Everything you need to know about Red and black dunks!

Red and black dunks have been around since 2002, and their iconic silhouette has stood the test of time. In 1985, Nike released the Dunk model, designed as a basketball shoe but later reworked for a skateboarding collection aimed at younger college students. The efforts made by the Swoosh brand to enhance the Dunk silhouette in the SB division led to the creation of some of the most significant colors.

Thanks to several successful collaborations with notable names in the streetwear industry, like Travis Scott and the late Virgil Abloh, and prominent names in the streetwear brand industry, like Supreme, the silhouette has acquired appeal among sneakerheads. In this article, we will discuss more red and black dunks.

Best red and black dunks:

The Nike SB Dunk has proven time and time again to be one of the most popular sneaker models that the Swoosh brand has ever released. Therefore, the list features colors you should investigate if you consider yourself an SB dunk connoisseur. Following are the best red and black dunks.

Best Red and black dunks:

Following are the best Red and black dunks.

Parisian Nike SB Dunk Low:

Nike’s Paris SB Dunk is a legendary and one-of-a-kind colorway that is highly sought after by sneakerheads. Only years. A pair of special-edition Nike sneakers were released for each site on Nike’s 2003 White Dunk Exhibition tour. These shoes were a part of a more significant drop that included several other styles.


These shoes were produced since they were a part of Nike’s regularly scheduled drop for the event. He became well-known for his outspoken attacks on abstract art and participation in the L’homme Temoin movement.

Red Lobster, a collaboration between CNCPTS and Nike SB:

Company Concepts, based in Boston, collaborated with Nike to create the Nike SB Dunk Low-top silhouette. The design inspiration for these shoes came from the usual New England meal, which features Lobster as one of the most basic food plates. The Lobster Dunk series debuted in May 2008 and soon became one of the most iconic iterations of the sneaker. The shoes were also auctioned off at Sotheby’s, where they fetched over $4,000.


The shoes’ bottoms use zoom air technology, while the uppers contain additional padding for comfort. The color is called “Sport Red / Pink Clay,” and it is available. The upper of the shoe is mostly a subdued shade of red with overlays in the shape of shells. The shoes’ insoles were styled to resemble a lobster bib, one of the most fundamental necessities for enjoying Lobster.

Travis Scott’s Nike SB Dunk Low:

Travis Scott has become one of the most influential rappers thanks mainly to his collaboration with Nike, during which he has dominated the markets for several sneaker models. Black, Parachute Beige, and Petra Brown make up the color combination for this pair of shoes. Most uppers are covered in khaki tones, while the overlays are coated in deep blue tones. Overlays in a dark navy color feature bandana patterns, followed by traditional Nike Swoosh logos in pink and black that don’t match.


There is a pronounced blue hue to the footwear. The sneakers draw attention to the tartan plaid patterns imprinted on the mid-foot panels. The sneaker’s ability to tear off the upper canvas makes it stand out. A signature design aspect of Travis Scott’s Nike collabs is how the canvas rips away to reveal the camouflage pattern in a rustic fashion.

Black Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Stars:

New York’s Supreme teamed up with Nike for their iconic SB Dunk Low silhouette in 2021. The upper sneakers have faux crocodile skin and gold stars to pay homage to the minimal 2003 Nike SB Dunk High Supreme release. The SB Dunk Low 2021 borrows elements from the classic model but with an updated style and fresh colorway. The shoes’ tongues are padded and feature Nike’s logo.


White, gold, and black make for a dramatic color scheme, and the form rests on a foundation of silky leather. Overlays on the shoe are executed in faux crocodile skin with a more muted color palette. The midfoot area’s signature star design appears on the laces, complemented by metallic gold dubrae.

Stussy and Nike Red and black dunks:

A cherry-colored iteration of the Nike SB Dunk Low silhouette was released in 2005 thanks to a collaboration between Nike and the iconic streetwear label Stussy. For inspiration, while creating the Shy Pink / Vanilla hue, Stussy’s Robbie Jeffers looked to the Neapolitan ice cream cone. Sportswear giant.


The uppers are leather and feature a chocolate and strawberry color scheme with a vanilla swoosh emblem. Nike designed the color palette. The taste combinations of chocolate and strawberry were the source of inspiration for the color scheme.

Fixing Gum for the Nike Dunk Low Pro B:

Although initially designed as a basketball sneaker, the Nike Dunk Low had become an unexpectedly popular choice for skateboarders by the mid-1990s. Before Nike SB’s official launch in 2002, the firm tailored the Nike Dunk Low’s construction to the requirements of skateboarders. Like its counterpart, the Dunk Low Pro Smurf, the Nike Dunk Putty debuted in 1999 as part of the highly sought-after Nike Dunk Low Pro B line.


The Nike Dunk Putty was an early model with premium construction, oversized laces, and a cushioned mesh tongue. Its upper is made of putty-grey suede and rests above a gum outsole. Since the Nike Dunk Putty was an early experiment in Nike SB (before the company even had a division dedicated to the sport), it exemplifies the brand’s pioneering spirit.

Reese Forbes Denim Nike SB Dunk Low Pro:

Specifically, the Nike Street Baller Dunk’s 2002 release of the Reese Forbes is currently considered one of the most covetable footwear styles. Dunk Low Pros are renowned since they were Reese Forbes’ second pair of SB Dunks and were co-created with fellow skateboarder Natas Kaupas. The innovative use of color and fabric in the Reese Forbes Dunk set it apart. The combination of shades of indigo denim and frayed stitching on top of a contrasting red outsole is reminiscent of vintage Americana fashion.


The Nike SB Dunk Reese Forbes is an authentic vintage model that has achieved its legendary status. Furthermore, it has served as a source of motivation for the next wave of creative minds in the design industry. Aside from the 2017 Nike SB Dunk High, several additional pairs have also introduced frayed denim on the uppers, all of which can be traced back to Reese Forbes’s original Dunkits because the upper of the Reese Forbes Dunk was made of tattered denim, which contributed to the distressed look.


These highly wanted sneakers are a hybrid creation that combines elements from three separate sneaker lines, the Legend, The Jordans, and The Terminator, into a single pair of footwear. After the advent of SB lines, color-blocking became increasingly popular and soon became the majority of colorways. Initially, the majority of colorways were white or monochromatic. The following is a rundown of the five Nike SB Dunk low models that have quickly established themselves as must-haves in the collections of sneakerheads worldwide.


To what end does Nike create their Dunks line?

Nike’s Dunk was an instant hit with ballers since it was designed to facilitate fundamental moves like turning and blocking. It allowed the shoe to meet the technical standards of the sport.

Did it dub Red and black dunks?

The College Color High was Nike’s initial name for basketball shoes in various colors inspired by collegiate teams’ uniforms. Nike dubbed the sneaker “Dunk” for the 40th anniversary of the slam dunk before releasing it.