Analyzing Whether The Standard 10×10 canopies Is Ideal For Outdoor Events.

Standard 10×10 canopies, Outdoor events and festivals are the best places for small business owners to promote nascent brands. There will be reputed brands present on the same ground, which will always draw maximum customers. Then how do you plan to draw the attention of the customers to a brand that is not as well-known as the global companies? The answer lies in the customized pop-up tents that can be the ultimate definition of branding. 

Standard 10×10 canopies- Calculating the space

One of the biggest challenges for the small business owners who are buying the pop-up tent for the very first time will be the calculation of the space inside the tent. Even if you don’t expect a huge footfall each day, you can expect a number of people to enter the booth at the same time. With the social distancing norms, it can become a major task to control if you end up choosing a small canopy for the purpose. 

The standard size of the tents offers enough space for at least 10 people to look at the products and services over and above, designating a certain area for displaying the product and assigning space for the multiple representatives from the company.

Managing smartly

One of the tricks of utilizing maximum space within the canopy is by adding lounge chairs instead of formal big tables and chairs. Allow people to casually walk in, sit and relax with a cup of cool iced tea, and checking out the products takes some time. 

If you allow people to relax, it is a natural trigger to make people have a good impression of the company and buy from you. But if you try to squeeze in the chairs, you won’t be able to accommodate many people. 

Height of the tent

The height of the canopies will also matter in determining the area in which the structure will stretch. N case of windy weather, you cannot stretch the fabric much as it will put the frame structures off- balance. 

  • The opening should be big enough to allow people to enter and exit easily.
  • The height should be sufficient to allow tall people inside without making them feel uncomfortable. 

Also, it’s best not to use the mobile kitchen under the canopy as it will be risky and also unnecessarily occupy some space.

Arrangement for tables

If you want to keep the tables for the ease of accommodating the guests, then two six-seater tables will easily fit inside the 10×10 canopiesNow, plan the arrangement of the chairs accordingly so that people don’t feel a clumsy way of seating inside the space.

Avoid clutter

Although the canopies are spacious, it all depends on how you are planning the spatial segregation and management. Choose the best customization for the tents so that the space will draw the attention of maximum visitors.

But be sure not to add clutter to the space. A neat and clean arrangement is better than trying to deck up the space with too many accessories, leading to a cluttered appearance. A well-ventilated space will be the focal point of the entire trade show.  Standard 10×10 canopies, Standard 10×10 canopies, Standard 10×10 canopies.