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Pol granch was born on April 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain. Granch competed in Factor X Espaa in 2018 and was a fan favorite from the start. He performed songs Izal’s Pausa and Francis Cabrel’s La Quiero a Morir to prove his loyalty to Laura Pausini’s team. In 2019, he released his first solo track, “Late,” coupled with a music video. He began creating and recording projects to help him balance his music career. As of April 26, 2019, he has a first EP titled “Self-Titled.”

Pol Granch Family Information:

On April 4, 1998, Pol was born to a French father and a Spanish mother in Paris, France. Alvarado, his younger brother, is also his middle name. Pablo Grandjean is Pol’s true name. We don’t know anything else about his family.

Pol granch Altura:

In 2020, he released the lead single off his debut studio album. On June 26, 2020, “Tengo Que calmarme” was released as a full album of pol granch Altura. Since Ari and Menca have joined the cast in the show’s newest season, he was confirmed as a cast member of the fourth season of the Netflix Spanish series Élite, where he portrays Phillipe, a French royal who moves into the high school where the narrative takes place.

Pol granch Elite:

Pol is an up-and-coming actor best recognized for his part in pol granch Elite. The Final Chapter. Many viewers adore Pol’s portrayal of Phillippe von Triesenberg in the Netflix above series. Granch is well known for his work on films such as Viva la Vida, and Factor X. Pol is also an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. Pol Granch is a multi-talented artist with a strong sense of purpose.

Natalia Lacunza, Polish Grand Duchess:

After winning ‘Factor X’ and becoming successful this summer for his collaboration with Marc Segu on ‘Shooting,’ singer and actor Pol Granch drew a lot of attention for mocking his ex-girlfriend during a concert.

Polynomial factoring:

He is one of four new pupils who will join Las Encinas’ bench ranks. Elite’s upcoming fourth season, premiering on Netflix on June 18, includes Spanish actor and musician Enrique Iglesias. After all, according to the recent web leaks, his position should be Philippe. In the meantime, we’d like to share with you a personal story from his history that ties him to our country.

Pol granch natalia lacunza:

His last concert has already made him the undisputed king of pop music, if only because of the controversy surrounding his earlier career. In the end, his ex-girlfriend punished him for mocking and shaming her, rather than the other way around. Again, the singer Pol is at the center of a debate. As we recall, not only were some tweets from years ago found. Pol Natalia lacunza, the ex-girlfriend he had a romance with last year, was one of them.

The fourth season of the ‘light’ series:

Imitating Natalia Lacunza, Pol laughs and mocks her. In the fourth season of the ‘light’ series,’ actress Pol impersonated Natalia Lacunza during a concert at the Starlite Festival in Marbella, and the video has gone viral. The film claims that “Pol laughs and mocks Natalia Lacunza,” imitating “her to ridicule her.” Pol became a trending topic on social media within minutes of the video’s release.

Facts about pol granch:

Pol, a Spanish singer and actor, is widely recognized.

Granch took part in the X-Factor last year. In addition, he has been in a few movies and is interested in working on the big screen.

In addition, IMDb lists Pol Granch as having two acting credits.

Pol Granch’s physical appearance suggests that he is tall, although his precise height is not available on the internet.

Facts about Pol Granch:

Argentina’s Pol is one of the country’s most well-known artists. Popnable covers pol Granch’s 30 tracks. Pol Granch has peaked at number 41 and 497 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Eight weeks of Pol Granch’s songs were in the top ten. Top Charts measure the finest Argentinian musicians and bands, and Pol Granch occupied the 41st list. In the worst-case scenario, the score is 497.

Pol granch age:

Pol, a member of Elite, was born on April 4, 1998, in Madrid, Spain. As an actor and songwriter, he is of Spanish-French heritage. The pol granch age is 23 years.

Pol granch Instagram:

This Elite season 4 star is not just handsome, but he also keeps himself in immaculate condition. Pol granch Instagram images show that he has a keen eye for design and likes the finer things in life. His Instagram following now stands at 394,000, but we expect that number to nearly double as fans get to know his fascinating personality. To promote his new projects, including his music and his role in Elite, Pol also keeps a Twitter account that is updated regularly.

Girlfriend of Pol Granch:

Pol Instagram is now devoid of any romantic partners, making him appear to be single at this time. Even though he is 23 years old, it appears that he prefers to keep his personal life private, as there appears to be no information regarding his prior relationship either. The only thing that seems to get this guy’s pulse pumping faster is his guitar, which looks to be his only real passion.

Pol granch x factor:

According to IMDb, this singer-songwriter appears to be making his acting debut in Elite, according to IMDb! The only time he’s appeared on television was as a contestant on pol granch x-factor in 2018. With Pol Granch’s incredible progress, we can’t wait to see him in Elite season 4 tomorrow. The long-awaited season 4 of Elite is set to launch on Netflix, so be sure to catch up on the show’s prior episodes before then.


“Perdón por las horas,” “Late,” and “Te Quiodio” are among his many hit songs. On the third season of Factor X, he triumphed. He got cast in the Netflix series Élite in the middle of 2020. Pol was born on April 4, 1998, in Spain. New characters include Phillipe, a little boy who will either be a god or a devil in the perspective of the original cast.


What’s the Story Behind Pol Acting Career?

Pol Granch, better known by his stage name Paul Grandjean, is a/an actor, singer, and songwriter from Spain. Aries born Pol Granch was born in Madrid, Spain, on April 4, 1998.

What is the nationality of pol?

He is a citizen of Spain and is of European ancestry. Astrologers say he was born under the sign of the Aries ram.

What is Pol Granch’s height?

At 6’3″ or 190 cm, he’s the tallest person in the world by a wide margin. He’s about 50 kilograms or 111 pounds heavy.

How much money does Pol have?

The estimated net worth for Pol is more than $1.5 million.

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