Skyrim Hair Mods-That Will Make Your Character Creation Better!

Skyrim Hair Mods: One of the game’s most appealing features is the option to build a character for your journey across the frozen wastes of Skyrim that may be customised entirely. Unfortunately, more than a decade ago, and when judged by today’s expectations, it is underwhelming. The choice of hair is one aspect that stands out as highly unattractive. They have the appearance of fibrous potatoes coloured with food colouring. To your good fortune, many Skyrim Hair Mods are available to spruce up your appearance.

Two enormous bundles control the vast majority of the Skyrim Hair Mods. Apache Sky Hair and KS Hairdos are two of the options. These massive mods each come with hundreds of different haircuts and are adaptable to various looks. However, many modifications may be coupled with those two to create other hairstyles. In this article, we will discuss more Skyrim Hair Mods.

List of Skyrim Hair Mods:

Following is the list of Skyrim Hair Mods

ApachiiSkyHair is a creation of Apache.

It is one of the earliest versions of a hair mod for Skyrim and one of the earliest. It began as a port of hairs from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, and over several years, it evolved into one of the most popular additions to Skyrim Character Creation. This mod will provide you with a wide variety of hairstyles, albeit most will lean far further toward the fantastical side of things compared to the default hairstyles in Skyrim.

Skyrim’s numerous visual mods:

Because it is now quite old, the textures used to depict it was poor quality and rough when the mod was first released in February 2012. The length of many of these hairstyles makes it possible that they will get caught on various articles of clothing, which is a considerable disadvantage. That is not to suggest that they cannot have a pleasing appearance. It is possible to make up for this limitation by strategically using Skyrim’s numerous visual mods; however, compiling such a list is a task for another day.

Apache Sky Hair:

This patch replaces ApachiiSkyHair, updating the ageing textures to more recent versions that are more visually appealing. Compared to the slightly plastic-like surfaces in the previous patch, the new textures have a softer and lifelike appearance. Even though it doesn’t fix clipping problems, it improves the original mod’s visual quality.

KS Hairdos by Kalilies:

KS Hairdos is the most comprehensive of all the available Skyrim Hair Mods. Over 800 new hairstyles will be available, most of which will be for female characters. It is similar to ApachiiSkyHair in offering a diverse collection of hairdos. Many of these alternatives are almost probably different from the mythology of Skyrim, but they do allow some possibilities that are otherwise inaccessible in the Skyrim Character Creation system.

It features the typical fantasy-inspired styles and even more modern looks like hipster-inspired beanies. It shares quite a few of the same problems as Apachii Sky Hair. Clipping is always apparent, and the textures have an old-school aspect. Nevertheless, given that there are over 800 alternatives, it is impossible to make the incorrect choice.

Stealthic’s KS Hairdos HDT SMP:

This standalone mod does not need to be loaded in conjunction with KS Hairdos. Instead, it takes a select few of the hairstyles available in KS Hairdos and adds physics to them. That means that these hairstyles will react to the player’s movement, lagging when the player moves ahead and appearing to be more than just a rigid object glued to someone’s forehead in other ways.

It is necessary to install mods to enable physics which might be a bit of a nuisance. However, adding physics to other objects may make installing them worthwhile.

Salt and Wind, a new hairstyle from KS Hairdos:

It provides a retexture for ApachiiSkyHair that is in the same style as the Salt and Wind mod, offering more plausible textures for the hair options from KS Hairdos.

Premium’s VHR-Vanilla Hair Replacer:

One of the most prominent issues with the early versions of the Skyrim Hair Mods was that they needed to stick to the vanilla look more closely. The moniker “VHR” gives the impression that this mod will not deviate from Skyrim’s original hairstyle in any way. Premium has nearly completely replaced all of the hair types accessible in Skyrim, except for Khajiit and Argonians.

Beards of Power is a book written by Mharlek1:

In contrast to the others on this list about hair for Skyrim, this mod focuses on facial hair. Given how closely a full beard is associated with Norse culture in popular fiction, any update that creates beards with a more contemporary appearance would unquestionably improve the game’s atmosphere. The beards themselves are worthy of their name, living up to expectations regarding their size and the jewels that adorn them.


Creating a character in Skyrim can be improved with the help of the aboveSkyrim’s numerous visual mods. Even if many of these skirts are the lore-friendly line, there is still a significant variation here to accommodate a wide range of character types. If these do not satisfy your needs, further options are available on the Nexus.