Kitchen of the Family, Bright and Hardworking.

This old house belmont: It wasn’t until August of last year that Katherine and Murat Bicer finally unloaded their belongings after purchasing the new home that they realized how much work needed to be done. The crew returned to three-story, 3,200-square-foot Queen Anne eight months later to complete the renovations.

Kitchen of the Family, Bright and Hardworking:

The family gathers around the marble-topped island in their newly remodeled kitchen, which is brightened by the addition of classic white cabinets, a wide bay window, and multiple lighting fixtures. In addition to its 8-foot length, the island features a broad dish storage drawer on one side and shallow shelves behind cabinet doors for dry goods on the other.

Kitchen designer Linda Cloutier:

That salvage store bin pulls were what Katherine needed for the cabinet drawers. In addition to architect Mat Cummings, kitchen designer Linda Cloutier and interior designer Amanda Reid worked on the project with the Bikers. The renovation philosophy is to keep the atmosphere of a bygone age yet make it usable for today. You may watch all the episodes of the show at once.

Kitchen-eating-mudroom space:

After the dust had settled, the Bicer home appeared to be a well-balanced mix of old and new. Essentials such as beams supporting a remodeled kitchen-eating-mudroom space covering the entire back of the house, new ductwork for heating and cooling, and a new copper water line from the curb to the house are largely covered.

Luxury Master Suite:

Full view of the house includes a new bay window in the kitchen that looks out onto the backyard; a new mudroom bumps out; a luxury Master Suite; fresh color palettes throughout; salvaged artifacts that Katherine and Murat find “good for the soul”; and a new color scheme inside and out.

Spectacular Foyer with a Personalized Touch:

The once dingy foyer has been transformed into a warm and welcoming space owing to the TOH TV crew’s handcrafted newel posts and custom wall paneling.

The Dining Rooms Disguised Storage:

There is a historic round table in the eating room, which Katherine purchased at an antique market, and a custom yellow floor cloth, which follows family tradition.

Stylish and Traditional Living Room Arrangement:

An old oak fireplace mantel adds character to the living room and dining room, separated by columned half walls in this old house, Belmont.

Attractive Fireplace:

Adding an antique mantel and a new colorful tile completely transforms the old gas insert in the dining area.

A Dramatic Powder Room in a Small Space:

In addition to the new toilet room, the whites, greys, blues, and lavenders of the living room drapery fabric helped set the whole house’s palette.

A Stained-Glass Window Shaped the Design:

In the first-floor powder room, the homeowner’s interior designer, Amanda Reid, says, “We wanted drama,” and she delivered with Farrow & Ball wallpaper, 8-inch hexagonal marble floor tiles, and house-original marble vanity. Mat Cummings was commissioned by newlyweds Murat and Katherine to design a powder room around the stained-glass window they acquired as newlyweds.

A Beautiful Mudroom to Calm the Chaos:

Removing shoes and boots will be a breeze in this sock-only household with the new back door’s built-in bench. In the Victorian era, hexagons were a popular tile design, but the 10-inch hexagonal porcelain tile was tough enough for a mudroom.

Incorporating an Extra Character by Exposing Shingles:

A fresh external paint scheme matched the shingled walls of the former sleeping porch.

Comfortable Master Suite:

Natural light floods the master bedroom, which also features a bay window and walls stenciled with a flower pattern in calming shades of mild lavender and grey.

Redesign of the Original Claw-Foot Bathtub:

In the master bathroom, a glass-walled shower, a marble floor, and a claw-foot tub with nickel-plated feet create a spa-like atmosphere.

Repurposed Flooring Finds a New Home:

The strip flooring from the old bedroom, converted into a master bath, was recovered by Tom Silva and his crew and utilized to patch floors throughout the house.

Adding a Pop of Color to the Kids’ Bath:

With a classic black-and-white theme, the children’s bathroom vanity and tile floor may grow with them. For the time being, the vibrant room features green, blue, and violet accents.

The Best Places to Work:

The home office is located on the third level, at the top of the stairwell. A right-hand third of the original Palladian-style window used to be walled off by a whole wall.

First Floor: Bumpouts for Easy Access:

Removing a stairwell wall that faced the front door gave the first floor a fresh look and felt, evoking the elegance of the Victorian era. With a bump-out in the driveway, the newly opened kitchen and dining space may be easily reached from there to this old house Belmont.

Is Ask This Old House responsible for covering the cost of remodeling?

It’s important to remember that the renovations on “This Old House” are entirely self-funded by the homeowners, even though the program does its best to coordinate product discounts and contributions. All donated goods are taxed as if they were given to the homeowner.

Gardens of this old house Belmont:

The gardens’ current layout dates from the 1790s, but the planting has changed significantly over the last two centuries. One can also find a pinetum and woodland regions and formal lawns, and a huge kitchen garden on the estate’s grounds. Our Meet, the Head Gardener tours is a great way to learn more about the gardens’ history and design.


There is a beautiful 18th-century house at the heart of Belmont, which commands spectacular views of both the surrounding estate and the rolling Kentish North Downs. This old house, Belmont, is filled with artifacts from the family’s travels and history. The estate’s grounds include the mansion, gardens, cricket pitch, orchards, and neighboring farmland and woodland, total more than 3,000 acres. This old house belmont, This old house belmont.

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