How trustworthy is the seller?

Sailor moon funko pop: Although it began as a manga, Sailor Moon has evolved into a television series and numerous spin-off movies. One of the numerous series that characterized a generation, the anime lasted from 1992 to 1997. Several Sailor Moon video games have been released, in addition to the manga, television series, and feature films. Many famous characters were presented in Sailor Moon, a fascinating magical girl story. Anyone who has seen the show in its entirety is likely to have a favourite Sailor Scout to call their own. Sailor moon funko pop has collaborated with the Sailor Moon brand, which continues to be popular. Following is the series of sailor moon funky pop.

Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon, the series’s protagonist, has the most Funko Pop figurines of any character. Sailor Moon’s real name is Usagi Tsukino in the original series, although she goes by Serena or Bunny in other reimagining’s. Sailor Moon with Luna, one of the original Funko Pop figures, was introduced in 2016 but is no longer for sale. The lowest-priced Sailor Moon Funko is this figurine, which is about $28.

Second Sailor Moon:

Second Sailor Moon was launched in 2016 and featured her Moon Stick and Luna. This toy is likewise no longer on the market. However, it was available only at Hot Topic. It’s worth $30 right now. The Calendar Club-exclusive “Glitter” edition of Sailor Moon was the final 2016 Sailor Moon figurine released.

The Tuxedo Mask:

Only one Funko figure depicts Sailor Moon’s love interest, Mamoru Chiba (also known as Darien Shields in various English dubs). This Sailor Moon figurine, which was produced in 2016 along with a slew of others, is no longer in production. It costs $30 to acquire his statue.

Sailor Mercury:

Sailor Mercury, the first of the Inner Guardians to appear in the anime, has ice and water-based abilities. Not to mention, she is one of the most intelligent members of the Sailor Scouts. However, in other versions, she has gone by Amy Anderson or Amy Mizuno instead of her given name, Ami Mizuno. There is no longer a $75 price tag attached to her figure, introduced in 2016.

Sailor Mars:

Sailor Mars is the second Sailor Scout discovered by Sailor Moon. In certain versions, Raven “Raye” has been renamed Rei Hino, although her real name is Rei Hino. Her powers include mental clairvoyance and the Ofuda charm associated with fire. Her 2016 toy, which is no longer on the market and is worth $38, is no longer accessible.

Sailor Jupiter:

Sailor Jupiter is the third of the Inner Guardians to be discovered by Sailor Moon. Her real name is Makoto Kino, but Lita Kino is her name in various adaptations. Her special abilities include the ability to control plants and electricity, as well as superhuman physical strength. Her action figure retailed for $32 and was first launched in 2016.

Sailor Venus:

Sailor Venus, alias “Sailor V,” fought crime in the city before Sailor Moon discovered her. Her real name is Minako Aino. However, some adaptations have changed it to Mina Aino. This Sailor Scout has two Funko Pop. Figurines a Sailor Venus and a Sailor V. She’s one of the few Sailor Scouts with multiple figures. Artemis is also included. It was launched in 2016 and is now worth $32 even though it is no longer available. Sailor V was released in 2017 as a Hot Topic exclusive, a year after the original release of Sailor V.

Sailor Neptune:

Neptune, an Outer Guardian, does not appear until the series’ conclusion. However, in certain English translations, her first name is renamed, Michelle. In addition to psychic talents, Sailor Neptune’s powers are linked to the water. Sailor Uranus is her lover in the Japanese version, but in the English dub, they are cousins. In 2017, Sailor Neptune’s figurine went on sale, and it presently costs $23.

Sailor Uranus:

Like her romantic mate Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus is an Outer Guardian with capabilities related to the sky and wind. Haruka Tenoh’s real name is Haruka Tenoh; however, her first name is shortened to Amara in certain English translations. A $27 figure of her was also released in 2017.

Sailor Pluto:

When Sailor Moon first meets Sailor Pluto, she is the first of the Outer Guardians to be introduced. She’s introduced as a Sailor Scout and neither as a human nor a Sailor Scout. In some English editions, Setsuna Meioh, also known as Trista Meioh, is reincarnated after her death and given a human identity as Setsuna Meioh. There is a $21 price tag on her Funko figure launched in 2017.

Sailor Saturn

Out of all the Outer Guardians, Sailor Saturn’s storey arc is by far the most intriguing. Chibiusa’s best buddy, Hotaru Tomoe, goes by the name of Hotaru in real life. When Sailor Saturn died and was reborn as a baby, it was one of the sadder Sailor Scout stories. To begin with, the other Scouts dreaded her due to her inherent ability to bring death and ruin to others. It was released in 2017 and had a retail value of $55.

Small Lady and Endymion:

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s future counterparts are Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Chibiusa disguises herself as a small lady to solicit assistance from the Sailor Scouts of the present day. The ruler is King Darien rather than Endymion in the English dub. This Hot Topic exclusive triple pack was introduced in 2017 and had a retail value of $115. Any of these Funko Sailor Moon figures will make a wonderful addition to the collection of any Sailor Moon fanatic.


As the number of Sailor Moon Funko Pops available in the market has grown, so has the confusion among buyers. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with so many alternatives to choose from. Suppose you want to acquire new Sailor Moon Funko Pop but aren’t sure where to start. All that is required for better technology is a rise in competition in every market. No industry doesn’t make the most of cutting-edge technology to achieve the best results for its customers.


How trustworthy is the seller?

Scammers often target the difference between early copies of Sailor Moon Funko Pops and the originals, but this doesn’t always succeed.

Is it popular among all consumers?

Sailor Moon Funko Pops are currently the most popular collectable among consumers.

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