Everything you need to know about North face fleece jackets!

North face fleece jackets may be a plethora of insulated coats to choose from, but nothing beats the tried-and-true fleece for warmth, convenience, and price. Over the years, these polyester jackets have brought much-appreciated warmth to mountain campers, ski resorts, city streets, and eateries. Fleeces may be anything from cozy loungewear to breathable performance wear for outdoor sports. In the list below, you’ll discover our favorite fleece jackets of 2022 and alternatives from well-known outdoor companies that can be available at various prices. For more information, look at our comparison table for fleece coats and our suggested buys below the options. We have also covered synthetic and down jackets for people curious to read about other insulation options.

What is a north face fleece jacket?

This north face fleece jacket has a nylon overlay in the chest region, which, together with the special DWR treatment, makes it more windproof and waterproof. Instead of using genuine shearling made of wool, you may use synthetic fleece. This polyester-made, the ultra-smooth fabric retains many positive qualities of natural fibers, such as its quick drying time, resistance to sweat, ability to wick away moisture, and breathability.

Best north face fleece jacket:

Following are the best north face fleece jacket.

Arc’teryx’s Covert Cardigan:

The Covert Cardigan from Arc’teryx is our top selection for the most fashionable and adaptable fleece garment currently on the market. The latest improvement is using 100% recycled polyester to produce this breathable, versatile, and comfortable full-zip jacket. Among the other distinguishing characteristics are: The Covert’s modern cut and wool-like appearance make it ideal for everyday wear around town, but its versatility also makes it a great choice as a mid-layer for resort skiing in mild temperatures or an outer layer for hiking in cold weather.

Ultralight Patagonia Synchilla Snap:

Adding the Synchilla Snap-T in any form is a need before you can go on down this list. Despite its unremarkable appearance, this pullover often referred to by the generic term “fleece”—has surprising versatility. The term “fleece” might be used interchangeably with this pullover. Despite its lack of performance emphasis, the crowd has adapted to its more excellent environment.

REI Co-op:

If this sounds like you in any way, the REI Groundbreaker is a premium option that is surprisingly affordable at only $50. It is lightweight and easy to pack for a day walk or bike ride, yet durable enough to survive for years. The Groundbreaker’s revised fit, thinner fleece, and zippered handwarmer pockets make it a versatile player for all seasons.

The North Face” series set in Denali:

The Denali line from The North Face has been available for quite some time and has quickly become as iconic as Patagonia’s Synchilla. Among these jackets, the most recent version, with its fabric a little more solid than previous generations, provides the most incredible warmth and protection from the wind. The nylon panels over the chest, hood, and shoulders keep you dry and warm when the weather turns brisk. The fleece is thick and well-made.

Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody:

While we often wear a softshell or synthetic-insulated jacket while engaging in aerobic activities in frigid weather, performance fleeces continue to have their devoted fans. The Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody is a great outdoor gear that can be used when climbing, hiking, or as a mid-layer while backcountry skiing. While it breathes well as most fleeces do, this one stands out because of its weatherproof face cloth, three-way adjustable hood, and a laminated brim that can be used in its own right when the weather becomes severe.

Patagonia’s Better Sweater:

If you’re looking for an alternative to fleece, go no further than Patagonia. Choose between the laid-back Synchilla Snap-T and the sophisticated Regulator series. The famous Better Sweater, worn daily and for less intensive outdoor activities, occupies the ideal middle ground. The Better Sweater is trendy and comes in a broad range of colors that should make everyone happy. In most cases, Patagonia can produce it for about $140, so it’s not even too expensive.

Buying guides for north face fleece jacket:

To properly layer, a fleece jacket is an absolute must-have. You may wear them on a stroll over a base layer or as a layer under a water-resistant shell or rain jacket, and on the slopes, you can wear them over a base layer. Before clicking “add to cart,” be sure the jacket’s cut lets you layer easily.

Select neutral hues:

If you carefully consider the shade you choose for your fleece jacket, it can become an essential component of the outfit as a whole. A sophisticated appearance may be achieved using earthy neutrals and palettes, such as camel, beige, olive green, grey, light brown, burgundy, and navy blue. These are some examples of colors that are easy to blend. Camels are an additional example that might be used.

Quarter-zip would be more convenient:

Most fleece jackets have a zipper closure, and the length of the zipper might affect which jacket is the best fit. Take a hard look at your current way of life to figure out how to achieve this. Having a full-length zipper gives you the most mobility and design options. Furthermore, they are the most versatile fashion to suit every event. For physically demanding sports and hectic lives, a half-length zipper lets air in without unzipping your jacket.


Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to steer clear of designs with enormous proportions since incorporating anything into them would be a significant challenge and most likely would not be very pleasurable. Please pick a size that fits you like a glove without being too tight; you should be able to slide at least a North Face fleece jacket over it.


Can you trust that North Face fleece jackets will keep you toasty?

The fleece has remarkable insulating capabilities; nevertheless, ventilation is restricted due to the material. It seems to be some covering for protection—fleece with a high density that is among the finest available on the market.

Is The North Face’s sizing information reliable?

Shop for your regular size at The North Face since their clothes tend to fit true to size. You should always choose the bigger size if you want the room to move about in your clothes. All The North Face’s products are available in a wide range of sizes, from very petite to gargantuan.