What do you enjoy best about the firm based on your research of the company and its position?

Square interview questions: Square’s office is in the same building as Uber on 1455 Market Street. The receptionist gave me a key to enter the lifts that transported me to the lobby on the Square. The receptionist had me sign up, signed the NDA, took a picture, gave me a name tag, and showed me a place to keep my backpack. I spoke with the candidates till they arrived with the recruiters who had been in contact with them. Following all square interview questions are mentioned.

Interview space:

The interview space primarily consisted of two rows of tables with iMacs and two seats, two keypads, two keyboard mice, and a paper pad on each iMac. Like before, the interviewees introduced themselves and gave me a question to execute immediately. After around 45 minutes, I got the opportunity to ask the interviewees about their work and about the Square I had. The same advice I provided regarding on-campus interviews in my previous article applies to on-site interviews.

How data structures and algorithms can use?

It’s preferable to talk during the interview; it could be harder to think when talking, but it displays the interviewer your way of thinking, which is the most significant aspect of their assessment. I felt the paper pad to be an excellent complement to the interview situation as well.

Explore other possible options:

It helps me draw my thoughts, mainly when dealing with some data structures that are easier to describe with the help of a picture than with words.

  • Explore other possible options for square interview questions
  • Continue to discuss
  • All in all, I’d say the interview was a success. Even if I do not receive an offer, I am grateful for taking part.

Tell me yourself:

How to reply?

It may sound ambiguous, but a factual, concise, and relevant answer is indeed needed. Here’s how you can get there.

About You:

  1. What’s your present job?
  2. In one statement, define yourself professionally.
  3. Choose three crucial skills that make your work excellent (your Key Selling Points).
  4. Why do you think you fit this role based on your key selling points and understand the company?

How did you apply these qualifications?

Try to give your statement some numbers.

  • Why are you interested in the position you are applying for based on what you know about the firm and the job description?
  • Can you give relevant instances of your past experiences to support your statement?
  • It might help you learn more about the firm and the position, convert the question into a dialogue and help you relax some tensions.

Describe an occasion that you went to a customer:

  • This question lets the interviewer know how well you think and how good your customer service abilities are.
  • You might also end with a question like: “Do you know what my capabilities and experience in the company/department are?”
  • Think about the time you were a client, how you were treated, and the best way to make your experience?
  • Now think about the time a customer had to help. What have you done to make his experience unforgettable?

About the enterprise:

  • Think carefully about the firm and what they want. Read internet reviews and any other information accessible.
  • What are their criteria for customer treatment?
  • What complaints you have observed can give you an indication of some of the customer service challenges?
  • Describe a situation when a significant impediment to a job has been overcome.

How to reply?

It is a tricky question since you are compelled to talk to a stranger about a painful time. Fortunately, it is also a terrific opportunity to transform a vast difficulty into an outstanding achievement. This question helps the interviewer to find out what kind of problem solver you are.

Provide examples in advance:

You probably had to solve a lot of problems every day at work. It is high time to keep them in mind.

If you do not provide examples in advance, you may find it difficult to remember the specifics of the move.

Start by remembering some examples of natural obstacles you have encountered. Think about each of them for square interview questions:

What was the project or task you tried to do?

What’s the hurdle? It can be a specific problem with your position or a higher-order problem throughout the organization.

What choices did you have to make?

How did your decisions benefit the company?

Which strategy would you describe, or what lessons did you learn?

How would you deal with a hard-working customer?

How to Respond

People’s skills are appreciated dramatically in every firm and significantly more in a company that sometimes handles unpleasant consumers. It is crucial to show how authoritarian personalities may manage.

Do you have specific ideas or methods for dealing with difficult people?

Do you have strong individuals? Are you skilled at resolving conflicts?

What did you find about the enterprise and its culture?

What have you learned about the value of employees?

How do you handle your customers?

What are be some examples of demanding customers knowing their business or industry?

Take a look back at your experience. Have you been working with a complex or disturbing person? Remember how the crisis has spread and how things have turned around.

Regardless of the reason, in a good perspective, it is essential to speak constantly.

4. Why have you left your last job?

This question may be a little touching for some people, but it is an interviewer’s inquiry to find out why you left to get a clearer idea of how you might or may not match your firm.

  • Remember, never talk negatively about your previous firm.
  • There are most likely three possible reasons why you quit or left your last job:
  • You’re looking for a job change
  • You are dissatisfied with your current job.


I was pretty happy with my interview with Square. The recruiters were helpful, and the interviewees were thrilled to work for Square. And I am a big admirer of their interview programming technique because it allowed me to illustrate how I think when I code.

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