What is Crib Bumper?

Vertical crib bumpers: The purpose of crib bumpers is to keep babies from getting their heads or limbs stuck between the crib’s slats. However, they have the opposite effect. Crib bumpers are often discouraged as a safety measure by experts. Using a vertical crib bumper poses no suffocation or strangulation risk because the zipper on each handrail of the sheer crib liner is below the crib mattress.

What is Crib Bumper?

Cradle bumpers were created to keep babies’ limbs out of the crib’s slats and protect them from hitting their heads on the hardwood. Crib bumpers, according to several health organizations, have no proven ability to prevent injuries. You can be sure that if your baby’s leg or arm does become caught between the crib slats, they will either try to free it or make a lot of noise to draw your attention.

Crib Bumpers: Why Are They Dangerous?

Recent research shows that the annual rate of mortality linked to crib bumpers has nearly tripled since 1990. Entrapment, strangling, and suffocation were the methods employed to kill these people. Babies can suffocate if their faces are too close to the pads on their crib bumpers, made of a non-breathable material.

Vertebral Crib Bumpers for Pure Safety:

The high-density foam used in the Pure Safety vertical crib bumpers is free of BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead. There are 38 liners in total. For the crib bumpers, you have a choice of polyester or organic cotton. Vertical Crib Bumpers from Pure Safety are the ONLY safest option since they allow for airflow, reduce entrapment, and allow for climb-outs.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use vertical crib bumpers?

There is no need for crib bumpers unless your infant hits their head on the crib railing and becomes injured. You can use safe crib bumper alternatives like vertical crib bumpers when your baby can turn her head from side to side if you tickle her nose or something bothers her. Only vertical crib bumpers can be used safely from newborn to toddler age.

What Age Can You Use Cot Bumpers Safely After 12 Months?

There is a potential for death or serious injury while using a cushioned cot bumper.  The vertical crib bumper is the only safe cot bumper for a 1-year-old. To prevent your 1-year-old from climbing out of the crib, attach one to each crib guardrail.

What Else Can Use as vertical crib bumpers in Its Place?

The use of traditional padded crib bumpers poses major suffocation, strangling, entrapment, and fall risk for your infant and should avoid if your kid does not require one. Safe crib bumper options like vertical crib bumpers or mesh crib bumpers can help if your baby is injuring herself or getting their limbs trapped between the crib railing and their sleep is seriously disturbed.

Vertical Crib bumpers have both Porn and Cons:

Even though crib bumpers intend to keep babies safe and provide parents with some peace of mind, numerous studies have shown that crib bumpers can actually be damaging to babies and even are life-threatening.


Many parents choose a crib bumper because they believe that the slats of the cot can create a dangerous situation where the baby’s arms or legs become caught. Vertical crib bumpers protect a baby from accessing the slats, but many experts think that this benefit of crib bumpers does not outweigh the dangers of suffocation that they provide to a baby in their crib.

Cuddly & Comfortable:

Most parents believe that a crib’s hard, solid walls are unsuitable for babies and prefer to place them in a quiet, cozy atmosphere. These soft cushioning crib bumpers keep the baby safe from harm when it bangs against the crib’s sides.


Bumpers for cribs can enhance the aesthetics of a nursery while also serving a functional purpose. Adding these to a cot can keep it from looking cold and stark, and they may use in conjunction with other soft furnishings in the room to create a stylish nursery that parents and babies will enjoy.

Drafts are halted because of this.

It’s especially important to use crib bumpers if the crib is near a door or window where cold draughts enter the room. They can assist keep babies warm by blocking the gaps between the crib bars. The crib bumper prevents the baby’s body temperature from fluctuating, which is important for their safety.


Risk of Suffocation:

It’s common knowledge that using a pillow while holding a baby is dangerous since the baby’s face could be forced against the cushion, obstructing their airways and causing them to suffocate. Because a crib bumper is essentially a pillow wrapped around the mattress’s edge, it poses a serious suffocation hazard.

To help you climb, here are some climbing tools:

A crib bumper can serve as a step up for a baby who is 9 to 12 months old and can support themselves up to a standing posture before climbing out of the crib. It is a safety concern because if they fall from the top of the crib, they could get wounded.

Risk of strangulation:

Long fabric ties or ribbons are commonly used to fasten crib bumpers, and these are then tied in a knot or bow for safety. Alternatively, it could become tangled around an extremity and shut off blood flow.

SIDS Risk Is Increasing:

Parents fear SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when they have a child. As a result of research showing a connection between crib bumpers and an increased risk of SIDS, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents not to use crib bumpers for their children. The use of a crib bumper has caused major injury or death in hundreds of children since 1985.

Vertical crib bumpers that Go Up:

Individual rail coverings, such as vertical crib bumpers, are the safest alternative on the market. Pure Safety vertical crib bumpers are the best option if you want a padded crib bumper to protect your baby from being hit in the head. In comparison to any other crib liner or breathable mesh liner, this rail cover does not block the rail gap and provides the best level of airflow and carbon dioxide dispersion rate for each crib railing.


If you decide to go that route, the vertical crib bumper is my top pick for a safe crib bumper. After all, your primary concern should be the well-being of your child. Finally, the ropes that hold the bumper to the crib can come undone, putting the child in danger of being strangled. Most parents will steer clear of baby bumpers after reading these horror stories.

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