Virtual Reality In Healthcare: Meet Your New Physical Therapist.

Virtual Reality In Healthcare: Technology trends in healthcare take a big rising momentum which transforms and automates the healthcare industry as never before. This is a case for physical therapy too, which is one of the best health solutions for people experiencing body movement issues and muscle weakness.

Physical therapists are here to guide the patients through the recovery process, offering different in-person exercises and consultations for faster recovery without any surgery. But now, the whole process is way more simplified thanks to virtual reality and the chance for better healing from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Reality In Healthcare- Virtual reality for physical therapy

If this is your first time hearing about virtual reality, it’s a modern technology that creates a 3D effect of your body movements, visually registered on the VR headset for complete movement mirroring. There are different virtual reality systems for physical therapy provided by many clinics which allows you to connect with the physical therapist online and take your therapy season without going to the hospital.

Also, many clinics provide you with VR headset and equipment which is included in your health insurance. But despite that, such physical therapies are not recommended for kids younger than 12 years and people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.

Attending your first VR physical therapy

Before you connect with your therapist online and start your VR physical therapy session, make sure you have a stable internet connection for a stable video call using your laptop or smartphone. Your physical therapist may ask you to download a video conference platform that is used in your chosen clinic for an online connection with the patients. During the video call, make sure that your camera has a good recording angle, so your physical therapist can monitor your body movement without problems.

When you are all set, put on the VR headset and listen to your therapist for instructions. Your clinic will provide you with VR treatment rooms and applications for your physical therapy where you will be required to do specific exercises and body movements. The physical therapist will monitor your movements and give you proper instructions on how to handle all difficulties during the session. Keep in mind that for some exercises you will need additional assistance equipment, like fitness weights, a chair, the wall in your room, and others. At the end of the therapy session, your physical therapist will give you a report related to your exercises and advice for a more effective recovery process in the future.

Benefits of VR meeting with your physical therapist

Virtual reality is a life-changing technology in the healthcare industry. There are many benefits of meeting a physical therapist virtually:


  • You save time. Healing with virtual physical therapy means staying in the comfort of your home and doing all necessary exercises for your recovery. It saves a lot of time because you don’t travel to the hospital every day, but meet your physical therapist online and do everything virtually. Use the saved transportation time to keep your focus on your recovery process to make significant progress on your sessions.


  • You are having a one-on-one meeting with the therapist. All VR physical therapy sessions are one-on-one with your doctor and 100% focused on your recovery. VR allows the whole healing process to be fully personalized from the aspect of communication, exercises, and monitoring, as well as individual consultations for your further recovery.


  • You can afford it. Such physical therapy is an affordable healthcare service for all people with body movement issues. Every clinic that provides VR physical therapy services delivers the VR headset and additional equipment to their patients during the recovery process for free.


  • You will have fun. Imagine having fun in your sessions while recovering yourself from health issues. It’s fully possible because doing proper exercises in a virtual reality environment makes the whole recovery process fun and engaging. You will be included in entertaining games and activities through the VR headset while effectively increasing your recovery progress.


Physical therapy is the best solution for many people with difficulties in their body movement and muscle weakness.

VR physical therapy lets you meet your physical therapist online and perform specific exercises using a VR headset for it. It’s all done from your home and your doctor can track your progress without going to the hospital. Such therapy will help you achieve better results faster and make the whole process more enjoyable than usual. Virtual Reality In Healthcare, Virtual Reality In Healthcare, Virtual Reality In Healthcare, Virtual Reality In Healthcare.