Use hand-picked dedicated servers & unblock streaming services

Streamjack with today’s Daily Deal, the Lifetime Subscription to StreamJack TV SmartDNS, you can watch and listen to your favorite shows and music whenever you want. This fast and dependable DNS service unblocks geo-restricted streaming services, allowing you to access video and audio content from anywhere on the planet. It also hides IP addresses and circumvents internet filtering. Click the link above for more information.


A ‘DNS’ is used by every device connected to the Internet, including yours, right now. Your IP address will be routed through StreamJack’s proprietary global DNS network if you use their DNS. As a result, your IP address will be hidden from prying eyes, and geo-restrict content will unblock. That’s correct; you can watch your favorite shows from any location on the planet—even the ones from Netflix.

StreamJack TV uses DNS:

You will be able to use spilling destinations without being obstructed. VPNs are slower. Using a trustworthy VPN is one of the ways to view gushing destinations. The best VPN providers provide a nice balance of speed and security. DNS is used by StreamJack TV, which is much faster than VPNs. The servers must be stable enough to allow gushing without any unpleasant separations. The Personal Streamjack Music Web site makes it simple to manage your music collection.  You may listen to your music collection from any computer with an Internet connection and a media player.

With Streamjack’s powerful encryption technology, you can keep your PC safe from unauthorized use. Everything in Streamjack Music is presented in a straightforward, user-friendly manner.

RealAudio audio files at a lower bit rate by using Streamjack:

Excellent MP3 software to go along with your WinAmp MP3 player or RealPlayer. RealJukebox, MusicMatch Jukebox, and WinAmp all benefit from Stream jack’s convenience and streaming audio capabilities. Your Streamjack Jukebox can hold an almost infinite number of songs.

Access to Netflix and other streaming services:

You can now binge-watch the most recent season of House of Cards from anywhere in the world! Subscribing to the entire panoply of premium TV channels is prohibitively expensive. Still, Stream Jack provides you unlimited access to Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime, Crackle, Funny or Die, Twitch, Vevo, and more, from wherever you are. Stream Jack TV respects your privacy by not logging your data on any device for any reason.

Pay gates and geo-restrictions:

With StreamJack TV, you can put pay gates and geo-restrictions behind you and enjoy complete digital privacy for a lifetime of peace of mind. TNW Deals is offering a lifetime subscription for only $29!

  • Enjoy a fast and dependable solution for streaming TV, listening to online radio, and more by circumventing internet restriction
  • Use hand-picked dedicated servers
  • Hide your IP address
  • Unblock streaming services
  • Rest confident that your activity will not log.
  • You can use any device to set it up


  • Linux, Chromebooks, and routers
  • Can be used on up to five devices at the same time.
  • License redemption deadline: 30 days after purchase
  • ‘Jacked’ Plan lifetime
  • Updates included Terms
  • StreamJack TV does not replace the requirement for a subscription streaming service
  • Instant digital redemption

DNS service has several advantages:

Using the DNS service has several advantages, which are listed below.

The following advantages are available to those who subscribe to the lifetime plan:

  • Streaming services unblocked
  • Protects the IP from any threat; allows bypassing censorship and viewing unrestricted content; prevents the central server from tracking the IP and its actions;
  • The IP address is kept hidden at all times. There is no need to react to the license.

$29 Lifetime Subscription to StreamJack TV SmartDNS:

You may easily install it yourself using guidelines from the provider’s main website or learn more about installing Stream Jack TV on specific devices here. Installation instructions for Stream Jack TV

  1. Install StreamJack TV on so many of the devices listed under Apple TV Routers.
  2. Computers, laptops, and Mac devices with Chromebooks
  3. iPhones and iPad
  4. Android phones and tablets

Ubuntu Linux Windows 10, 8, 7, XP:

Web control is bypassed. Complete control is one of the most appealing features of using StreamJack TV. It allows you to browse in complete anonymity. Surfing the web through standard channels exposes you to a world of flaws. Your data can be intercepted and inspected, or seen. Using a good VPN ensures that all of your data exchanges remain hidden from prying eyes, no matter how sensitive. The DNS benefit is the same way.

The best thing about StreamJack TV:

There are no activity logs. The best thing about Stream Jack TV is that there are no logs. It means that your workouts will not monitor in any way. VPNs that don’t keep records take complete anonymity into account. When asked, those having logs will hand over the sign-on areas of interest to the administration regularly.


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