The Ultimate Guide to the Sponsored Parent Visa

Sponsored Parent Visa: The temporary parent visa (subclass 870) allows parents to stay in Australia for up to three or five years with their child or children who are Australian citizens, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizens. The sponsor (child) must be settled in Australia and have an income that meets the financial requirements.

Australia is an attractive destination for those wishing to stay in the country for longer, with the recent introduction of the Sponsored Parent Visa. This visa grants parents and grandparents of Australian citizens or permanent residents permission to stay in the country for extended periods of up to five years.

The Ultimate Guide to the Sponsored Parent Visa is an invaluable resource that contains all pertinent information compiled for this temporary visa into one comprehensive guide. Everything you need to know about getting your sponsored parent visa will be found within this detailed guide, including how to properly apply and what documents are needed to successfully acquire the visa. Thanks to this ultimate guide, getting a sponsored parent visa for Australia has never been easier!


  • The parent must be outside Australia at the time of visa application and visa grant.
  • The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and over 18 years of age.
  • The sponsor must meet the financial requirement and undertake to provide support for the parent.

The Eligibility Sponsored Parent Visa is Australia’s way of allowing the parents, or grandparents, of citizens and permanent residents to live in the country. This visa is especially beneficial for families who have separated due to immigration purposes or other circumstances. The sponsored parent must be sponsored by a family member living in Australia and have their application approved by the government.

Once all eligibility requirements are met, the parent can stay in Australia for up to five years at a time (up to ten years if all eligibilities are fulfilled within a certain period). This process helps unify families who have been separated and lets them enjoy being reunited regardless of the miles of distance between them. It’s a great program that allows Australian citizens and immigrants alike to connect with their elders on a deeper level!


Documents required:

  • Evidence of the sponsor’s relationship with the parent.
  • Evidence of the sponsor’s income and financial capacity.
  • Health and character clearances for both the parent and sponsor.


Obtaining a Sponsored Parent Visa for Australia can be a complicated process that requires various documents. It is important to ensure that all necessary documents are organized and ready to submit when applying for this type of visa.

Generally, this visa will require the applicant’s identification, such as a valid passport, evidence of their relationship to the sponsoring relative in Australia, health insurance information, character documents, an immigration medical assessment certificate, an undertaking form filled out by their sponsor, and other financial records.

Collecting all these documents, in addition to any additional information required, can be a challenge but is also necessary if one wishes to successfully apply for the visa.


  • The sponsor applies for sponsorship approval.
  • The parent applies for the visa once the sponsorship has been approved.
  • The visa is processed, and, if approved, the parent can travel to Australia.

The Sponsored Parent Visa to Australia process can seem daunting, but breaking it down into simple steps can be a surprisingly straightforward experience. Before beginning the application, parents must be sponsored either by an eligible child who is a resident of Australia or an eligible guardian.

Next, applicants must complete and lodge their visa application online or via a designated paper-application service provider. Submitting any relevant documentation is also required at this stage. After the application is submitted, the application processing times will vary depending on the circumstances.

However, once approved, parents will enjoy temporary residence in Australia for up to five years and may benefit from work rights and access to Medicare benefits and other social security payments. With the process taking just a few months from start to finish, those seeking Sponsored Parent Visa for Australia will surely find the experience rewarding and hassle-free.


The visa has a non-renewable duration of three or five years, and the parent is not eligible for government support while in Australia. The parent may be able to apply for another visa to continue their stay in Australia if they meet the criteria.

Reflecting upon the above content, it is certain that the Sponsored Parent Visa for Australia provides a great opportunity to many would-be migrants and, in particular, parents of Australians. It offers moments of joy and strengthening of bonds within family ties while also providing access to generous care provisions from family members.

This guide has offered information and support on navigating the application process, understanding common requirements and knowing which documentation is necessary when submitting a visa application for approval.

The Sponsored Parent Visa offers prospective applicants an opportunity to reunite with their families in Australia and rebuild connections across generations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible to apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa?

The Sponsored Parent Visa offers an exciting opportunity for parents and step-parents of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens.

It allows applicants to stay in Australia for up to five years at a time by remaining visa-included in the immigration process as a sponsored parent. To be eligible to apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa, your parents must demonstrate their relationship with you and provide proof of their financial ability to support themselves in Australia without having any recourse to social security payments from the Australian Government during their stay.

While applying for this visa can be expensive, it’s well worth considering if you want your parents or step-parents close by during your life in Australia.

2. How long can a parent stay in Australia on the Sponsored Parent Visa?

The Sponsored Parent Visa allows parents to stay in Australia for up to five years if they are sponsored by their child, or three years if they’re self-sponsored. The visa holders can visit Australia multiple times during this period, allowing them to work or study part-time while in the country.

They may receive private health insurance coverage from their sponsor, making a long stay appealing. It is important that applicants consider the cost of living in Australia when deciding how long their stay should be, as this could significantly impact their budget.

3. How do I apply for the Sponsored Parent Visa?

If you are a parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the Sponsored Parent Visa may be your way to stay in Australia for an extended period of time. You must first receive sponsorship from your child or an eligible family member living in Australia and then submit an application along with their written confirmation of support.

Your sponsor will also have to meet certain financial and character requirements set forth by the Australian government. Through this visa type, you can visit and stay with your family for up to three or five years. With this extended visit, you can witness special events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Applying for this visa includes many steps and guidelines that are important to follow, so make sure that all processes are done accurately before submitting anything—it could save you time, resources, and disappointment in the future!

4. What are the health requirements for the Sponsored Parent Visa?

All applicants are required to provide evidence of a recent medical check-up and chest x-ray to ensure they have a suitable level of health to enter the country. People who have previously stayed in Australia on a visa must also provide evidence that any specified medical condition was treated during that time.

Furthermore, if an applicant’s health is likely to be a significant burden on Australia’s health services, it could lead to lodgement being refused or visa cancellation while they are still in the country. However, aged persons and those with serious medical conditions are exempt from meeting certain requirements making the Sponsored Parent Visa a viable option for those wanting long visits with relatives in Australia.