What are the Unicorn in Fortnite?

Search unicorn floaties at swimming holes are difficult; while you can narrow it down by looking for bodies of water, there are a lot of them across the map, so it’s not very helpful. Here’s where you can find all of the Unicorn Floaties in Fortnite; here’s where you can find all of the Unicorn Floaties in Fortnite. You can search numerous matches at once, but the Floatie will vanish when you interact with it, so if someone else gets there before you, you’re out of luck.

Locations of the Fortnite Unicorn Floaties:

The following are the locations of the Fortnite Unicorn Floaties:

  • In the jungle’s north, there are hot springs.
  • In Lazy Lagoon, under the bridge.
  • Towards the north end of Loot Lake, near the jetty
  • Located about north of the complex, near the crater of Dusty Divot
  • Sunny Steps’ interior of the southwest temple
  • In the northwestern corner of Lonely Lodge, near the waterfall
  • Located in Paradise Palms’ southernmost swimming pool
  • In the oasis in the desert’s southwest corner

The goal of visit:

The goal is to visit three of them in one match if you want to (the southern or northern three on the map can do before the first circle closes in), but realistically it will take multiple matches. The Unicorn Floaties location will add to your challenge total once you get close enough. Here are seven areas where you can look for those elusive unicorns

In the north-east spring, there are hot springs in the jungle:

We can’t get enough of Epic’s 14 Days of Summer challenges in Fortnite, and they keep coming at us with additional goodies. Players must look for unicorn floaters in swimming holes in the new challenge, which was released today. That means Epic wants you to visit a couple of locations on Fortnite Island where a character can swim in a body of water. Although swimming is impossible in Fortnite, these unicorn floaters are likely found in the game’s rivers, lakes, or swimming pools.

Rainbow unicorn Floatie:

Imagine England’s Harry Maguire atop the back of a rainbow unicorn Floatie as the most memorable image from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. I’ll be patient. Now it’s your chance to join in the Fortnite fun! This weekend’s 14 Days of summer task is to “find unicorn floaties at swimming holes,” and this is where you should go. We’ve also seen several new cosmetics, with at least one new makeup introduced to the Fortnite Item Shop every day.

A new rotation of LTMs:

There will be a few leftovers for you to select from, as you only need three to accomplish the challenge! Day 6 of the 14-day Summer event will launch soon, featuring a new challenge and reward, as well as a new rotation of LTMs and a new weapon that will be unvalued for 24 hours. Several new LTMs have been added to the game and one new weapon that has been unvalued for 24 hours, the heavy shotgun, which was unvalued yesterday.

Players after finishing:

After finishing the daily new challenge, the awards given to players are the best part of the 14 days of the summer event for several players. The new task and reward will unlock at 1 p.m. BST, but we already know the challenge and reward for day 6, courtesy to data miners. Players will have 14 days to look for search unicorn floaties at swimming holes, and they must find 3 of them to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Island:

Because your mission is to find them, you’ll have to approach these floaties and engage with them. Once the interaction is complete, you should receive visual and audible feedback indicating that you completed it. Here are seven places on Fortnite Island where you can locate unicorn floaties. You might find more in other areas, but this should be enough to finish the task.

Locations of all unicorn floaties Island:

Lonely Lodge’s heart:

This floaty can find near the bottom of the small waterfall east of the resort.

Palms of Paradise:

In a pool, this is the only unicorn floating. It’s south of Paradise but still within the municipal limits, in a swimming pool.

Southwest of the Palms of Paradise:

A floaty can also see in the lake southwest of Paradise Palms. It’s across the street from the beach party.

To the south of the Fatal Fields:

A floaty can find at Fatal Fields’ only lake. It’s south of the region, near the silos.

To the northeast of Loot Lake:

This unicorn may find northeast of Loot Lake, between a house and two boats. There could also be a Vending Machine there.

To the north of the pressure plant:

A unicorn floaty may find in one of the water springs north of the Pressure Plant. To see it, go to the top right one.

Bridge over the Lazy Lagoon:

This unicorn may find beneath the Lazy Lagoon Bridge, which connects the city and the pirate ship.

Unicorn floaties at swimming holes:

We know that the same sites are likely being utilized for several challenges based on the list of previously disclosed challenges, which hasn’t been proven wrong so far. Some of the earlier-in-the-week beach parties had giant umbrellas to bounce off, balloon decorations to pop, and clown boards to score ten on. Search unicorn floaties at swimming holes will arrive near the beach gatherings, but a few will also come elsewhere. They’re strewn across the map’s middle and southern regions.


Although players only need to discover three unicorn floaties at swimming holes to complete the challenge, they will be able to find these floaties in a variety of places. The following is a map of all probable locations: You must be playing any default, competitive, or limited-time mode other than Playground to accomplish the challenge. To achieve the challenge, you’ll need to find three of these search unicorn floaties at swimming holes in any sequence and as many matches as you require.

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