Shower storage ideas review 2022.

Shower storage ideas, Without a doubt, the best shower storage ideas are created into the fabric of your bathroom at the planning stage: built-in shelves, niches, hidden drawers, even benches with space for bottles. On the other hand, standalone bathroom storage ideas can give texture, interest, and character to a space, allowing you to tackle two design challenges simultaneously. Below we display the greatest shower storage ideas to suit every room, large or little. Whether you’re looking for walk-in-showers storage or family bathrooms that incorporate a shower cubicle, these ideas will answer all your clutter concerns.

Shower storage ideas: SNEAK A SHELF OR TWO ON THE SIDE

‘No more tripping over half-empty bottles of shampoo and shower gel with this built-in shower storage innovation. All you need to do is maintain your products neat and tidy and use baskets for the larger items like fresh towels and bath mats,’ explains Lucy Searle, worldwide editor in chief, Homes & Gardens

Are you looking for ideas for a wet room that takes up minimal floor space but provides plenty of appeal to a tiny space? ‘Ladder shelves have been a common addition to our houses during the last few years. Handy in most places, they’re a marvel in a bathroom because they’re space-conserving and incredibly functional.


‘Building a recessed shelf is a terrific method of creating neat storage in your shower, allowing adequate space for shampoos, soaps, and body washes without fouling up the bottom of your shower. ‘To make this in your own home, you’ll most likely need to engage a skilled tradesperson who will be able to cut off a nice recess area. However, the space between your stud wall framework

 will govern how wide and where your shelf can go?

You can’t have too many shower storage solutions, though, and if you can add a hanging wall style, then all the better,’ adds Andrea Childs, editor of Country Homes & Interiors.


‘In the bathroom, it’s crucial to keep toiletries easily accessible. ‘In a small shower room, a towel rack can be hung if placed far enough away from the shower end. That arm reaches to get a warm towel when you’ve got water in your eyes can be a lifesaver! Homes & Gardens digital editor Jennifer Ebert suggests that a loofah and other shower necessities can be neatly stored in an antique tray, suggests Homes & Gardens digital editor Jennifer Ebert.

Put up a shelf next to the shower for towels and toiletries.

Everyone wants shower storage at shoulder height, so they don’t have to bend down and pick bottles up from the floor. Lucy Searle, the global editor in chief of Homes & Gardens, recommends a shelf like this for all of your basics and a towel hook.


With the help of a caddy, this loft walk-in shower may be tucked away in a corner, but all of the bathroom essentials are still within easy reach. ‘When your colour palette is monochromatic, invest in a black pattern and fill it with fluffy white towels,’ says Melanie Griffiths, Period Living editor.


‘Talk about functionality and comfort – this built-in shower bench stretches the full length of one wall making for a bench that can store toiletries and a resting spot that creates a spa-like experience!’ explains Lindy Galloway, founder and chief creative office at Lindy Galloway Studio & Shop.

A little caddy that may be placed in the corner of the shower is the most convenient option. Another quick fix is to place a storage ladder outside the shower. Towels can be hung on hooks at the end of the shower wall. Niche, wall-mounted or recessed cabinets, and wall shelves are the most appealing and effective shower storage alternatives.


In a shower, storing shampoo and conditioner is critical since it is nearly certain that you will need them when you have water in your eyes and cannot see well. Ideally, they should be kept at a consistent height between the torso and the shoulders. If you can’t have a recessed shower niche, a caddy placed on the wall is the next best thing. Make sure the vertical surfaces of the caddy slope are gently forward so that water doesn’t pool.

No one likes to take a pleasant shower because they can’t find the shampoo they like or stumble over bottles. It’s critical to have well-organized shower storage solutions if space is at a premium. Storage options for the shower can be divided into two broad categories: open and closed. Numerous built-in storage options must be considered when planning a bathroom remodel. Another option is freestanding storage, including everything from shower caddies and hanging organizers to hook-on racks and suction storage. Freestanding storage is the easier of the two options, as there are readily available off-the-the-peg storage items.

Ideas for storing your shower accessories

As a bathroom design expert at Victorian Plumbing, Brenna Ryan explains, ‘Shower baskets and shower caddies are the best methods to organize all of those necessary necessities and keep them at hand’ As a bonus, they may now be found in a variety of stylish finishes, including matt black and rose gold.’ As well, shower caddies can be installed on the wall or a shelf and come in various styles, including wall-mounted, portable, extensible, and rust-proof.

A smart recess for storing supplies can be built-in.

It’s a clever method to add extra storage to a shower or wet room by building a recessed shelf or niche into the wall. You can make a recess in an area previously occupied by unattractive plumbing or in the gap between studs and framing. However, this decision must be made early in the design process, so think about your possibilities before tiling the shower area.

Add a gold-coloured border to the tiled shelf recess to add visual interest to a plain white shower. As a bonus, shower and bathroom fixtures look even better when accented with contrast accent trim in a metallic finish.

Make the most of your space by doubling up on storage.

A white bathroom will be transformed with a panel of eye-catching statement shower tile ideas in a stunning pattern and colorway. Make sure you have enough storage space in your shower by adding alcoves side-by-side. Create symmetry by placing alcoves on either side of the shower fitting. Consider installing two alcoves or a single longline recess for more storage if you have a large walk-in shower or wet room. Consider purchasing pre-formed recess units, which can be purchased from tile merchants and home improvement retailers. A watertight base is provided for the tiles by these pre-wall components, which come in various sizes.

A tidy shelf arrangement in the corner of the room is a great way to keep things

In a small shower cubicle, corner-shaped shelves or baskets are an excellent option to provide extra storage space. Stack them two or three high to provide plenty of storage space for soaps and other items in the corner of the shower area. If you’re looking for floating corner shelves (like these), look for ones that have no visible fasteners. There are various ways to install tiling fixtures, although some require the fittings to be buried behind the tile. Drilling may be necessary to add shelves into an existing tiled shower, although this isn’t always the case.

Use a shower caddy that’s easy to get to.

There are plenty of off-the-peg purchases and freestanding items that can solve any storage difficulties in the bathroom without the need for permanent fittings if built-in storage is not an option. The suction pads on this shower tidy allow it to be easily attached to a glass shower door or the showerhead. Drainage holes and cutouts on the shelves make it easy to store bottles with their spouts for easy pouring, while the two tall shelves handle longer bottles.

Select a simple-to-install shower stand

Don’t bother about drilling holes for fixtures and fittings; just make sure you have enough storage space in the shower. A spring-loaded support rail that fits into place keeps this smart extended storage rack in place in any shower. Shower gel, sponges, and other items can be stored in corner-shaped baskets. You need a professional organizer like Vicky Silverthorn at to help you organize your home. As a general rule, it is best to keep things to a minimum so that there are fewer things to keep track of. Because so many beauty items now serve several purposes, you can streamline your routine and declutter your home. Shower storage ideas, Shower storage ideas, Shower storage ideas, Shower storage ideas, Shower storage ideas.

For a luxurious look, choose gold and gold-plated fittings.

Free-draining shower storage options like wire baskets and racks ensure that products aren’t left languishing in an overflowing puddle of water. The extra money spent on rust-proof fittings that have been coated or pretreated for protection is always worth it. To achieve a coordinated aesthetic in your bathroom, select finishes that complement each other. You can update the bathroom by replacing basic fixtures with brushed brass taps and showerheads. A more durable and fingerprint-resistant alternative to polished brass, brushed brass has been given a duller, matt appearance.

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