Here is everything to know about Tremenheere sculpture gardens!

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens are one of the newest gardens in Cornwall, and they are also one of the most stunning. The natural forest and the breathtaking valley below provide a striking backdrop for the exotic and subtropical plants grown in this 20-acre area. Guests will be able to make use of a museum, a café, and a variety of lovely picnic areas while they are on the premises. Let’s discuss a little more about Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

Wilderness and plant life:

This portion of the gardens seems more natural than the rest due to the tree ferns thoughtfully interspersed among the native ferns and mosses. The Royal Academy of Art grounds have five sculptures, all of which were produced by members of the Academy.


This museum, which has the most impressive collection of artwork in Cornwall, is housed in a series of aesthetically pleasing and generously proportioned buildings made feasible by wood. The Newlyn Society of Artists, a community-based arts group, may have an exhibition in an unusual setting. 2017. This endeavor was directed by Seymour Tremenheere, the last surviving member of the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens family, who had governed the valley since the 13th century.

Arouse one’s curiosity and attention:

Even though it has a lot of desirable characteristics, it is impossible to implement it from an implementation viewpoint. Seller may sell hardback volumes of Ian Penna’s “The Restless Temple” and “Skip of Light” next to the parking lot. These pieces of art provoke introspective thought and evaluation on a deeper level. Several renowned artists, like James Turrell and David Nash, have collaborated with the Garden to create permanent works sympathetic to the surrounding landscape. Dogs are permitted with leashes.

Peace-promoting Website:

Royal Academy of Arts alumni James Turrell, David Nash, and Richard Long have all produced works that harmoniously blend with their natural environments. Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams, and pushcarts cannot traverse the area due to the rounded nature of the terrain. The adventure map will be a hit with kids as they look for animals, and the park will be fun for families. As part of the hotel’s track and trace system, Tremenheere Kitchen will want your contact details to provide you with the best service possible.

Beautiful scenery:

The modern artwork that has been put everywhere over Tremenheere Gardens helps to highlight the distinctive personality of the area. The beauty of the location has been enhanced by the contributions of two artists, David Nash and James Turrell, who have created permanent works of art. Although the valley’s vegetation has been there since the 1830s, I have my doctor, Dr Neil Armstrong, to thank for much of the valley’s present appearance.

The Tremenheere Kitchen:

The Tremenheere Kitchen, with its stunning views of Mount’s Bay, is open for lunch and dinner and grants guests entrance to the property. Have fun people-watching while you chow down. Sculptors James Turrell RA and Royal Academician David Nash RA are just two artists who have collaborated with gardens to create permanent pieces perfectly suited to the environment. There’s no better place to be inspired and motivated to develop than amid peaceful, flowering nature.


Artworks included here are often designed with transience and temporary display in mind. Every time you visit, you can count on the Café to provide you with a delicious handcrafted meal, snack, or drink created with only the finest local and seasonal ingredients. The bayside setting is perfect for leisure, lunch, or afternoon tea. The woodland garden’s elevated pathways spanning the several ponds starkly contrast with the park’s well-maintained grass. You can’t book a time to see the sculpture gardens in advance. You’re welcome to wait in our garden ticket shelter.

Presence of POODLES:

The presence of POODLES in the backyard is just fabulous. Tremenheere Kitchen’s outside patio is pet-friendly as long as your pet is on a leash. Waste from pets may be disposed of in designated garbage cans throughout the property. Utilize them. Avoid bringing glass containers to the garden. Please find out more about our drop-off and parking options tailored to persons with disabilities. Information about our James Turrell Skyspace at Dusk events will be posted on our website and Facebook page as it becomes available.

Gift cards for a botanical garden:

Gift vouchers for the garden entrance may be purchased in any quantity. Send an email to hello tremenheere with the voucher value, the recipient’s mailing address, and a note specifying whether payment should be made through bank transfer or credit card (over the phone). Unfortunately, Tremenheere Kitchen gift certificates are not redeemable in the garden. After a rain, parks get muddy, so be prepared with sturdy footwear—Michael’s Mount. If you are interested in having an authentic subtropical experience, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is an excellent location to visit.

Restaurant with accessible access:

A picnic in the garden seems like a great idea. Choosing a picnic spot in the garden is easy since there are a few different spots. Please ask the front desk for help finding them on our map. The area around Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Kitchen, including the parking lot and plaza, is adorned with sculptures, Restaurant with accessible access. Events, exhibitions, and lectures that will be coming shortly are all mentioned here. It is located in a valley that provides protection from the elements and gives views of Mount Bay and St.

How amazing are GARDENS?

These 70-meter-high gardens have winding paths and stairways that lead up to the terraces from ground level. The problematic walk is worth it for the beautiful sight of Mount Bay and St. Michael’s Mount. Several benches have been strategically placed along the trail for walkers to rest and take in the scenery. The gardens’ steep topography and natural curves, which rise to 70 meters above sea level, make it difficult for guests with mobility problems to explore the area. The inclines are too steep for strollers, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters.


Visit Cornwall and make a pit stop at the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, located not far from Penzance. This garden in west Cornwall spans 22 acres and is home to a variety of tropical and subtropical plants and animals. This picture-perfect valley is characterized by its abundance of lush vegetation, tranquil streams, and stunning panoramas. The art installations dispersed across the grounds provide opportunities for introspection and creativity.


Is it possible to bring a dog to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens?

Tremenheere Kitchen’s outside patio is pet-friendly as long as your pet is on a leash. Waste from pets may be disposed of in designated garbage cans throughout the property. Utilize them.

Where can I locate a sculpture garden in Cornwall, and who owns it?

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall are tucked away in a wind-protected valley and provide stunning panoramas of St. Michael’s Mount. Large-scale exotic and subtropical plants would grow in the valley’s woodlands, along its stream, and in front of its pretty pictures.