vintage items:

Vintage shopping is one of the best ways to find one-of-a-kind treasures while traveling. To make the most of your time in Knoxville, take advantage of the city’s local consignment shops and thrift stores.

Great entertainment:

As soon as you arrive, it would help if you did not miss the Tennessee Theatre built-in 1927. If you’re looking for something to do this summer, consider seeing a play or attending an orchestral concert. Other theatres include the Clarence Brown at the University of Tennessee and the Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville, of course.

Beverage of choice Beer:

It’s not just kegs and Natural Light in this college town’s beer culture. Check out The Public House and Suttee’s High Gravity Tavern for a few craft beers or other inventive cocktails. All the above is about Nashville to Knoxville.

The Hampton Inn & Suites (Crossville):

The Hampton Inn is an ideal pit stop for those traveling to or from Knoxville, only 67 miles away and 114 miles from Nashville. Breakfast and other amenities like a pool and a fitness center are complimentary.


The Candlewood Suites (Cookeville):

In between Nashville and Knoxville, the Candlewood Suites is an award-winning hotel with well-appointed rooms and an array of amenities. There’s a kitchenette, a fitness center, a pool, and more. A good option if you’re looking for somewhere to stay between Nashville (79 miles) and Knoxville (102 miles). The hotel has great amenities like a gym, a pool, a restaurant, and more.


Knoxville isn’t usually the first city people visit when they come to Tennessee. Then there are Nashville and Memphis, both of which are fantastic. On the other hand, East Tennessee is home to a fantastic city all on its own. Knoxville is a charming city that lacks the bustle of nearby cities. All above about Nashville to Knoxville.


Which city, Nashville or Knoxville, is more secure?

Nashville and Memphis were excluded from consideration as the safest state because of their above-average crime rates. Nashville came out on top, placing Knoxville at the bottom of the rankings.

Crossville, Tennessee, has a high crime rate, but why?

Crimes like shoplifting, burglary, and shoplifting can be attributed to a rise in prescription and illegal drug use, spawning other crimes like theft and burglary.

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