How do we put dryers through their paces?

While acquiring a new dryer is more limited than purchasing a new washing machine, today’s Samsung steam dryers combine current technologies such as heat pumps to save energy, can be evacuated or vented without a vent, have specialty cycles to steam and disinfect, and much more.

How do we put dryers through their paces?

We evaluate dryers in climatology chambers, which keep the same temperature and humidity levels throughout each model’s testing period. When evaluating these products, we consider their overall functionality, as well as their capacity for storing drums, total footprint, and user-friendliness. When purchasing a new Samsung steam dryer, the following things to keep in mind.


Installing a vent-less washer and dryer in an apartment or on a second floor where exterior venting isn’t feasible.

Issue of energy efficiency:

Heat pumps are being integrated into appliances. A fan pulls moisture out of the hot, humid air in the drum, then reheated and circulates back into the drum for further drying instead of venting it outside. The yellow Energy Guidelines labels that have previously appeared on washers and other appliances will soon appear on dryers to reduce the number of wasted energy.


Tumble dryers have a reputation for consuming a lot of electricity. Several brands have attempted to address this issue by developing sensors that monitor and control humidity levels in a drum throughout a cycle, thereby saving you time and money. Laundry that came out somewhat wet from some models with sensors was easily remedied by running a shorter cycle.


The majority of tumble dryers are easy to use. Generally speaking, there are two types: manual and sensor. Cotton, synthetics, and delicate are all settings on manual models.

Best Samsung steam dryer:

Following are the best Samsung steam dryer of 2021.

LG Eco Hybrid

You can match it to any modern kitchen thanks to the black translucent door of the LG model. It was able to dry our polycotton laundry rapidly, but its cotton drying rates were erratic and often slowed. Users who have never used a smart TV before may be overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed on the front of the device and the difficulty of connecting to our WiFi.

John Lewis JLTDH25:

With its quick buttons and smooth dial selector, this John Lewis own-brand model immediately struck us with its ergonomic design and solid production. When it stopped our cycle, our load was always evenly dry, and there was no shrinkage thanks to its drying sensors.

Samsung Series 9 DV90T8240SX:

We highly recommend this sleek black Samsung dryer for those of us who refuse to install any more white goods. Don’t worry if you’re not a techie, but if you need more extensive instructions than the in-box handbook provides, you’ll have to go online.

NTM119X3EUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer by Hotpoint:

This tumble dryer is an excellent option if you routinely wash and dry delicate clothing like wool, silk, and lingerie. It promises to save wear and tear by up to 40%. It has 15 programs, including one for soft toys and an anti-allergy option, a godsend for allergy sufferers.

Bosch WTX88EH9GB.

This Bosch machine was just as efficient as the AEG model above and had the most options in terms of energy efficiency. Our polycotton clothing was left damp and needed more drying time by the machine’s sensors, which were among the fastest in the industry.

Gas Dryer with Steam: 7.4 Cu. Ft:

Thanks to this powerful machine, towels were dry in less than 40 minutes, and test swatches were less wrinkled than ever before. Even with a longer Eco Dry cycle and a lower temperature, the results were still impressively good. It has a simple-to-use control knob, buttons, and display that we appreciate.

A 6.5-cubic-foot, 11-cycle, electric dryer:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality clothes dryer, and this one proves it! This machine performs admirably despite the lack of fancy features like programmable timers or automatic cycles or many heat settings (low, high, or none at all). Temperatures remained stable despite some cycles lasting longer or being hotter than others we tested.

T1 Wi-Fi Connected Wi-Fi Heat Pump Dryer:

A GH Seal Star is available with a diameter of 23.5 inches and a depth of 25.31 inches that is ideal for tucking away in tight locations. It features a larger-than-expected inner drum capacity of 4.03 cubic feet and functions without the requirement for external venting.

Smart Front Load Gas Dryer: 7.8 Cu. Ft:

With its slick style and excellent performance, this is a machine that our cleaning specialists couldn’t resist. This GH Seal Star performed exceptionally well in our Cleaning Lab tests when drying clothes and towels. Cycles for steaming out wrinkles, reducing static, sanitizing with high heat, drying small loads in as little as 23 minutes, and more are available.

Gas Dryer: 7.4 Cu. Ft. 13-Cycle:

It can carry heavy weights if you’re used to it. The 7.4-cubic-foot inner drum has plenty of room, and the large door opening and easy-to-grasp handle make loading and unloading a snap. It results in uncomplicated workflows that are easy to use (under 30 minutes). We’ve always been impressed with the delicate cycle, and the control panel is straightforward.

Flexible Dry Electric Dryer: 7.5 Cu. ft. capacity:

A two-in-one appliance like this dryer and accompanying washer. Fill the bottom of the dryer with your regular daily loads. A flat mesh platform within the delicate dryer gently circulates air around delicate goods, such as sweaters and other accessories that should not tumble, to keep them from getting damaged.


A stand-alone cabinet uses high-temperature steam to clean and refresh textiles in 20 to 67 minutes from tap water. A regular outlet is needed to power this device, which does not require an additional water line to operate. A pair of pants and three more items can hang on the hooks. A shelf is provided for cleaning toys and cushions. Samsung steam dryer, Samsung steam dryer, Samsung steam dryer.

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