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Texas right Epik ocean Brodkin: the anti-abortion group, Texas Right to Life, urged citizens to report those violators to a dedicated “whistleblower” website, promising to “ensure that these lawbreakers are held accountable for their actions.”. As of Sunday, that devoted website appears to have vanished from the face of the Internet.

Texas right epik ocean brodkin:

GoDaddy, the group’s web host, gave Texas Right to Life just 24 hours’ notice that its website would be taken down if it did not find a new home by Friday. New York Times and The Verge spoke with a spokesman who said, “We advised prolifewhistleblower that they had 24 hours to migrate to another provider for breaking our terms of service.”

By Friday evening, it seems to have found a new residence: A web service provider that helped save sites like Gab, Parler, and 8chan when other web service providers refused to take them has also been named the registrar and name server provider for prolifewhistleblower. However, even Epik may not be able to handle the site. It was reported to us by GoDaddy that we violated “several provisions” of our terms of service, including Section 5.2, which states:

Despite Epik’s efforts, the website was still experiencing difficulties. On Saturday morning, we noticed HTTP 503 error messages when trying to access it. Texas anti-abortion activists tried using Digital Ocean as a hosting provider first. Still, they may have run afoul of the regulations of that provider as well, as the site no longer appears to be housed there.

After a few days, the site had moved to BitMitigate, a host owned by Epik and promoting its “sovereign hosting” services for platforms under attack. The site would not even load for us by Saturday night, with an error message stating that we had “visited a blocked URL.” Daniel Prince, general counsel for Epik, told The Verge that the company advised Texas Right to Life that hosting the anonymous report form was against its terms of service.

Prolifewhistleblower now redirects to Texas Right to Life’s main website instead of a form that invites individuals to provide information about their neighbors, and the struggle appeared to be finished by Sunday morning. Epik has a lot of credit for convincing them to stop collecting anonymous tips and remove them entirely from the internet. That’s something we’re looking into with Texas Right to Life.

According to the New York Times, it had already been days since irate protestors had been bombarding the anti-abortion group’s website with false tips before the web provider scuffle, including at least one false accusation that Texas governor Greg Abbott himself had broken the law. As Motherboard reported Thursday, one TikTok activist has even written a software that can automatically send phony reports into the website’s tip box. He informed the New York Times that his automated programs had gotten over 15,000 clicks.

When Shoshana Wodinsky of Gizmodo suggested that activists protest by contacting GoDaddy and complaining about what Texas Right To Life was doing on Wednesday, I thought it would be great. According to the evidence, that’s what happened. Even while GoDaddy has played this role before, it’s not the first time a web hosting company has: On the other hand, Gab was able to return, as was Texas Right to Life for a brief period.


Texas right epik ocean brodkin recently passed a law making it illegal for anyone to assist pregnant women in getting an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest.