How does it differ from other similar products?

Propress fittings: Metal pipes are connected with specialized fittings by ProPress. With a press tool, the fittings create a water- and airtight seal instead of the traditional soldering method with a bonding agent. Viega was on the cutting edge of the technology when it came to progress fittings and should be your first port of call. Plumbing is something that both professionals and do-it-yourselfers dread. Who knows what you’ll find if you tear down the old walls.

What’s the Process for Using ProPress?

When it comes to traditional pipe fitting, there are three basic ways to install pipes and fittings. Threaded steel pipes are one technique. To connect two pieces of pipe or connectors, use a threaded design on both ends. Pipes come in various lengths and diameters, and they’re frequently used for transporting sewage and natural gas. This approach fails when dealing with pipe runs that are either unknown or unusual.

How to join steel pipes at the points?

An electric welder is used to join steel pipes at the points where they are joined together. This method of installing conduits and fittings has been around for a long time, but new products like progress fittings have entered the market and are touting their advantages over the old methods.

Traditional methods:

Traditional methods use solder or welding to join copper or carbon steel pipes at connectors. Flux and heat are used to join copper pipes with fittings, and then solder is applied to the connection for a long-lasting hold. Many steps from traditional methods have been eliminated due to the innovative design, saving enormous amounts of time during the insulation process. Although they are more expensive than conventional fittings, their popularity and value in the field have only grown over time.

Other methods:

Depending on the material, the other two methods are welding and soldering. To join different materials together, like copper, you use fittings that wrap around the pipe. After that, they’ve put it together using a soldering iron and heated components. Electric welders are used to join and sealing harder-to-weld steels like carbon and stainless.

Streamlines the installation process:

ProPress, on the other hand, streamlines the installation process considerably. There’s no need for any welding or soldering, and there’s no need to wait for permits or do any exact measuring. Because it eliminates fire risks, the pipes don’t even need to be emptied or cleaned before installation. Let’s compare the Viega ProPress installation process to that of a traditional copper fitting.

How does it differ from other similar products?

Most renovations require a significant amount of piping, be it for plumbing or gas. Using a device like the Viega ProPress is one option. Viega’s ProPress is a newer technology compared to other popular options. Fittings from ProPress use an innovative new method for crimping pipes instead of the more conventional approach.

O-ring-holding press tool:

The fitting’s design incorporates an O-ring with rubber seals on both ends. Each end of the pipe is slid into place, and an O-ring-holding press tool is used to compress the surrounding area, creating an air- and water-tight seal. Due to its ease of use, dependability, and speed at which fittings can attach, the Viega progress fittings technology has become very popular among contractors.

Replacing a Fitting in a Traditional Copper Install:

Step 1: Close the valves that control the flow of water or gas.

Step 2: Completely drain or empty the line

Step 3: Remove solder by heating the joint. If heating isn’t an option, obliterate the fixture.

Step 4: Using a wire brush or other abrasive, remove all the pipe and fitting debris.

Step 5: There should be no old solder showing because that could cause corrosion or a lack of adhesion.

Step 6 The pipe should be fluxed after it has been cleaned. Solder adheres better to metal surfaces when this step is completed.

Step 7: Heat the pipe with a torch. If you’re in a confined space, pay attention to what’s behind the flame. Apply solder to the joint once the line has reached the proper temperature.

Step 8: Allow the solder to cool completely before attempting any further work with it. When there is even the slightest movement, the solder can crack, and a leak can occur.

Step 9: Return the gas or water flow and check for leaks after the solder has set and cooled. If leaks are discovered, the process must restart to fix them.

Installing Viega ProPress Copper: Replacing a fixture:

Step 1: Close the valves that control the flow of water or gas.

Step 2: To ensure your safety, turn off the gas and disconnect the line. It’s not necessary to drain all of the water pipes completely.

Step 3: ┬áDiscard the old fixture. Solder with a torch or remove the fitting if it’s broken.

Step 4: Then, install the new fitting over the old ones.

Step 5: Secure fittings with a press tool.

Step6: Verify that the Smart Connect dot fitting is pressed correctly. Instead, it would help if you used the press tool once more before giving up.

Viega 78052 ProPress Zero Lead Copper:

  • A consistent, strong, dependable, and watertight seal is achieved in four to seven seconds.
  • With this feature, technicians can quickly perform maintenance and repairs by joining wet connections.
  • Adaptable to any new or retrofit commercial, industrial, or residential project
  • Requires no tanks, hoses, thread cutters, solder, or flux to be used

Viega 77387 ProPress Zero Lead Copper:

  • In four to seven seconds, connections are made with a watertight seal that’s consistently strong and reliable.
  • Installers can now connect wet connections, making this the fastest maintenance and repair option available.
  • As a result of the quick installation, maintenance and new construction are completed on time or even early.
  • Ideal for new construction, renovations, or retrofits in commercial, industrial, or residential settings
  • Requires no tanks, hoses, thread cutters, solder, or flux to be used.

How far apart must ProPress fittings be?

When used with the Viega progress fittings System, pipe connections can be made in just 7 seconds, removing the need for burn permits and fire watches in the process. As awareness of this technique grows, so do the number of inquiries about its proper application.  The Viega ProPress Systems Installation Manual provides an in-depth answer to this critical question. For the most part, distance is determined by the diameter of the tube being used. propress fittings, propress fittings propress fittings, propress fittings, propress fittings.

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