What qualities should you seek in Pokemon toys?

Snorlax plush: The Pokémon franchise has been a worldwide sensation since its inception in the mid-1990s, and it remains just as popular now, more than two decades later. In addition to the Pokémon cards and games. It’s possible to find some of these Snorlax plushiest on resale websites, but they’re no longer officially available. The uncommon Snorlax pushes aren’t cheap, and many of them go for several thousand dollars or more. But if you’re a true Pokémon enthusiast, it’s a small price to pay.

Gyarados Red and Shiny:

One of Japan’s rarest Pokémon plush toys, the Shiny Red Gyarados, was only available in Pokémon Centers. As a part of the Gyarados/Magikarp campaign, this plush was launched in 2009. The Shiny Red Gyarados was produced in tiny numbers because they were a limited edition plush. With the help of a wire inside, the Shiny Red Gyarados plush may be posed and stand on its own.

The Giant Piplup:

For a few weeks in August 2021, pre-orders for the Giant Piplup plush may be made. The three-foot-tall plushie cost $350 and is about three feet tall. If you missed the pre-order for the Giant Piplup plush, you’d have to wait until April 2022 for resellers to start selling them. There’s no doubt that these adorable Giant Piplups will command a high price when they turn up for auction.

Slowpoke the Giant:

The latest addition to the Pokémon Center’s popular huge plush collection is this Giant Slowpoke plush. It was first made available to Japan’s Pokémon Centers in June 2021. The life-sized Slowpoke appeared on the Pokémon Center’s American website and was rapidly sold out. Eventually. Giant Slowpoke plush hasn’t been listed for sale yet because it’s so new, but it will likely fetch a high price when it does. It was initially sold for $450.

Giantamax Meowth:

Because of the limited supply, the item is either extremely rare or extremely expensive. The 65-inch Gigantamax Meowth plush toy, released in early 2021, is taller than most people. The Pokémon Sword and Shield game gave us this Meowth variant. There were only a few hundred of these plushies made, and they cost $300 each. Gigantamax Meowth plushes are currently being sold on eBay for approximately $1,000.

Giant Gold Magikarp with a Shiny Sheen:

Pokémon Center in Nagoya, Japan, relocated to a new location in 2013. A special Giant Shiny Gold Magikarp was released in minimal numbers to commemorate the store’s grand launch. There was a smaller version of the Shiny Gold Magikarp plush, but it was less popular than the larger one. These Giant Shiny Gold Magikarp plushes sell for over $1,000 each time they turn up for sale. Eventually, the Giant Shiny Gold Magikarp was also available in limited quantities at various Pokémon Centers in Japan.

The Giant Furret:

This Giant Furret plush was introduced by Snorlax Center Japan in 2019 and was about 6 feet long! Even more impressive, the Giant Furret was 72 pounds in weight. Although it was first made available at Japanese Pokémon Centers, the enormous Furret was eventually made available at American Pokémon Centers. Even though the Giant Furret plush was initially sold for $350, its resale value has soared to nearly $2,000. The Giant Furret Plush stands nearly 6 feet taller than the typical Japanese person.

Mareep at Life-Size Dimensions:

Since it was introduced in 2019, the official Pokédex Lifesize Mareep plush has been available. This Mareep plush was one of the largest and heaviest ever released by the Pokémon Center, standing at 2 feet tall and about 4 feet long. The giant Mareep plush was only available for pre-order for a short period because of its enormous size. Originally priced at $500, the Lifesize Mareep plush has been sold for more than $2,000 at auction.


There is a massive demand for Snorlax plush with the visage of Ditto. The so-called “Dittochu” from Snorlax Center Japan’s 2010 Rainbow Series is a highly sought-after Ditto face plush. The Dittochu plush was only made in small batches. Therefore it’s not uncommon to see it for sale again. There are currently a few hundred dollars offered for Dittochu plushes. However, multiple sources claim that Dittochu was formerly selling for a couple of thousands of bucks!

Enormous Entei, Suicune, and Raikou:

Giant plush toys were released by the Pokémon Center stores in New York and Tokyo in 2001. The three legendary canines, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, are the most difficult to find in this first batch of enormous pushes. For the past two decades, vast plushes have been widely sought due to their restricted production and great demand. Rarely do these enormous legendary plushes appear for sale on resale sites, but when they do, they fetch tens of thousands of dollars.

What qualities should you seek in Pokemon toys?

Gift of Eevee the giant plush:

One of the most rarest Snorlax plush toys ever is the Giant Eevee Plush Present. Banpresto’s 2012 Eevee promotion included the Giant Eevee Plush Present. The Giant Eevee Plush Present was only accessible through a lottery since it was made in such tiny quantities.

Precision in form and color:

The silhouette and color scheme of each Snorlax is distinctive. True Snorlax fans can tell right away if plush is fake just by looking at the design of the Pokémon. It is not uncommon for unauthorized third-party manufacturers to cut corners in the production process to produce a lower-quality product than the original.


It’s not uncommon for certain Snorlax toys to come with additional equipment or gear. As an illustration, consider a Squirtle with headphones or a Charmander with a hat. Depending on the season, they may even release holiday-themed Pokémon, such as a Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. In addition to the usual plush toy, they may give your Pokémon a bit different personality and flair.


What might you expect to find inside of a standard Pokémon plush toy?

Polyfill fluff is stuffed into Snorlax plush toys. Cotton-like material is excellent for stuffing plush toys because of its low weight, softness, and warmth.

Is it possible to wash these toys in a regular washer?

Use a gentle cycle in your washing machine with a low tumble and low heat setting for best results. It will help prevent melting the glue or wearing out the cloth.

Do you know how much it will cost to buy a Pokémon plush toy?

Smaller Snorlax plush toys might cost as little as $15. A bundle containing many Pokémon can cost up to $60.

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