Who is Stephanie Hockridge?

Stephanie hockridge wedding, an Emmy-winning Caucasian television anchor and host, was born on March 29, 1991, in Dallas, Texas. She is arguably most known for her long tenure as an anchor and host on ABC’s 15th channel, which spanned nearly eight years, where she worked as an anchor and host (KNXV-TV). Since 2005, she has also enjoyed several notable accomplishments in her journalism career. Here Stephanie hockridge wedding will discuss.

Who is Stephanie Hockridge?

Stephanie Hockridge, ABC15’s writer and anchor, is available for Sunday and Saturday shifts. General Assignment Journalist and fill-in anchor, Monday through Friday, are just some of the roles she’s held in the past. She’s been chosen “Favorite Newscaster” by subscribers of Arizona Foothills Magazine for the past two years. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but transferred from the South on March 29, 1991.


A Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism was awarded to her at an unspecified time. She also attended Texas Christian University and the Ursuline Academy during her schooling. However, it is unknown what she accomplished there.

Beginning of career:

Before her first position in 2005 as a Charlottesville-based anchor at WCAV-TV in Virginia, where she was the primary anchor for weekday newscasts at 5, 6, and 10 p.m., there is no information about whether or not Stephanie had an internship. WDAF-TV in Kansas City (Missouri) hired her as an anchor and reporter in 2008 after working for the station for three years.

Principal fill-in anchor:

There, she was the principal fill-in anchor on weekdays and a general assignment reporter and the host of the Saturday and Sunday evening newscasts. After a three-year stay, she ultimately joined ABC 15, the media behemoth responsible for most of her fame and fortune, in 2011. Stephanie began her career at the station as an anchor and reporter, hosting newscasts.

Reporter on special projects:

She was based in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides filling in as the primary anchor on Sundays and Thursdays, she worked as a reporter on special projects and general assignments. Since 2014, she has only been able to work as an anchor on weeknights at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. Eastern. Today, she remains in this capacity.

¬†Stephanie Hockridge’s professional history of ABC 15 News:

KNXV-TV, an affiliate of ABC 15 News, now employs Hockridge as an anchor. Co-founder and Vice President of Communications & Investor Relations are just a few of the titles she holds. She formerly worked as a reporter and anchor for ABC15. She has been employed by ABC 15 News for seven and a half months and five days.

KNMU News and CBS News:

Hockridge was a member of the News at 10 p.m. anchor team alongside Katie Raml, Steve Irvin, and Amber Sullins. Virginia Tech and the I-64 Highway Shootings have made her a household name. Despite this, she has also worked for KNMU News and CBS News in the London bureau.

Is she concealing her boyfriend?

She’s a newscaster and the cuties thing on the planet, despite her notoriety and celebrity. She stated that the only things she is entitled to in her line of work are admirers and a boyfriend. Male admirers are drawn to her both for her looks and her work as an anchor. Even though she’s currently in a relationship, she gives her some suggestions to improve her online profile. Based on her Facebook profile, that is true.

Personal Life:

However, they are making an effort to conceal the fact that she is currently seeing Justin. A lot of information about her personal life and Stephanie hockridge wedding has not been made public. As a result of her inability to get married, she is searching for a divorced husband who is still in love with and caring for her. Every year, on March 29, she has a party to mark the occasion.

Status of Stephanie hockridge wedding:

She’s reportedly dating a guy named Justin, but she hasn’t confirmed the relationship and Stephanie hockridge wedding. Even if they are no longer together, it is suspected by fans at this time. As of right now, Stephanie is in a fulfilling relationship with no plans to start a family. On Stephanie’s Twitter, she said that she is engaged to her boyfriend and that Vince Marotta is very supportive. There have been many rumors regarding her connection with Marotta because of their prominent acquaintance.

Is there a reason why Vince was suspected before?

They became friends after challenging each other on a show called “Vinny Joe Trivia” on 98.7 Arizona Sports called “Vinny Joe Trivia,” and Vince later joked about proposing to Stephanie in a show called “What’s on Your Mind.” Stephanie was happy to join Vince in the joke and communicate with him on Twitter, as reported by arizonasports.com. As far as the public is aware, there is no romance between the two of them, albeit they are close friends.

How much money does Hockridge have?

With her salary, she has a significant amount of wealth. She is well-known in the media and has a net worth of more than $1 million, thanks to her $1 million salary. According to the wiki, as a Phoenix-based newscaster, she reportedly earned more than $100,000 in toys. As part of the “YourTurn Miracletreatday,” Hockridge and her claimed boyfriend purchased a “Blizzard and Dairy Queen” for a $1 donation to a local children’s hospital like PCH.


Stephanie’s height is known to be 5ft 8ins (172cm). However, her weight has yet to be revealed to the general public. Finally, we know that Stephanie’s hair and eyes are both a light shade of brown.

Before, why did Vince appear suspicious?

“Vinny Joe Trivia” on 98.7 Arizona Sports sparked a connection between Stephanie and Vince, who later appeared on a show called “WhatsApp Your Mind.” A declaration was made about ‘proposals.’ Jokingly stated that he could grow Stephanie into an even bigger person. With Arizona sports coverage of Stephanie’s Twitter antics, it’s clear that she has a great time with Vince. Stephanie hockridge wedding.

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