Travis pastrana net worth of 2022.

Travis pastrana net worth: As of October 8, 1983, Pastrana was a year-old boy. His grandparents on his father’s side of the family are Colombian heritage. Alan Pastrana, Travis Pastrana’s uncle, was a quarterback at the University of Maryland from 1965 to 1968. The 19-year-old driver of a Corvette was critically injured near Davidsonville, Maryland, on June 11, 2003, after the vehicle crashed into a tree. Following are all about Travis Pastrana’s net worth and other details.

Travis Pastrana net worth of 2022:

Travis Pastrana’s net worth is $25 million as a racing racer and stunt driver. In addition to competing in supercross, motocross, and freestyle motocross, for his work in Monster Jam and NASCAR, he is well-known in the racing community as Travis Pastrana net worth is very high. Travis will only ride Suzuki motorcycles for the rest of his life because he is a Suzuki fanatic.

Biography of Travis Pastrana:

Born in the United States on October 8, 1983, Travis Pastrana is a well-known American motorcycle racer. Rally racing, supercross, and freestyle motocross legend with ten X Games gold medals under his belt. The zodiac sign Travis Pastrana falls under is Libra, according to astrologers.

Facts about life:

Imposing in stature and dashing in appearance at the age of 36, Travis is still going strong. According to astrology, the stuntman is a Libra. We also know that those born under this sign are charming, diplomatic, fair-minded, and passionate at six ft. 2. Pastrana also weighs roughly 88 kg. His 40-32-14-inches frame is well-maintained and fit; his shoe size is 12. (US). Not to mention, he has lovely and lovable features like short black hair and brown eyes.


Travis was already performing acrobatics in motocross racing when he was 13 years old. AMA 125cc National Champion in 2000. He began competing at top levels at the age of 17. In his debut year of racing, Travis won the Northeast Supercross National title and the 125cc Rose Creek Invitational. In 2002, he was already competing in the 250cc class.

Other interests:

On September 26, 2007, Pastrana performed a well-orchestrated stunt by jumping from an airplane above Arecibo, Puerto Rico, without a parachute. He joined forces in-flight to land safely with the other jumper and strapped himself into a harness. Due to its illegality, he “got into a lot of difficulties.

Two-wheeled off-roading

When Travis was 13, he became the first person to undertake stunts in motocross racing and lead the sport’s Freestyle Motocross movement. He has won three Motocross championships. National AMA 125cc Championship in 2000. In 2000, Pastrana competed in the Motocross des Nations, as well. The Red Bull Straight Rythm Competition was his next stop.

The X-Games:

In 1999, Travis was the first X Games MotoX Freestyle champion. Between 2001 and 2004, he became winning four gold medals. His sixth FMX gold medal in 2006 was when he achieved this milestone.


During the 2011 Toyota All-Star Showdown, Travis made his NASCAR debut. After being injured at the X-Games, he could not compete in the National Wide Series that year. Travis made his NASCAR debut at the 2012 Richmond 250, where he finished 22nd. In the Camping European Truck Series in Las Vegas, Pastrana finished 15th.


At the 2004 Race of Champions, Travis made his rallying debut as a Subaru-sponsored Montpelier Lamborghini rally squad. Racers are racing cars that compete in a variety of events.


Travis’s achievement resulted in a new global height record of 269 feet, surpassing the previous 171 feet achieved by another athlete. In September of the same year, he made a record-breaking ascent of Mountain Washington in his car. The Daytona 24 Hours was another highlight for him, as he competed in the GT class for AF Waltrip and ended up in 22nd place.

Attractions at Nitro World:

Nitro World Games was launched in 2015 by Pastrana and Nitro Circus CEO Michael Porra. It was officially confirmed at a 2016 Rice-Eccles Stadium event, which was later relocated to the Utah Motorsports Campus in 2018. There are also annual extreme sports competitions such as the Nitro World Games, which feature Freestyle Motocross and FMX Biggest Trick and the Best Tricks in BMX and BMX Triple Jump.


The stunts Travis Pastrana has pulled off in the past have been nothing short of amazing. After that, he met up with another skydiver in mid-flight and attached himself to them using a harness. After that, they were able to safely land thanks to a parachute. Because this action is forbidden, Pastrana may have faced legal ramifications.

Travis Pastrana’s social media footprint:

In terms of social media, Travis is an expert. He uses a variety of social media sites to keep his followers up to speed on both his personal and professional life. Pastrana has a large following on social media, having over 3.9 million Instagram followers and 833.6K Twitter followers.

Vermont SportsCar rally:

Subaru signed Pastrana for its Vermont SportsCar rally team in 2004, and he began racing there the following year. His rallying career began with the Race of Champions in 2003. 2006 saw the formation of Subaru Rally Team USA with Christian Edstrom as co-driver and Pastrana at the wheel once again.


Injuries have sidelined Travis pastrana net worth for several weeks or even months at a period in the past. The patient suffered a dislocation spine, burst knee ligaments, and menisci, nine treatments on the left knee, six procedures on the right knee, and was hospitalized, and one knee injuries that resulted in the only metal in his entire body are among the many injuries he has sustained. Despite all things, Travis pastrana net worth is 25$ million dollars.Travis pastrana net worth.

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