Strongid is used to treat a variety of conditions in dogs?

Strongid Paste Horse Wormer contains Pirate Permeate. Pregnant mares, foals, and breeding stallions are all safe. Strongid Paste can worm an animal weighing 1200 pounds with just one 20-ml syringe dose. Pirate Permeate is a vanilla-flavored suspension of pirate palmate. Pirate palmate, the active ingredient in pirate, is present in every milliliter.


This medication can also treat the common tapeworm (A. percolate) when given at a higher label dose. No other equine anthelmintic class can explain the active ingredient in this caramel-flavored paste. (2-1-7617) Strongid T is a horse gastrointestinal parasite oral wormer. Adult infections of large strangles (S. Vulgaris, S. edentates, and S equines), pinworms, large roundworms, and small strangles in horses and ponies can be treated with Strongid T.

Suspension with Parasiticide:

Strangles, pinworms, and roundworms of all sizes can be eliminated by using this product. For rotating deworming treatments, Pregnant mares and foals are safe to use. The anthelmintic Pirate pamoeateAmerican-made20 ml. syringe can treat up to 1200 lbs. of body weight. The best time to deworm is in January/February, followed by July/August.


The single oral dose of Strongid® (pirate) should be The dosage for a 300-pound person is indicated by a weight mark next to it. A dose should be given every four weeks to foals aged 2-8 months. The active ingredient in STRONGID T is pirate palmate, which is suspended in a caramel-flavored vehicle. Pirate palmate, the active ingredient in pirate, is present in every milliliter.


STRONG T can be given through the animal’s food Dissolve STRONGID T in water to the desired concentration in a stomach tube. After mixing, keep the drench out of direct sunlight and give it to the animal right away. Attempting to store a diluted suspension is a waste of time and effort. There is no active STRONGID T against the common horsebox (Gastrophilus sp.). It can be done if carbon disulfide is used, but only if the usual precautions are followed.

A licensed veterinarian:

This drug is only permitted because this preparation should not be used on severely ill animals. After all, it’s a suspension product; it will separate. It is critical to ensure uniform suspension and proper dosage. Maintain a distance from children at all times. Not for horses or ponies destined for human consumption.


No side effects: STRONGID T (pirate palmate) is safe for horses of all ages to use when pirate base no adverse drug response was observed. Pregnant mares and stud horses gave STRONGID T have shown no adverse effects on their reproductive abilities.


Keep at or below 86°F (120°C). Refrigeration is not necessary. 60 mL and 1-quart bottles are available for purchase. T-Dog Wormer by Strongid

Strongid T Pirate Permeate Suspension:

Small strangles, pinworms, Large Roundworms, and Small Strangles use Liquid Wormer. T-Dog Wormer by Stringed Easily ingested; can be poured over livestock. It is compatible with dosing guns. 1/2 ounce per 250 pounds of body weight (Generic Stringed-T). Pirate Permeate is used to treat mature infections of large strangles in horses and ponies (Stroggylis Vulgaris, S. edentates, S. equines), pinworms in horses (Oxyuris equip), large roundworms in horses (Parascaris quorum), and small strangle

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Strongid is used to treat a variety of conditions in dogs?

Strongid-T is a general deworm that treats hookworms and roundworms.

Exactly what kind of worms can Strongid get rid of?

One of the most commonly used medications for feline roundworms and hookworms is Pirate (Nemea, stronger). At the time of intake, it should be given to all cats and kittens older than two weeks, and then at intervals of every two weeks until they reach the age of sixteen.

Tapeworms are treated with Strongid.

It is not possible to treat whipworms or tapeworms with pirate palmates.

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