Types of Restaurant booths.

There are several factors to examine when choosing restaurant booths. Restaurant booths are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. There are also multiple issues with comfort and distance that need to be addressed. Large restaurant booths in small spaces can cause traffic problems. Larger spaces with even smaller booths can be a waste of prime real estate. To provide comfort and convenience for both the staff and the occupants, choosing the right type of booth seat for your space planning and design is essential.

Before buying your restaurant booth, the first thing to do is decide what kind of booth you need. Here, you will find different booths, including pre-made and custom booths.


Single restaurant:

Mostly viewed with a height of 36 inches or 42 inches, individual restaurant booths can comfortably accommodate two people side by side.


Double restaurant

Double restaurant can accommodate four people- Two people on adjacent sides and two on the backside—ideal for saving space and increasing the number of available seats.


Wall bench

Custom-made wall benches of varying lengths are usually attached to restaurant tables and chairs, providing comfortable seating and plenty of space for servers and patrons.


L-shaped restaurant booths

L-shaped booths are primarily used in corners and allow space to be used which would otherwise remain unused.


1/2 circular restaurant booths

Semi-circular booths with standard dimensions of 48 “x 90” x 48 “can easily and comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people.


3/4 circular restaurant booths

With standard dimensions of 48 “x 90” x 90 “x 48, three-quarter circle cabins can easily and comfortably accommodate 8 to 10 people.


Cascade wood booths

Providing a comfortable booth for your customers to relax while they wait shows that you care for them; it makes it easier to stay than walking away.


Deuce restaurant booths

When you want a seating arrangement for a smaller area, Deuce is the right choice. Half the size of a regular booth, deuce booths are ideal for small spaces and unique interior decoration styles.


Bar height restaurant booths

Booths are not just for regular tables. Bar height booths are becoming more popular in bars and restaurants and provide an exciting and quaint focal point in the room.


Dimensions and space requirements

After deciding the booth size, you need to calculate how many booths you need and how many booths you can install in your space. For regular-sized booths, this means you have to measure the length of your wall and, depending on the type of booth you want, you’ll be able to see how many booths you can place on that wall.

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