Which Pink Gaming Mouse Should You Buy?

Pink mouse: When purchasing new gaming peripherals, many gamers live by the motto “pink everything.” Pink chairs, keyboards, controllers, and mice are all available for purchase. On the other hand, Aesthetically-oriented gamers prefer their gaming setup to have a specific colour scheme that matches their style. Setups with a lot of colours are eye-catching, unique, and can enhance the gaming experience.

Best pink mouse of 2021:

Pink is a popular colour choice when it comes to personalizing a setup. Rarely has a pink mouse been released, and those that have only made a few hundred were limited editions. Following are the pink mouse of 2021:

The wired pink mouse from ASUS ROG, the Gladius II Origin, delivers performance and style at an affordable price. Keep in mind that this mouse can only be used by right-handed people when making your purchase. For those of you who are “Pinkaholics,” this is the mouse for you. The pink colour covers most of the mouse’s body, giving it a unique look.


The softness of the pink is accentuated by the use of a greyish blue colour as an accent. It’s a bonus that this mouse is part of Asus’ ROG PNK LTD line, so your other pink peripherals should look great with it.


The ZOWIE S1 Divina edition has a pink body from head to toe. On this mouse, the only non-pink colours are the scroll wheel and two side buttons on the left. This mouse does not have RGB lighting like some of the others on the list. This mouse may not be the best choice for the average gamer in terms of design and functionality.

PixArt PWM3389 Pink Mouse:

Even if pink already dominates your rig, the neon pink colour makes this mouse pop. The RGB lighting on this mouse is stunning, and it extends around the front of it. Although the lights are bright, they aren’t distracting, and they can be dimmed on the fly using the M42’s controls. You don’t have to download any additional software to use this mouse because it’s plug-and-play.


The PixArt PWM3389 sensor and Omron switch in the M42 have a combined lifespan of 20 million clicks and feel incredibly sharp and responsive.

Rainbow cougar Minos XT RGB Black:

When you’re holding the Minos XT, you’ll appreciate how well-designed it is. Although the symmetrical design is attractive and comfortable, it may not be ideal for you if you have large hands. The matted pink plastic has a smoother feel than other budget mice, and the flatter shape is ideal for holding in the palm of your hand. However, the design incorporates ergonomics, making it suitable for virtually any grip style.

Razer Basilisk Bundle includes a mouse:

There are a lot of features on the Razer Basilisk gaming mouse. The Basilisk is a great mouse if you want a lot of customizability without spending a lot of money. The Basilisk is, without a doubt, one of the cosiest mice we’ve ever encountered. It has an ergonomic design with a deep thumb groove on the side, making it extremely comfortable to use. This mouse should fit comfortably in your hands regardless of your preferred grip style.

Sharp Lancehead TE Pink Crystal:

Razer’s use of quartz pink is stunning, especially when paired with the grey buttons and side moulding. The Razer logo, mouse, and scroll wheel are all covered in RGB. There are 17 different lights to choose from, and each one can be adjusted to your liking. This mouse will look great on virtually any desk, and you have the option of customizing the lighting to suit your tastes.


However, appearances are only part of the story; now, let’s talk about how something feels. You can rest your thumb and pinky in comfort thanks to the ergonomic moulding on the side of the matte finish plastic.


In addition, the pink version is stunning. There is only one shade of pink in the design, and the mouse wheel and buttons are a light grey. This mouse has a deep pink colour, making it a great match for your pink computer setup. The Divina is made for gaming, but it also looks great on a desktop without overly flashy or distracting. Above all else, this mouse is engineered for maximum efficiency. You’ll notice that the clicks are quick and precise.

Pink ONIKUMA RGB Gaming Mouse:

The RGB lighting on the ONIKUMA mouse comes in a variety of shades of pink. If your sensitivity isn’t changing, the colours will cycle. It will let you know what DPI setting you is using right now. The sensitivity of the mouse can be adjusted using the dual buttons above the scroll wheel. With a DPI resolution of up to 6400, it’ll perform admirably. On this list, you’ll find better-performing mice, but they’ll cost you more.

Pink AJ52 Watcher from Ajazz in the RGB:

To begin, let’s discuss the Watcher’s appearance. It’s a lovely shade of pink with a light grey scroll wheel, and it’s finished beautifully. A pink that is paler in hue may be more appealing to you. Several spots on The Watcher have light RGB lighting. The scroll wheel has three lights: one on the front, one on the back, and one on the front.


The lighting isn’t perfect, but at least it’s there. It feels good in your hand because of the nice, smooth surface. Because the hump isn’t excessively large, it should fit a wide range of hands. It’s a little heavy, so if your hands are small, you may find it uncomfortable to hold.

Which Pink Gaming Mouse Should You Buy?

Shape, design, and functionality are the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a gaming mouse. Because you’ll be using the mouse constantly, it should have a comfortable shape and design.

With regards to shape and layout:

When finding the best gaming mouse, keep in mind your hand size and how you intend to hold the mouse. Thus, you’ll be able to select the one that’s most comfortable for you. Don’t forget to account for your dominant hand when playing.


The optical game sensor is a crucial consideration because it impacts the precision of the mouse. Examine the scroll wheel, buttons and their functions, as well as detachable keys for adjusting sensitivity, in addition to these other features. Connectivity must also choose between wired and wirelessly. Modern wireless gaming models are available on the market, and they can work continuously for up to 50 hours without any interruptions.

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