Morty’s Tears: The Best Moment.

Spatially tessellated void: Only a few more weeks remain in Rick and Morty Season 5, which is already more than halfway through. With Mr. Nimbus and the incest baby storylines making headlines, this season has been a roller coaster ride so far. Here is a rundown of Rick’s most delicate and worst moments from Season 5 from a spatially tessellated void.

Morty’s Tears: The Best Moment:

Due to a variety of factors, “Closer to the ‘Rick Kind'” is a crucial episode in the evil Morty (cue creepy Evil Morty theme song), a new recurring storyline was introduced, one that left viewers eagerly anticipating the second installment, which would unfortunately not arrive until Season 3. This episode also examined Rick and Morty’s dynamic more thoroughly, despite their reputation for being readily replaced.

The time he deceived Morty and caused him to lose faith in himself:

Rick has no difficulty dismantling Morty’s pathetic fantasies to smithereens, no matter what they are. “One Crew above the Crewcoo’s Morty” is one of the worst examples, where Morty writes a script that ends up getting him a meeting with Netflix. A few days before Morty is supposed to present his concept, he has just taken part in the most obnoxiously complicated and drawn-out theft ever on the spatially tessellated void.

When he surrendered himself to the Galactic Federation:

The finale to Season 2 left Rick in an agonizing state of uncertainty. Rick admits to his family that he, too, is a rebel against the Federation after killing numerous Galactic Federation operatives in retaliation for his close buddy Birdperson. While the Federation is searching for him, none of them are secure. “Someone that would never do anything for anyone but himself.

When Morty Had to Bury Himself:

A love potion gone awry in Season 4, Episode 6, causes all people on Earth to desire sex with Morty, turning them into monstrous humanoids known as Cronenbergs. Rick and Morty portal to another dimension in a last-ditch effort only seconds before that dimension’s portal closes. There is a massive, bloody explosion in the garage where Rick and Morty were killed.

When he was petty over a vat of acid, it was nearly a stroke of genius:

On the other hand, Morty insists that Rick will never relinquish power and enable him to come up with ideas more frequently. Despite Morty’s insistence that Rick’s acid vat was a terrible idea, Rick has decided it’s time to teach Morty a lesson in the art of compromise.

Construct a contraption:

Morty’s request to construct a contraption that stores a point in time so that Morty can re-start incidents and receive “do-overs” without consequences is granted by his vat of acid. Rick explains at the end of the episode that all of Morty’s evil deeds were true because he previously stated that he does not believe in time travel.

When he used the whole universe to power his brake lights:

In “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” the sixth episode of Season 2, Rick proudly displays one of his most significant accomplishments. The engine battery of his ship fails to start, so he and Morty venture inside, where they discover a planet, much to Morty’s delight. Based on Rick’s claims, “Incorporate a temporal field with a spatial tessellation until a planet is capable of intelligent life.

Time to Rick successfully evaded Galactic Federation:

Rickshank Rickdemption’s return after nearly two years was keenly awaited after the cliffhanger after Season 2 and the first episode of Season 3. Fortunately, the episode didn’t let us down at all. At his most intelligent, innovative, and calculated, Rick is shown in “The Rickshank Rickdemption.”

Escaped from space prison and eliminated Council of Ricks:

Rick travels from brain to brain until he has wiped out the Council of Ricks by sheer cleverness to get out of space jail. To further destabilize the galactic government, he reduces the money of the Galactic Federation to zero. Assuming he’s trapped and has no way out, Rick always proves that he has the upper hand, even against the entire galactic government and an army of power-hungry doppelgangers from several dimensions.

The Vindicators find themselves in a Saw:

To their horror, the Vindicators find themselves in a Saw-like game after Rick passes out drunk and vomits all over their conference table. It is all thanks to the previous evening’s Rick. Rick slurs life-threatening instructions while coughing and burping into a video camera. If they know what it is, he asks them to put it on the platform for him. It is Drunk Rick’s final play in the game.

When he made a clone of his daughter, it was the worst:

For some reason, when Beth tells Rick she doesn’t know who she is or what to do next, Rick doesn’t respond with emotional support but rather with an offer for her cloning so that she can go out and explore the universe. Beth is confronted with a difficult choice in Season 3, Episode 9, as a spatially tessellated void.

There was that time he made his pickle:

It was only a matter of time before this happened. “Ricky Pickle Rick would be on this list. Even if you’ve never seen a single episode of Rick and Morty, you’ll recognize “I’m Pickle Riiiiiiick!” For the sake of avoiding family therapy, Rick conducts the most elaborate and inventive experiment yet.


In the spatially tessellated void, he is forced to battle for his life in the sewers because he does not know how to cease being a pickle without the anti-pickle serum that Beth steals before she goes to treatment.  While fighting enormous rats and killing Russian operatives, John Wick style, Rick has never been more evident that he can come out on top in almost any situation, even when the odds are stacked against him.

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