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The international Fintech as a Service provider rapyd icelandbased valitor Crowdfundinsider has signed a formal deal to buy the Icelandic payments solutions company Valitor from the Arion Banki. Provider of financial services SaaS software and solutions, Rapyd, announced that it would acquire Valitor, an Icelandic fintech company specializing in payments innovation. Crowdfund Insider reports that the total value of the transaction is €94 million. It was hoped that by acquiring this company, Rapyd would become the undisputed leader in payment processing throughout the globe.

Cutting-edge payment solutions:

Regarding cutting-edge payment solutions, Valitor is a frontrunner in Europe. As a result of the merger, Rapyd will better serve European merchants with its payment processing solutions and expand its business internationally. The company’s 2020 purchase of Paynetics was another evidence of its dedication to expanding into new markets and expanding existing markets. In 2004, Valitor began offering revolutionary payment solutions, including Visa Direct Immediate Payments and PSD2 Open Banking APIs.

Well-equipped to assist Rapyd:

Valitor’s staff is well-equipped to assist Rapyd in expanding its European operations and meeting the need for efficient payment processing solutions throughout the continent. They have amassed over three decades of expertise in payments technology. The two businesses’ complementary technologies let retailers accommodate various emerging digital applications, including customer loyalty programs, digital wallets, online purchases, and many more.

CEO Arnar Mar Jonsson:

We are thrilled with this development and look forward to teaming forces with Rapyd to further accelerate the objective of redefining payment experiences for customers throughout Europe.” He said, “Rapyd has shown a strong dedication towards establishing safe and dependable payment infrastructure that serves different markets globally. Our relationship will deliver more value to all parties involved. With the purchase of Valitor, Rapyd is moving closer to its goal of offering a whole suite of goods and services that may assist retailers in increasing efficiency and decreasing overhead expenses.

Strategic alliances:

In addition, the firm has formed strategic alliances with several European banks to expedite the processing of debit card transactions. Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express Checkout, and Masterpass QR Code Purchases are just some of the many new payment options they offer. Because of this decision, Rapyd is now considered one of the world’s most forward-thinking financial technology companies. Strategic purchases like this will help them expand their market share and improve Europe’s payment systems.

What is the technology developed by Valitor?

The technology developed by Valitor gives businesses that accept card payments an additional distribution channel. Most of Iceland’s big stores and supermarkets use the company’s payment processing services, including point-of-sale, internet, and mobile payment processing over the Fastnet secure network. With this purchase, Rapyd will have an instant foothold in Iceland and the ability to expand its merchant network throughout Europe swiftly. Their efficiency, leadership, and expansion rate have all pleased us.

CEO and Co-Founder of Rapyd, Austin McChord:

We see this as a significant accomplishment for Rapyd as we continue solidifying our position as one of the world’s most rapidly expanding financial technology firms. Valitor is a crucial infrastructure partner to help us enter the fast-growing online and mobile payments market. We have decided to use Rapyd as our strategic exit vehicle, and Lars Mather, founder, and CEO of Valitor will lead the way. The company’s payment services platform and fintech-as-a-service suite streamline business payments.

How can I activate my Rapyd account?

If you join Rapyd, you will have access to all of the features or be able to withdraw cash once your account is registered.

Get Account Activated and All Restrictions:

You must fill out the KYB form and submit it. To access the KYB form, go to the Activate Your Account section of the client portal on the left side menu. rapyd icelandbased valitor crowdfundinsider provides solutions that give you the confidence to focus on what you do best, whether creating an app, selling a product, receiving payments or all of the above.

For criminal records:

Once your Know your Customer form is submitted and approved, you can withdraw your funds, your account restrictions will be removed, and you will have access to additional Rapyd Products.

Use of KYB:

It may take up to 30 days from the time you submit your KYB application for our compliance evaluation and approval.

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How long will it take until I get my money?

The monies from your Rapyd Wallet may be transferred to your bank account and will often be accessible the next business day. Nevertheless, the speed with which funds are put into your Rapyd Wallet will vary depending on the payment method. Rapyd cannot regulate the procedures of the various card networks, electronic wallets, and banks.

A bank wire transfer may take three to five days, whereas an electronic wallet can clear in one to three. Average processing timeframes may not reflect the time it takes for a specific payment to clear and be deposited into your account. Your company can now accept and transfer payments to anyone, anywhere, and at a lower cost and with less hassle with Rapyd.

Does Rapyd prohibit any business or industry?

Companies that are Banned or Restricted on Rapyd might be found on a block list. Before you sign up, make sure you have the following. It is possible that you will not be able to completely activate your account if you establish one and then use it for any of the activities that are expressly forbidden or restricted on our site Customers of Rapyd save an average of 70% of their time on financial administration while realizing a return on investment of 196%.

How will my individual information be used?

Rapyd icelandbased valitor crowdfundinsider is committed to protecting the confidentiality of its customers’ information. All clients who have a commercial connection with Valitor are nevertheless subject to the terms of the Privacy Notice. We shall notify you of such revisions using a conspicuous announcement on our Site or by direct communication with you. In the long run, this cooperation should be fruitful for all parties concerned, which makes it an exciting opportunity for both businesses. Valitor has been in business for more than 30 years.

What exactly is RAPYD?

To free up trade worldwide, your company requires access to the resources that will allow it to provide localized payment, payout, and fintech experiences. Customers from all around the globe have a million different payment methods in mind. Paying vendors and customers more quickly is a top need for businesses and individuals. Developers are always looking to create novel goods and opportunities. With Rapyd, you have more options than ever for putting Fintech to work for your company.


Rapyd’s purchase of Valitor, a crowdfunding platform in Iceland, is a strategic move that will help the company strengthen its position as a leader in the payment technology industry throughout Europe and beyond. Rapyd icelandbased valitor crowdfundinsider will be able to realize its vision of providing efficient payment processing solutions throughout Europe with the support of Valitor’s skilled staff and cutting-edge technology. Rapyd’s new digital use cases lower merchant operating costs and increase scalability, solidifying its position as one of the world’s most innovative financial technology companies.


Do you accept PayPal or other payment methods on Rapyd?

With the help of a worldwide payment processing platform, you may take payments from a wide variety of sources eWallets cash.

Can money be made using rapyd icelandbased valitor crowdfundinsider?

The Rapyd-commissioned research looked at savings, economic advantages, risks, and adaptability when deploying Rapyd’s solutions. It concluded that the average firm would have a 196% ROI after three years.

How can I get help from other programmers while using Rapyd to create financial technology applications?

Participate in open discussions, pro-talks, hackathons, and other Global Financial Development Community events. If you have questions about using Rapyd or want assistance getting started, please peruse our extensive knowledge library.

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