What is the purpose of the porter cable drill?

Over 400 holes were drilled, and over 1,000 screws were driven during the exhaustive testing process to help you find the best tool for your requirements and budget. Using massive lag screws and giant hole saws, with the help of a porter cable drill, we put these tools through the wringer and tested their usability and battery life to determine award winners.

What is the purpose of the porter cable drill?

The functions of an impact driver are very similar to those of a cordless drill. You may wonder why you need a second drill-shaped tool when they can both drive screws and drill holes. All of these tasks are better performed by an impact driver.

KDD 1424A-03 by Kobalt:

The Kobalt excels in our tests, earning the highest marks thanks to its high performance and voltage. Even in the most difficult tests, such as drilling through a 5/8-inch steel pipe, porter cable drill performed admirably “A door with a solid core. Fasteners and longer lag bolts were no problem for it. With its long battery life, we could drill holes and drive screws for longer than we could with other drills.


Although this model has excellent performance, the high price makes it less attractive. In our comparison, the Kobalt cordless drill is the most expensive, but it only comes with a single battery, which will take over an hour to recharge if it runs out of power in the middle of your project. Battery swapping can be difficult with this model because it is one of the heaviest.

Milwaukee M12:

With a surprising amount of power, the Milwaukee M12 FUEL makes up for its lower voltage. It was able to drill through steel plates and operate the 5-inch drill bit with ease “with little effort, a hole saw was made. It also did a great job driving screws and was a breeze to work with. The drill is small and lightweight, and it comes with two batteries of different capacities.


Our lag screw test demonstrated the relative lack of power, as it struggled to drive the larger lag screws even when using a 12-volt model. Compared to other 12-volt models, this one is more expensive, but the extra-large battery makes up for it. The M12 FUEL is a great choice if you need a 12-volt drill to handle tougher drilling jobs.

Model P252 from Ryobi:

If you’re looking for the most bangs for your buck in a cordless drill, we believe the Ryobi P252 is a solid choice. This drill model performed admirably in the most demanding tests, despite its lower cost. When it came to drilling, it did an admirable job. It even drove large lag screws in with no problem. There is no battery indicator or belt clip on this drill because it needs to be cheap to profit.


Even so, you’d be surprised at how many tasks around the house or garage the Ryobi P252 can take care of. Another benefit of this drill’s low price is that you can use the money you save to purchase additional batteries or tools.


This tool is one of the most affordable options available, but it competes favourably with other, more expensive options. We were surprised by how well the Craftsman handled the 5 of our most difficult tests.


It’s not too heavy and would make a great addition to a homeowner’s toolkit or occasional do-it-yourself enthusiast. Although the Craftsman drill costs less, it’s not our top pick for those looking to use it as a starting point for a future cordless tool collection. Compared to other battery systems, this one has a smaller tool library of compatible tools and costs less. If you plan to buy more cordless tools in the future, we recommend getting a different porter cable drill.

For use with Bosch PS31-2A power:

The Bosch PS31-2A 12-volt drill is a good option if you’re on a tight budget and prefer the pistol grip style and small size. This model is perfect for the average homeowner, who may want to do small DIY or home improvement projects, but no major renovations. A great addition to any DIYer’s arsenal, this handy cordless tool is both lightweight and ergonomic.


There is no way that the Bosch PS31-2A can compete with the best high voltage drilling and driving tools. The 12-volt Bosch struggled with the 12″ lag screw and the 5″ hole saw, both at their maximum depths when using the tool. In addition, the Bosch PS31-battery 2A’s life is less-than-impressive. It’s a good deal and can easily handle light-duty tasks, so it’s a good compact option.

Features of porter cable drill:

Following our evaluation of drilling and driving capabilities, we compared and ranked the battery life of each of these cordless power tools. It is an important metric, which is why cordless drills have the suffix “cordless.” We compared the two drills by driving 16 screws in and drilling three 1 inch holes alternately “a 2×12 with a spade bit until each of the products inside died.


A further ten per cent was devoted to rating and scoring all the features that make these tools easier to use, from the chuck’s size to the ease with which batteries could swap.


Next, we looked at how well each of these cordless tools drove in fasteners during our testing. Drilling tests accounted for another 35 per cent of each tool’s final score. These evaluations were given equal weight. Wood screws and lag screws were used to calculate the final scores.


Drilling holes was the first thing we evaluated, and it’s also the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cordless drills. Thirty-five per cent of each tool’s score is determined by how well it performed when using a giant hole saw to cut through steel and drill holes with a paddle bit.


We hope that this side-by-side comparison of the best cordless drills currently on the market has helped you find the perfect tool to match your project requirements as well as your budget, whether you’re a professional looking for a premium tool or porter cable drill looking for the bare minimum to get started.

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