What beats secret paladin?

What beats secret paladin? Secret Paladin was introduced in the Forged in the Barrens expansion as a familiar face with a new look. The majority of the time, Paladin Secrets were either a meme or extremely strong. To “extract” the secrets from the deck and cast them all at once, the deck uses Sword of the Fallen, allowing it to move aggressively to pressure the opponent while building the board simultaneously.

What beats secret paladin?

Minimal power sacrifice is critical for early game success in control strategies. A card that is good versus angry but not useless against control is what you’re looking for. As the game progresses, cards like Mana Wyrm and Twilight Whelp gain precedence over Zombie Chow, whose value decreases exponentially.

Hunter and Secret Paladin:

Face Hunter and Secret Paladin benefit from the 1/1 tokens they can produce on the first turn. In addition to taking down most two-drops from Mage and Paladin, you can also back them up with a Hero ability. In addition, the ability to employ Living Roots as a form of removal in the later stages of the game, especially with the addition of Azure Drake’s spell damage, is crucial.

The Flame Druid:

That is what I meant when I said the Wall of Mulch was a modernized version of the old-school Taunt Druid. To put it simply, Druid of the Flame is a superior Harvest Golem to its predecessors. Turning one Innervate target against angry is a wonderful way to smooth out the curve of your curve. Wild Growth can be coined and followed by a powerful three-drop, as well.

Farseer of the Earthen Ring:

Like Druid of the Flame, Earthen Ring Farseer is a solid three-drop that can help you solve your curve. His healing Battlecry is always relevant because the deck concentrates on Taunt. At the very least, he will keep your Druid of the Claw or Sludge Belcher alive if he isn’t saving your life and must learn about what beats secret paladin.

Powered Shredder:

What beats secret paladin? There is a matter of disagreement here: why not Sen’jin Shieldmasta instead of Piloted Shredder in the staple list? Despite the deck’s emphasis on taunt minions, there is a limit to how many you may have. As a result of Taunt, your minions can have a greater influence on the board, but you can also control how your opponent attacks and defend your Hero and non-taunt minions simultaneously. Sen’jin is both clumsy and needless in this situation. Piloted Shredder’s sheer value outweighs him as a viable option.

The azure dragon:

However, Azure Drake is rarely seen in more defensive lists despite its popularity in Combo Druid because it is a bad pick when you are already behind the opponent. Keep the momentum going with the Azure Drake, but a five mana 4/4 isn’t much of a threat on the field. We can only afford to learn what beats secret paladin?


That’s because it’s always having an effect. The first time I replaced Thaurissan with a Sunwalker, I fell in love with the game all over again. I don’t miss them at all. Sunwalker has a solid track record against the classes this deck aims to take down. Hunter, Priest, and Paladin are three examples.

The Age of Battle:

Ancient of War, As a result, it is extremely vulnerable to the effects of silence, equality, the shadow word: death, and execution. Such a high-priced item can’t replace so quickly. The reason we are only operating one is because of this.

Awkward card:

There are two reasons for this. First, you’ll never need two in a game. As long as your Ancient of War isn’t instantly responded, you’re likely to win the battle. Get the most out of your single copy and avoid being pulled down by two, as I’ve learnt through Quartermaster.

The Secret Paladin’s Key Cards:

A second one is unnecessary, and you won’t ever want to have two in your hands. In addition, aggro opponents’ Ironbeak Owls will be exhausted before the seventh turn due to the abundance of taunt in this deck. Because of this, your one Ancient has a high chance of avoiding removal and retaining his body thanks to Sunwalker and other meaty minions.

The First Day of Class:

This modest card is your most crucial piece of equipment during the mulligan and initial few turns of play. One-cost minions are a godsend, and you can get mulligan more aggressively with this in your hand because you don’t need to keep 1-cost minions in your hand with this in your deck.


Again, Crabrider is a crucial card in the Meta. A 2-cost minion with Rush, Windfury, and 4 HP is too fantastic to ignore in a deck with a lot of early-game boosting. To draw and play secrets from your deck, as well as a small bit of damage with your hero, the Sword of the Fallen is a key component of the deck’s strategy. In any case, to learn from what beats secret paladin.

Adding Kazakus:

Golem Shaper to your deck is a smart move, as it removes the need to run any 4-drops and frees up space in your deck for some late-game threats. You get a 3/10 with pseudo-Charge in the deck, as well as the ability to play it for free if it’s drawn. For the foreseeable future, a lot of decks will rely on this.

The Ogremancer:

The Ogremancer is a good 5-drop that delays your opponent’s spell-focused rounds or mitigates their use of removal spells, even though it is primarily included as a tech choice versus Mage. You can secure your board with Divine Shield and Taunt while drawing the biggest minion in your deck with Deathrattle with Taelan Fordring’s 5-drop, even though it’s only a 3/3.

Mid-game threat Hammer of the Naaru:

The deck’s second weapon. It can be difficult to deal with a 3/3 weapon while summoning a 6/6 Taunt-equipped body, but it can also protect your other minions. As a finisher, Alexstrasza the Life-Binder can also be utilized to remove late-game taunt minions, allowing you to keep up the pressure on your opponent.


A couple of mid-game threats are included in the deck, despite its focus, to extend the game. Even the new Alexstrasza the Life-Binder may be used as an 8-damage burst finale by Ogremancers, Kazakus, Golem Shapers, and Hammer of the Naaru and learn about What beats secret paladin? What beats secret paladin? What beats secret paladin? What beats secret paladin?

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