Common Causes of ps4 Nw-31205-1 error.

Again, there are various causes and solutions for this error number, but they all revolve around an issue with your home network’s connection or incorrectly configured network settings. A standard error message is “Network connection is unstable or weak to reach the PSN server” or a variation thereof. If you receive this error notice, the first thing you should do is either switch to a cable connection or relocates your wireless router and PS4 closer together.

Common Causes of ps4 Nw-31205-1 error:

The PS4 cannot connect to the router due to a weak Wi-Fi connection, which is one of the most common causes of this issue. Changing your DNS servers by hand is another typical solution to this issue.

Hard resetting your PS4:

It can be fixed by hard resetting your PS4 and router, then disconnecting them for 15-30 minutes before re-plugging them if the issue persists. It has the potential to re-establish your PS4’s network connection by clearing all network configurations.

  • A variety of factors can cause error code ps4 Nw-31205-1.
  • Ethernet and USB cord problems
  • A problem with the PS4’s network after an update or for any other reason

Faulty Method of Connection:

If the connection problem occurs when using Wi-Fi, try connecting through Ethernet cable instead, and vice versa. Try this to determine if the problem is with your connection.

Errors connecting to the PS4:

For a variety of reasons, the PS4 will occasionally misbehave and refuse to establish a network connection. Some of the possible causes are a failed system upgrade or faulty hardware. To be sure, you can test the PS4 connection on another network to see if the issue is with your network or not. This problem may resolve by resetting both the PS4 and the router. Alternatively, you can disconnect the PS4 and reconnect it after a hard reset of the network configuration.

Ps4 Nw-31205-1: What Should I Do?

Ps4 Nw-31205-1 Error may be repaired quickly and easily by following the steps provided below.

Fix 1: Quick and Simple Solutions:

These are a few tried-and-true solutions for various issues. Without knowing what the problem is, these remedies can be beneficial. The following are the changes that have been made:

Step 1: In some cases, other devices may use up all of your network speed.

Step 2: Disconnect or wait until all other devices are finished before connecting the PS4 system. It may cure the problem for you.

Step 3: The PS4 requires a connection speed of at least ten megabits per second (Mbps) to function correctly.

Fix 2: Look at the router’s content filtering capabilities:

You may unintentionally disable a specific server on your network. You or your ISP can do it, and when it is done, the NW-31205-1 mistake is visible on the PS4.  The following table lists the PSN servers’ standard port numbers. Ensure that your internet service provider (ISP) or router (router) has not banned these ports. In such a case, tell them to unblock these port numbers if they’ve done so.

Fix 3: Reconfigure your DNS server settings:

A poor DNS setup is frequently to blame for this issue. Follow the steps below to restore the DNS settings to their original state:

Step 1: A DNS server can help you avoid this problem. Change the DNS settings to automatic in Settings > Network > Set up Internet Connection > Custom, but if you want to use another DNS, go ahead and enter the primary and secondary DNS.

Step 2: It’s possible to check if the servers are down by visiting the PSN help page.

Step 3: Servers frequently fall into maintenance mode, which means they will be unavailable for an extended period.

Fix 4: Instead of Wi-Fi, use Ethernet:

Using a LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi is another typical solution to this problem. The easiest way to achieve this is with an Ethernet cable and a DualShock controller. PSN’s servers cannot communicate with PlayStation when this error code is received. To solve it, attach another internet-connected device (such as a PC) and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter your PlayStation Network username and password from another device on the network. To begin, either register a new PSN account or use your existing one if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2: If you need to verify your purchases, enter your username and password again to reconnect to the PlayStation Network.

Fix 5: Reset your wireless router by turning it off:

Step 3: Reset your router by pressing the reset button on it for roughly 30 seconds if that doesn’t work.

Step 4: Use the current standard for improved performance by contacting your ISP and telling them to update your router or router firmware if you are using an old type of router.

Step 5: When using Wi-Fi, make sure your PS4 and router are close to each other and that nothing stands in their way.

Step 6: The distance between the devices significantly impacts the connection’s speed and dependability.

Why is a faster internet connection required for the PS4?

The PS4 is a cutting-edge device with game files up to 100 GB in size. So, even if you have a copy of the game on disc, you’ll still have to use the console to get data. Furthermore, having fast internet becomes even more critical if you plan on participating in online games.


That’s all there is to it, guys. Here are several solutions to the ps4 Nw-31205-1 error code that you may have encountered. These options may be a good fit for your needs. If it doesn’t work, try resetting the console to its default settings or, better yet, rebuilding the database. Other solutions include: The majority of the issues with the console should resolve with these add-ons. That’s why you should try them if our primary remedies don’t help you decide on ps4 Nw-31205-1 problem codes.

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