Can you explain to us how Roblox uses containers?

Roblox run is probably familiar to parents with children. This gaming and entertainment giant has over 70 million monthly active users. Kids and teenagers can have fun while learning how to code. At Roblox’s Principal SRE’s Corner, we talk to Rob Cameron about the novel environment he designed using containers to run stateful apps on a vast scale. This case study is also available as a PDF at this location.

Roblox run games with your pals:

To play 3D virtual world with their friends in 2016, over 30 million users visited Roblox run each month to do so. Play Roblox adventures with your friends, make your own, or play those others have already created. Join the largest user to play games ranging from furious multiplayer games and competitions to dynamic adventures. Imagine what it is like to be a dinosaur, a miner in a quarry, or an astronaut in space.

Cutting-edge technologies of Roblox run:

The following are some of the most cutting-edge technologies of Roblox run being discussed:

  • On-premises and cloud-based infrastructure (bare metal)
  • Docker is a runtime for containers.
  • HashiCorp Nomad Orchestration – Sound Design
  • States Services – MongoDB, influx dB, and Elasticsearch are examples of stateful services.

Can you give us a brief introduction to Roblox?

The goal of Roblox is to make the world a better place by utilizing the power of play. Seventy million individuals around the world have fun with their friends every month by exploring millions of digital worlds that are fully immersive. The Roblox community, which consists of over 4 million creators, is responsible for these virtual environments. The Roblox ecology has a plethora of features. There’s something for everyone on Roblox, gaming, or even learning how to code.

Roblox is looking for someone to join their team.

As Roblox has developed and evolved substantially since the company was launched in 2004, we also regularly modernize our platform. I work in the production engineering department as a Principal SRE. I have to make sure that we use technology and services that guarantee the continuous operation of the Roblox platform, delivering value to all of our players and anybody else who decides to participate on the forum.

Infrastructure strategy and management methods:

As a result, our infrastructure strategy and management methods are based on the traditional approach. I was hired expressly to work on the platform’s orchestration capabilities. Our 4 million creators need a platform that makes it easier to execute their jobs while also scalability for massive growth. Containers unquestionably fall under this category.

Running a single worldwide platform:

Running a single worldwide platform was one of the most challenging obstacles for us to overcome. As a result, players in China, Australia, and the United States can all connect via the internet. The sharded infrastructure used by other gaming platforms confines you geographically, but we don’t. We believe it improves the gaming experience, but there are also significant technical problems that come along with it.

Can you explain to us how Roblox uses containers?

Sure. A fundamental understanding of our setup and history is required to understand how we’re employing containers. Data centers and “points of presence” (POPs) make up our infrastructure concept. In a data center, databases and other centralized services are housed. As well as our backbone and game servers, a POP provides routing access to internet providers as well.

Servers of Roblox run game:

All Roblox game servers were previously running on Windows. When school is out, the number of game servers goes rise due to the increased traffic. Running those servers on Windows costs a fortune. We run the danger of having to keep writing that check as the site grows in popularity. That’s money we’d prefer to keep in-house for things like hiring more programmers, expanding internationally, and providing a better user experience for our players.

Can a Chromebook Run Roblox?

Roblox is compatible with various operating systems and platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. There isn’t a Chromebook version of Roblox yet. Roblox can’t be played on a Chromebook, although there are workarounds.

When will Chromebooks be able to play Roblox?

As a heads-up, Chromebooks running the Play Store version of Roblox may officially run the game. Your experience will enhance because of the higher frame rate. Roblox on a school-issued Chromebook requires the usage of ARC Welder. Now that all of the processes have been clarified, we can go over them in greater depth.

Method 1: Using the Play Store:

Installing Roblox on a Chromebook is a cinch, thanks to the Google Play Store.

Step 1: To download Roblox on a Chromebook, follow these steps:

Step 2: The Google Play Store may only be accessed on devices that are compatible with them. Step 3: Some Chromebooks from the past may not be compatible with newer ones.

Step 4: If your device can access the Google Play store, you’re OK to go.

Step 5: You must first activate the Play Store to utilize it. Using the Settings icon, you can change various settings in the Quick Settings Panel.

Step 6: Enable it on the Google Play Store by going to the store’s settings page.

Step 7: Once you’ve done that, make sure you read and agree to the terms of service.

Step 8: As a result, the Play Store can now be accessed.

Step 9: Roblox can now be downloaded and installed using the supplied link.

Step 10: This is the final step before you can begin playing.

It’s important to know that this is the only technique that requires access to the Google Play Store. If you don’t have that choice, you can still use the methods listed below.

Method 2: Playing Using:

Your Chromebook can connect remotely to another computer. If you or someone you know has Roblox installed on their Mac or PC, you can use this method to play Roblox on a Chromebook. However, only the other computer has to have the game installed. The Chrome web browser and Chrome Remote Desktop are required for both machines to play the game properly.

Step 1: Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your computer or Chromebook to connect to the remote computer or Chromebook.

Step 2: If you’re not going to need remote support too often, you should think about it.

Step 3: Choose My Computers if you want a long-term connection.

Step 4: For remote desktop connections, you need Chrome Remote Desktop Host installed on both computers.

Step 5: Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to use Roblox on your Chromebook via remote control.

Method 3 – The Linux Way:

Additionally, you can install Linux on your Chromebook and run Roblox using a virtual machine or application to run Windows apps on Ubuntu. To describe this strategy entirely would necessitate another article. Therefore we won’t do it here for fear of degrading your game experience. And some groups are more receptive than others to the idea of moving to containerization.


The infrastructure for using containers has been established, and we are currently considering running microservices on our platform of Roblox run, including various in-memory databases and other databases that are container compatible. Except for a few of our high-performance databases, we intend to move everything to containers eventually. But we don’t want to stifle innovation by requiring development teams to run things in containers when that’s not the best solution.

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