What Kind of Dog was Toto wizard of oz breed?

Toto wizard of oz breed from the 1939 classic film is the Wicked Witch of the West’s shriek, “I’ll get you, my darling — and your little dog, too!”  Many individuals say that Toto was a Cairn Terrier. Others believe he was a Yorkie. Therefore He is a made-up dog figure whose characteristics vary somewhat across adaptations of toto Wizard of Oz breed.


We only know a little about toto wizard of oz breed as we do some other renowned dogs, like Scooby-Doo or Lassie, since we only have a few novels and a handful of hours of film to evaluate the tiny pup. Based on this information, we may infer that Toto is small and dark with scruffy hair. He’s affable, but I wouldn’t trust him as a guard dog if he were prepared to hang around with notoriously evil witches. With this knowledge, we can safely remove any dog that weighs more than 20 pounds.

Looking Into Toto’s Lineage

It’s not easy to determine what breed of dog Toto was since he showed signs of being more than one. The Cairn Terrier that portrayed Toto in the classic 1939 film is perhaps the most recognizable depiction of the character.

A little remark regarding the movie Toto: A female Cairn Terrier named Terry was the actual canine in question. Not bad for a small dog, Terry earned $125 weekly for her performance, or roughly $2,300 in today’s money.

Are There Books After That?

Baum expanded his successful novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” into a series that now includes 15 books. Oz served as the backdrop for each of these. However, Baum does address Toto’s breed in the sequels: Toto, he states emphatically, was a Boston Terrier. Why? It’s never outright spoken. Baum made a snap judgment that Toto should be a Boston Terrier. That determination continued until the end of the series when Toto was again transformed into his mutt/Yorkie/Cairn Terrier ancestor.

The temperament of a Cairn Terrier

Like other dogs initially developed for hunting, Cairn Terriers are a small intelligent breed. For centuries, hunters have relied on Terriers to sniff out burrows of foxes and other small animals. Therefore Like other dogs initially developed for hunting, Cairn Terriers are a small intelligent breed. Terriers were originally used to aid hunters in tracking and killing small game, such as foxes in their dens. Originally from Scotland, these dogs are fantastic with kids and may even be kept as pets.

Varieties of Cairn Terrier Coats

Although small, Cairn Terriers typically have a prominent brindle pattern, for which they are famous. This design gives the impression of a series of stripes running through their coats, albeit it is somewhat faded and is only seen when the fur is raised. The color will typically change to black or silver as they get older.

Size and Weight of a Cairn Terrier

These canines often have small bodies, broad skulls, and a height and weight of 10 inches and 13 to 14 pounds. There is never any smoothness to their brindle coats.


Our final analysis is as follows: Toto Was a Prawn, Yorkie, Cairn Terrier, and Boston Terrier All at Once. It may be a cop-out, but if L. Frank Baum couldn’t make up his mind, then why should we? Toto was a brave and faithful friend to Dorothy when she needed one the most; hence his breed is less important than his actions. It may be sufficient to mention that Toto was an exceptionally well-behaved dog.


What Breed Is Toto?

Some people have speculated that because of his toto wizard of oz breed resemblance to that breed in Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Toto, the dog, was a cow.

In addition, there was no Toto since the initial producers needed help finding an actor who could fit into the Cairn terrier outfit.