Everything you need to know about Pinch a penny near me!

Pinch a penny near me at Gleannloch Farms provides the best pool supplies, including liquid chlorine, pills, pumps, filters, and more. Everything you need and more is available at their shop. Our family owns and operates Local Warren Family Pools. We give experienced advice and all the equipment necessary to maintain your pool, spa, or patio. Pinch a Penny is the most successful US pool sale, service, and repair franchise. To help our progress, we are recruiting bright and skilled leaders. Franchisees of pinch a penny near me may profit from the company’s diversified retail, pool service, and backyard service offerings. In this article, we will discuss more pinch a penny near me.

Everything you need to know about Pinch a penny near me!

About the Pinch a penny near me:

Successful business ownership requires a balance between work and personal life. Pinch A Penny franchise owners enjoy the advantages of running a prosperous business that they are enthusiastic about while still finding time for their family during more than 45 years of constant sales growth and an average store revenue of $1.7 million1. Pinch A-Penny is one of the few remaining family-run companies in America, even though many others try to pretend otherwise.

Location of pinch a penny near me:

These are the consistent demand that may be expected at franchise locations year-round and in any economic climate. Fred saw an opportunity to start a new business. Within months, he received an order from a regional chain of drug stores that wanted to sell pool chemicals alongside essential pool maintenance goods like nets, brushes, test kits, and other equipment; it was the first location of Pinch A Penny.

Meaning of Pinch A Penny:

The order was canceled soon after it had been sent, so Fred had to accept delivery and pay for the goods with cash he did not have. He utilized his creativity to rent a small warehouse for pool chemicals and equipment. Then he advertised his commodities in the ads to sell them to the general public on the weekends. With the help of his wife, he came up with the phrase “Pinch A Penny” to let people know that he was selling the goods at a low cost.

The function of the itinerant salesman:

In 1974, Fred Thomas’ career in Ohio was taking off, and he was offered a transfer to the Florida office of his company. They sold their home and bought a new one in Clearwater, Florida, where they excitedly began packing for their upcoming relocation farther south. They stated that the promised employment was canceled the day they were supposed to go to Florida.

Immediately rewarding:

Pool owners came from around to attend, and everything sold quickly. In 1975, Fred had the notion of developing the warehouse into a full-time retail operation, which led to the foundation of Pinch A Penny. He anticipated a rise in pool supply sales. Demand was very high, and business was thrilling. Fred has chosen to stop working as a freelance sales representative to focus on his family.

An Excellent Expenditure That Won’t Break the Bank:

Pinch Penny’s success may be attributed to its use of a tried, proven, all-in-one business approach. Every year for the last three years, Pinch A Penny has been included on Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious “Franchise 500” list. Franchise Business Review has named Pinch A Penny one of the best recession-proof businesses to start in 2021, the best franchises for veterans, the best franchise for women, and the best for those looking for a second career.

To create the life you and your family deserve:

Our franchisees have regular office hours and are never required to leave the building to complete their job. Real families run many Pinch-a-Penny businesses, giving parents and children a chance to work side by side in an entertaining and socially intimate environment.

Imprinting forever:

Pinch a Penny offers business owners the option to provide for their families while simultaneously investing in the firm’s long-term growth via purchasing a franchise. There are a lot of prosperous Pinch-A-Penny stores that are owned and run by families.

The market leader out of a total of 10.42 million pools:

There is an opportunity for new Pinch A-Penny owners in the swimming pool industry, which is worth around $15 billion and is overgrowing because of the country’s 10.4 million residential swimming pools. For new franchisees in Texas and the rest of the Southeast, 3 Pinch A Penny is now accepting applications. Pinch Penny’s sites do well in all markets because the firm provides essential items and services that keep water supplies clean and safe. For these and other reasons, Franchise Business Review named Pinch a Penny one of the “Top 50 Recession-Proof Franchises.”

Developing the business to incorporate:

Fred stopped working on other tasks to focus on Pinch a Penny. He increased the scope of his repair services by learning more about pool maintenance and upkeep than before. The success of his firm led to fast growth. He set himself apart from his competitors by showing them how easy it was to do pool upkeep independently. He provided liquid pool shock, cheaper and more effective than powder, and free in-store water testing. Cost reductions and improved performance thrilled customers.

The methodology used by the franchise’s management:

Nine families launched Pinch-A-Penny businesses by 1976 after visiting his. Fred taught them the ropes and helped them source inventory, find locations, and launch their ventures. He even footed the bill for the ads. Success levels rose dramatically as new franchisees adopted Fred’s methods for running their businesses. Over the next 15 years, Fred and his franchise family added over 90 locations throughout the Sunshine State. This group of companies shared the same core values that Fred had set forward in 1976.

A family-owned business:

John, Fred’s son, had worked with his dad in the enterprises since he was eight. He returned to work with his dad in 1990 after finishing college. John Thomas dedicated his life to continuing the legacy of the family business.

Who is John Thomas?

John Thomas led the growth of Pinch A Penny up until September 2020, when Jim Eisch was selected as President and Chief Executive Officer. Although the techniques used for training, advertising, product sourcing, and retail growth have become more significant and advanced over the years, the roots and foundations formed in 1975 remain at the core of the brand’s existence.

Business Opportunities for Military Personnel:

Pinch a Penny provides a franchise fee reduction to veterans. Pinch A Penny is a proud sponsor of military veterans and, as such, offers a 20% discount on franchise fees to anyone who served in the United States armed services. The International Franchise Association Foundation runs the VetFran program, and Pinch a Penny is a committed participant. The program aims to raise the firm’s percentage of military veterans employed.


According to pinch a penny near me, our franchisees are middle-aged professionals eager to make a change for the better in their personal and financial lives. Our new franchisees, who make up 90% of our business, often have little or no experience in the pool industry. After finishing our extensive pool and spa care and Pinch A Penny business model training, you may start immediately. Certificates as an Advanced Service Technician and Certified Pool & Spa Operator will be presented to you once you complete Pool School.


What is the investment required to open my Pinch a Penny store?

Pinch-a-Penny franchisees need $350,000 in cash assets and $150,000 in net wealth. Franchisee investors must have $400,000. They also provide military discounts and financing options.

Can you tell me what kind of goods pinches a penny specializes in?

Pinch a penny near me at Gleannloch Farms carries the most pool supplies, including liquid chlorine, pills, pumps, filters, and more. The Warren Family runs our neighborhood pool company.