Is it a long drive to get to Seattle from San Francisco?

Seattle to san francisco: When it comes to West Coast road trips, you might be surprised to learn that the Pacific Coast Highway isn’t one of the most popular routes to travel on. For the best drive, San Francisco to Seattle is a must. Even though many people enjoy driving along California’s Pacific Coast Highway, you may be surprised to learn that this is not the most popular route for a West Coast road trip. The drive from San Francisco to Seattle is the best route because of the amazing places to stop along the way.

San Francisco in the state of California:

San Francisco is the first stop on your road trip from San Francisco to Seattle. You can visit Fisherman’s Wharf to see the pier and seals, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and head out to Alcatraz in San Francisco. Tickets to Alcatraz can be pre-ordered here to ensure that you get in on the day you want. Before driving from San Francisco to Seattle, take a break in Union Square, Lombard Street, or Chinatown. It’s all about Seattle to San Francisco.

Wine Country, California:

Sonoma is a beautiful place to begin your journey from San Francisco to Seattle, and it’s well worth the time. Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco, is home to charming small towns like Healdsburg, Forestville, and Guerneville, the latter of which is the place to go for a wild night out. In addition to being a wine region, Sonoma offers delicious farm-to-table cuisine. So, if you’re driving from San Francisco to Seattle, plan to stop early at one of the area’s many small tasting rooms and then refuel at one of the area’s many fine restaurants.

California’s Napa Valley:

One must stop in Napa Valley en route from San Francisco to Seattle. Known throughout the world, the Napa Valley is home to some of the finest wineries and most luxurious tasting rooms. The Napa Valley is home to some of the best restaurants and eateries in the country, ranging from budget-friendly eateries to Michelin-starred establishments that require reservations months in advance. Unsure which winery to visit for a production or a tour of the caves.

Northern California town of Mendocino:

During your drive from San Francisco to Seattle, Mendocino, California, is a third of the way there. Several old water towers have been converted into cost restaurants, and B&BS in this coastal town built entirely out of redwood in the 1800s. One of Mendocino’s best-kept secrets is its thriving art community, which has its private galleries where you can look for one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. Mite possible to find a truly original souvenir at one of the many unique shops in the area. All above about Seattle to San Francisco.

California’s Fort Bragg:

Fort Bragg, located about 170 miles from Seattle on your San Francisco to Seattle road trip, is a picturesque and serene destination. Fort Bragg is known for its natural beauty, public beaches, and open parks, but its most notable feature is Glass Beach, so named because of the abundance of sea glass left behind when old glass bottles dissolved into the sand.

California’s Shasta Lake:

You’ll leave California’s stunning coastline behind on this leg of the San Francisco to Seattle drive. Shasta Lake is an excellent place to visit for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Beautiful and enormous Shasta Lake, formed by the Shasta Dam, resembles an oddly-shaped hand and is popular because of its resemblance. Shasta Lake is framed by towering peaks covered in dense forest and a clear blue sky, making it the ideal location for a family vacation.

Oregon’s Crater Lake:

And just like that, our San Francisco to Seattle road trip has crossed state boundaries! It would help if you made a stop at Crater Lake National Park. About 7,000 years ago, a supervolcano erupted and created Crater Lake, the country’s deepest lake. Because Crater Lake does not have an inlet or outlet like most lakes, it has a stunning deep blue colour. If you’re travelling from San Francisco to Seattle in the winter or summer, there’s always something fun to do here.

Valley of the Willamette in Oregon:

Although California is the most well-known wine-producing state, it is by no means the only one! Willamette Valley is undoubtedly the most affordable wine region in the United States. There are over 1,300 wineries and vineyards in this region, where you can sample delicious wines like the highly regarded Pinot Noir. Wineries like Allure Vineyard, Durant Vineyards, and Erie Vineyards produce “better than French” Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley.

Portland, Oregon:

Portland, Oregon, is a great place to stop on any San Francisco to Seattle road trip. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Mount Hood and the Columbia Gorge, which is teeming with waterfalls. Open-air markets, independent bookstores, and eating at one of Portland’s more than 500 food carts, which serve a wide range of cuisines, are just a few of the many fun things to do in this budget-friendly city. All above about Seattle to San Francisco.


Some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States can be found on this road trip, as well as some of the most memorable experiences. To that end, we recommend packing your bags and filling up your tank because this route has something for everyone in your group—all above about Seattle to San Francisco.


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What is the driving time between San Francisco and Seattle?

If you follow the I-5N from San Francisco to Seattle, it will take you about 13 hours to get there. If you do that, you’ll miss out on all the interesting sights along the way.

Where should I stay while driving from San Francisco to Seattle?

Between San Francisco and Seattle, there are several excellent lodging options. My recommendation is to book a few Air bans along the way.

Is it a long drive to get to Seattle from San Francisco?

If you take the route mentioned above and drive straight down I-5N from San Francisco to Seattle, you’ll travel at least 807 miles.

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