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Some yubo 18m uvaldepost: A man identified as Some yubo 18m uvaldepost has allegedly threatened to kill a girl and gun up the school he and his peers attend. Reports say he is also sharing images of deceased cats. Students claim he made death threats, including shooting up the school, kidnapping them, breaking down doors, and killing a girl.

Unfortunately, few of the young women and girls who had online interactions with Salvador Ramos in the months before he killed 19 kids and adults at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, reported him. This is even though most of these conversations occurred in the same period. Several people who spoke to The Washington Post believed his warnings appeared too nebulous. One young person who reported Ramos on the social media platform Yubo claimed that writing to him had no effect. In this article, we will discuss Some yubo 18m uvaldepost.

Some yubo 18m uvaldepost- Who is Ramos?

Ramos had also been following a 17-year-old girl on the site before Tuesday’s massacre. He had texted her to “jump off a bridge” and “worship” her in the days leading up to the shooting. He allegedly found her contact details and wrote her a death threat. Ramos’ story was brought to Yubo’s attention by other young people. In April, a month before the shooting, one person reported him. He allegedly threatened to shoot up the school, according to another user who is 18 and lives in Canada.

What is the role of Ramos?

Several users have reported that Ramos made sexual and murder threats towards a female user. A man called Salvador Ramos posted multiple threats to social media in the days leading up to Tuesday’s massacre. He made nasty and murderous threats to females. Due to this, numerous police reports have been filed against him. Yubo was where 25-year-old Ramos first discussed the Uvalde shooting with the public. Earlier on the platform, he had identified himself as a “school shooter,” suggesting that this was his target.

Conversational interface:

In May of this year, Yubo instituted a system to ensure that its users were over thirteen. New features, such as a conversational interface and a redesigned mobile app, were also introduced. Video streaming in real-time with up to ten pals is now a reality. One of the program’s most intriguing and practical components is the use of artificial intelligence to assist in comment moderation and handling harassment complaints. Nonetheless, many assert that their objections have been disregarded by the company.

In addition, the organization has not specified whether or not it will close the accounts of customers who break the standards it has set up. There have only been a handful of high-profile cases of children acting cruelly towards animals, and one of them involves a kid from Indiana who murdered three cats with a bow and arrow as they were playing in his garden. This is one of the few instances of this type of behaviour.

Why did he say he would shoot up their school?

MILLIONS of young people all around the world use Yubo, a social networking application that was developed with their needs in mind particularly. It is available at no cost, and the App Store rankings place it at the number fifty spot for the most popular free social networking program. Users have voiced their concern that the service does nothing to prohibit users from engaging in racist or sexually exploitative behavior. Salvador Ramos had been a user of the service before the incident that occurred in Uvalde.

Other users:

On it, he engaged in conversation with other users, uploaded and shared pictures of firearms, and watched livestreams. In a conversation in February, he disclosed for the first time that he had considered carrying out a school shooting. It wasn’t until after he committed the horrific act that anyone took his Yubo account seriously. After the incident, he did not discontinue his use of the service.

In addition to that, throughout all of his broadcasts, he never stopped saying offensive things. A German girl of 15 years of age met Ramos on the internet. These interactions, she adds, were really unsettling. Her recollection of him includes a peculiar remark he made about his grandma.

Disobeying would damage her door:

He warned her that he would destroy her door if she disobeyed him. During the epidemic caused by the coronavirus in 2017, Yubo noticed a significant spike in sales. It is an application that allows users to share live video on social media; now, it has over 60 million users all over the world. On the other hand, it’s been said that it doesn’t do enough to stop cyber bullying and sexual exploitation of children online. According to the company’s community guidelines, it is expressly forbidden to promote violent behavior, bullying, or intimidation of others.

Artificial intelligence and human moderators:

Yubo uses both artificial intelligence (AI) and human moderators to address these issues. The age verification tool is another measure that has been taken to ensure that no one under the age of 13 will be able to make use of the service. Nonetheless, despite the company’s best efforts; it has been criticized for not doing enough to ensure the security of its users. For instance, it has withheld information regarding Ramos, the guy who opened fire on a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school.

Social networking:

Yubo is a social networking application that is utilized all over the world by millions of young people. It monitors livestreams with the assistance of human moderators as well as artificial intelligence. The corporation is also making efforts to authenticate user accounts by taking the necessary precautions. The previous week, Some yubo 18m uvaldepost announced that it was looking into claims of a threat that was made on its platform by a man who was only 18 years old.

His Yubo account was reported by a number of users who were under the age of 18, and they gave him a stern warning about the content of his messages. Following a short suspension, he was given permission to resume using the website. Yet, several authorities from the local law enforcement have expressed concern about the possibility of abuse. She asked that her surname not be made public and added that she alerted authorities about the incident after he made the threat.


The occurrence was the most recent in a series of interactions that have been brought to light as a direct result of the use of the social network. A girl who is 16 years old and resides in California has indicated that she reported Ramos’ account because he threatened to rape and kills her. The girl’s statement was made by a girl who lives in California. A second Canadian adolescent has come forward to say that she reported the event to authorities after he made a threat to open fire in a school.