What is other is another use of the Prada headband?

Prada headband: Miuccia Prada, of course, is at the forefront of a new accessory trend that is sweeping the fashion world. The designer wore embroidered, puffed-up Prada headband on nylon baby doll-bedecked models on the runway. A few days after fashion week ended, retro hair accessories received another major endorsement from the fashion world. The much anticipated Prada versions are still not available, but there are many alternatives that you can get your hands on right away. From Monkih’s frothy floral dresses to Michelle Li’s summer suit, it’s clear that this hair item is trans-seasonal. You can wear your hair in a low bun or ponytail, with tousled waves, or in a sleek, straight style.


The Duchess of Cambridge’s endorsement of a piece of clothing usually results in a rapid outpouring of sales, but the plump headband appears to be holding its own just in time for the New Year. Whatever your style, whether velvet-like HRH or studs or pearls like Miuccia, these not-so-little toppers will complete your New Year’s Eve look. As the saying goes, the closer you get to a major fashion trend, the higher the headband. Following are the best Prada headband and their alternatives for 2021.

Silk satin headband by Prada, extra-large:

Possibly the most well-known of the lot, we begin our list with this one. Padded headbands have been all the rage lately, but this Prada headband takes them to a new level of femininity with its delicate pink satin construction. You can even see it on Gigi Hadid. To prevent it from slipping and keep it in place, use two bobby pins on either side of the headband behind your ears. During a service at Westminster Abbey in November, Kate Middleton donned her velvet version of the cushioned headband.

Ganni floral-print satin Headband:

Miranda Priestly doesn’t think florals are new for spring, but this Ganni floral-print satin headband (about THB 1694) is stunning. Inspired by the ’80s, it was initially shown on boots and blouses at the label’s spring runway presentation. The light and airy color palette, the smooth cushioned satin fabric, and the grosgrain ribbon lining on the inside of the band are all things we adore. Important.

Textured leather headband by Lelet NY:

If you look at this Lelet NY textured leather headband (around THB 7459), you’ll see that the stereotype of headbands being feminine is long gone. Because of its light texture and deep brown coloration, this accessory may easily pair with various outfits.

Jennifer Behr’s velvet headband:

Jennifer Behr’s velvet headband with three rosette embellishments in the Prada headband. As indicated by this stunning rosette velvet headband, Jennifer Behr’s background in sculpture is no secret (approx. THB 6314). With its slightly baroque color tone, this luxurious fabric exudes regal charm. Topping the saffron hairband are three delicate rosettes, making it an excellent choice for darker hair because of the interesting way it adds texture.

Ruslan Baginskiy bow-embellished:

Some folks aren’t happy with just padding. A must-have for those individuals is the Ruslan Baginskiy headband. The headband, exclusive to Net-a-Porter, is constructed of twisted lamé and capped with an oversized bow. To spice up your next dinner party, this is an excellent option.

Jennifer Behr Reina velvet headband with crystal:

Choose this Jennifer Behr item if you can’t stand the thought of your look is complete without a touch of glitz (approx. THB 31,822). The dazzling headband includes a swirling pattern of hundreds of brilliant crystals. The headband has an inside grosgrain trim and is constructed of soft cushioned velvet for a princess-like look and feel.

The velvet padded headband from Prada:

Prada’s headband sold out at all of the brand’s stores and on its website, as well as stockists like Net-a-porter and Matches Fashion early this year. The majority of the colors are still only available for pre-order six months later. It’s not merely an opportunity to label flex like with It Bags. The incognito padded headband has been worn by influencers like Monikh Dale and Michelle Li in recent Instagram pictures.

Ways to apply Prada headband:

The Padded Headband:

A throwback to the 1990s is in order with padded headbands. Grab a puffed-up hairpiece. The bigger, the better, and divide your hair into two sections. “Middle parts are having their moment right now, and they look gorgeous peeping out from any style headband,” says celebrity hairstylist and L’Oreal Matrix ambassador Nick Stenson. As Stenson advises, put some hairspray right onto your comb or brush before laying down your band to tame difficult flyaways. Have a tube of clear mascara in your makeup bag for touch-ups on the road.

Wrap Headband:

According to celebrity stylist Clariss Rubenstein, the wrap headband is a terrific summer staple. Start by fastening your ponytail at the crown of your head to keep cool and get your hair off your neck. A scarf headband or folded scarf can be used as a substitute for this step. Hold the center of one of these at the back of your neck, cross it in front of your head, and tie it around your neck.


Many people are baffled by the sudden rise of the Prada headband. However, we’ve come up with a few different theories on why this ’90s craze is making a comeback. Prada’s spring-summer show in September featured headbands with extra next-level padding. Some were made of lustrous satin, while others had a leather basis with studs all over them. Since then, everyone from Kate Middleton to Chrissy Teigen to New York Fashion Week models.


How did this hair ornament make its way into fashion as a child’s favorite?

As seen above, satin headbands made their runway debut at Prada’s Spring/Summer show.

What is other is another use of the Prada headband?

Not only do headbands make fashion statements, but they can also make even the worst hair days look better.

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