Surprising Facts, St Helena offers a variety of activities.

“Things to do in St Helena” – Anonymous “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Travelling offers a myriad of benefits; it is both physical and spiritual nourishment. If you enjoy visiting unusual locations, you must understand how thrilling it is to be lost in the proper route. If you are a frequent traveler looking for the ideal vacation place, St. Helena is a good choice.

Are you still doubtful?

Continue reading to learn why having St Helena on your bucket list is a good idea: Before we get into the nitty-gritty of St. Helena, let’s brush up on our geography skills and learn about the location:

Take a look at the world map and zoom in on Napa County, California, where the lovely city of St Helena may be found. In the fourteenth century, Portugal discovered this city. The British held their convicts and significant political figures on this island because of its secluded location. Napoleon was exiled here as well.

In St Helena, what should you do?

Okay, you’ve finally packed your belongings and begun your trek to this wonderful location. What to do in St Helena is an obvious question that comes to mind. We offer some recommendations for things to do in St Helena. Begin your adventure from St Helena’s capital, Jamestown. Many hotels are available to make your stay more pleasant. Book a quality hotel and brace yourself for a famous welcome. Let’s have a look at some of St Helena’s most well-known sights.

Jamestown’s St Helena Museum:

This well-known museum is housed in an old warehouse. This museum is a nerd’s dream come true. Nothing compares to this location if you wish to learn about the island’s history. You may also learn more about the island’s natural resources at this museum. In this tourist attraction, curiosity meets spot discovery, and it’s a terrific place to learn about the past. Visiting the St Helena Museum can be a fun opportunity to immerse yourself in the past. If you’re looking for things to do in St Helena, paying a visit to this museum might be a good idea.

Silverado’s Stevenson Museum:

This museum is dedicated to the legendary novelist Robert Louis Stevenson’s memories. Many manuscripts and other artifacts are available to help you recreate the life of this renowned author. If you search for things to do in St Helena on Google, you will discover the Stevenson Museum at the top of the results.

The Longwood home of Napoleon:

Napoleon had spent the last several years of his life on this fabled Longwood estate. This location is a historical montage that allows you to get a glance at Napoleon’s life. The lush sights of a garden that surround this location will work as an eye tonic and refresh your tired eyes. This is one of the most well-known St Helena attractions.


Pride Mountain Vineyards is a family-owned and operated winery located:

St Helena California, shopping in st Helena, things to do in Yountville, hiking in St Helena, Yountville, Calistoga, Oakville, Rutherford, Angwin, napa. Visit this vineyard for a romantic date with nature. You can also indulge your senses by sampling wine here. Nature’s silence is more powerful than words here. Your soul will be rejuvenated by the hidden, quiet location. If you’re unsure what to do in St Helena, consider paying a visit to this winery for a truly divine experience. Read also: All about Rudy Bundini

St. Valley: Napoleon’s grave

Are you looking for things to do in St Helena? Consider paying a visit to Napolean’s mausoleum. The Sane Valley of St Helena is home to Napoleon’s tomb. A trip to this location will take you on an amazing journey through historical events.

National Park of Diana Peak:

If you want to see pristine verdant scenery, this is a terrific spot to go. Take selfies in the thick greenery and discover the different floras and faunas that this lovely location has to offer. This location is surrounded by fern trees and flowers. Indeed, nature is the key to life, and visiting this location to be immersed in the splendor of nature might be a fantastic choice.

Cellers’ mode of operation is as follows:

If you enjoy wine, there is no better spot to visit than this one. An hour can easily stretch into a day here, and you can sample some of the greatest wines available.

Waterfall in the shape of a heart:

The heart-shaped waterfall is one of a kind, and if you’re visiting St Helena, you must see it for yourself. The beauty of this location is heightened during the monsoon season. Visiting this place in June and July is a smart idea.

St Helena’s downtown

For shopaholics, downtown may be the finest option. There are many stores and shops to choose from to meet your various needs. Carry your debit and credit cards with you and shop to your heart’s content. La Bohème, Fideaux, Daily Clothing Boutique, Bespoke, and Amelia Claire are some of the most popular stores. These are just a few of the many establishments in Downtown St Helena that will provide you with a pleasurable shopping experience. Consider visiting this renowned retail centre if you’re seeking things to do in St Helena.

Gourmet hotspots on the island of St Helena

If you’re a foodie looking for mouth-watering delights, the establishments listed below are worth a visit.


If you enjoy organic foods, you should give this business a try. If you type “st Helena ca things to do” into your search engine, this location will come up first. Live music is also available here. It’s worth trying the cheddar biscuits with honey butter.

Tray for hamburgers:

Are you a burger aficionado seeking the ideal place to satisfy your cravings? Stop sweating it out and pay a visit to this incredible location. A blue cheeseburger, a green cheeseburger, and many other items on the menu are popular.

Meadowood’s Grill:

If you want to eat your cuisine while taking in the scenery, this is the place to go. Classic Wagyu burgers, crispy artichokes, lavender iced tea, and more are among the menu’s highlights.

Country of Wine:

Wine Country Public House should be on your list of things to do in St Helena. This rustic establishment will provide a variety of delights, such as duck fat fries, Goose and Gander burgers, and more.

Trips are supposed to be unforgettable, right? If you’re seeking an exotic vacation spot, you must go here without hesitation. This location is just wonderful in any season. If you’re seeking the greatest things to do in St Helena, consider going to one of the places listed above for a great trip. As a result, take a break from your routine. What’s more, guess what? You’ve earned it. Allow your soul and spirit to soar as you discover happiness on this planet.

St. Helena’s Attractions

Welcome to St. Helena, the traveler. Your journey has brought you to this point, and fresh adventures await you. Now that you’ve arrived, you have the option of remaining in the safety and security of your hotel and watching the world go by…or you can embrace this new location. Get to know the city’s streets. Meet the individuals who live there. Learn about its past. Isn’t your hand already on the doorknob?

In St. Helena, there are a variety of things to do.

Things to do in St Helena at night, things to do in Calistoga, things to do in Santa Rosa, shopping in st Helena ca. There are plenty of things to do in St. Helena. Look for museums and boutiques in the downtown area… or the next delectable dinner what piques your interest? A delicious five-course meal at the restaurant you’ve heard so much about? Perhaps you’d prefer to read the newspaper while sipping hot coffee in one of the town’s many cafes. Take in a show at the theatre or simply stroll down the main boulevard, people-watching.

Why waste time debating what to do in St. Helena? As you explore this new region, let the possibilities wash over you. Set out on foot to obtain a better understanding of the area. Find that perfect souvenir in one of the smaller boutiques, or rediscover your new favorite gallery and revamp your entire artistic taste.

Is the breeze whispering ideas into your ear?

Rent a car and head out into the wild blue yonder, far outside the city limits. Explore the smaller villages and cities beyond the border, and learn about the people and places that make them unique. As cotton candy melts in your tongue at a county fair, let childhood memories flow over you. Let the hustle and bustle of modern life sweep you away as you lose yourself in the organized chaos of a modern metropolis, or sample a hand-made jam at a forgotten highway rest stop. Your options are limitless, as are the adventures ahead.


You’ll never be far from St. Helena attractions when you book your trip with Travelocity. After all, the money you save when you book a vacation with us is best spent on the journey itself. Everything you need to get started, whether you want the roar of the city or the quiet tranquility of a smaller escape, is right here.


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