Why Breakroom SMASH*IT?

The break room: It’s a safe spot for you to equip and destroy equipment without worrying about the trash—an excellent place for loosening up energy, stress, and fun. At SMASH*IT Breakroom, we offer security equipment, a range of tools, and a room filled with stuff that you deem fit to smash. Whether you require destruction for pleasure, treatment, or for any other cause, we know that you are going to leave the face with a smile.

Fun, security, stress relief:

Our breakfast in Denver, Colorado, gives you all you need to relieve stress and have a great time. If you are ready to start breaking in, take the time to read our “What to Know” page to learn all you need to know before you arrive in your break room. Nothing is more satisfactory than the feeling that something is crushed and shattered into a million pieces.

Why Breakroom SMASH*IT?

Breakable products are including with every shopping. Large, spacious rooms. Multiple guests per room (up to 2). Group space and corporate destruction events. I located a neighboring rage room called The Wrecking Club after some immediate investigation. I planned with Tom Daly, the owner, and decided to work for a few hours on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

Music available:

Sustainable throw wall for object launch. Age 13 and up permitted. Welcome to Break Room LA. The spot where you may enjoy a great day, laugh, and make memories of your family and friends. Experience novel activities that you generally do not undertake in your daily life, which will make you feel durable.

Break Room LA:

We recognize how vital it is to provide a secure sanctuary where people may release everything inside. Whether you want to remove a flood of emotions or find new ways to have fun, we’ve got it all for you. Our activities may bring you all the excitement and more from $25 on.  So, what are you expecting? Now reserve your appointment. We will be happy to see you here at our site.

Have you ever been to BREAK?

We have a unique experience for friends, date nights, birthday parties, divorce, breakups, family entertainment, and weddings. Please choose from our Rage Room, Paint Splatter Room, Car Smash Room, and party room. Choose from Rage Room. The break room is your responsibility if you want to have fun or break out of your frustrations.

Have you ever had the impulse to break?

The Rage Room is a fantastic event where you may unleash your rage by smashing objects in a room. Have fun with your choice of weapons – hammers, golf courses, bats, crowbars, and much more. It’s the perfect chance to have fun, stress, and blow off steam. You can swing VCR tapes, blow the keyboards, or shatter the plates to the smithereens. Don’t worry about the aftermath — we’re cleaning up the damage post.

What’s the Break Room?

A break room (also known as a “rage room”) is a space specially intended for destruction! It’s a safe spot for you to equip and destroy equipment without worrying about the trash. You will give protective gear to wear, and your weapon of destruction will select. You’ll equip up, enter the Rage Room and break everything after selecting a range of smashable glass or electronic objects. Verily, I was apprehensive about giving a shot to a rage room.

How much does a room for rage cost?

The cost of one session varies on average between $25 to $245, depending on the type of goods you bash. I located a nearby rage room called The Wrecking Club after a brief search. The walls in the area are covered with metal, helping to set the entire loud, disruptive environment. I’ve seen two punching dolls in one corner and also a jack that let me connect my phone and blast the soundtrack to this journey.

Where can I get stuff smashed?

SmashLAB Rage Room Wollongong is the top rage room in New South Wales today and, whether it’s work, misuse, hubby, children, or even your ex-SmashLAB Rage Room Wollongong, you’ve been stressed out. For those without initiation, the fiery chambers are locations where guests may spend 15-30 minutes breaking goods such as glass plates, glasses, and flatscreen TVs with baseball pads, crowbars, and other tools that would otherwise damage them.

What is truly going to go down?

Upon arrival, Daly requested me to write in a waiver and stated that I should put on some gloves, goggles, and a casket before shattering items vigorously in the break room. Once I stood up, Daly led me into the actual smashing zone, passing buckets and buckets of stuff that would soon destroy. On average, one session costs between $25 and $245, depending on the type and quantity of goods you crush.

Break things:

I only took care to dismount the printer in front of me, hit the heck out of the innocent dummy, and have these plaques sing as they came across their doom against the wall. How precisely, on the smashing scale I was expected to go from 0 to 100, was beyond me. After some deliberation, I chose Spotify’s “alternative 10’s” playlist with the hope of an uplifting track from Strokes that would amplify and swing me.

Was there anything crucial?

The room was dusty and relatively bare-bones, like a dingy basement garage. Daly brought extra plates, crockery, and a printer before I started. I couldn’t get out of my brain before the break room. In retrospect, I know that I got away from being apprehensive about how I started breaking up completely. I spoke to Dr. Sarah Allen and Dr. Deborah Offner, who had their misgivings, for this answer.

Was I supposed to take a hammer and go there?

I walked through all my items, destroying every one of my concerns. I was so in love with the glass and random shards of ceramic spread around the floor that I didn’t notice the passage of time. If nothing was left to remove, I went away with glory—and a sense of relaxation, knowing that I could not clean up the mess.

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