What does strike the last word mean?

Strike the last word meaning is not as simple as it sounds. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the literal meaning is to influence anyone through decisive action or impressive words that affect the audience very much. On the other hand, the word strike is also defined to deal a blow or hit to anyone. In actuality, the phrase is among Congress’ influential words, which means to allow any member of the committee to discuss any plan or amendment for more time. So, in actual if it is asked that “what does strike the last word mean,” you would term it as a phrase of the whole committee, which allows the member of the committee to debate more.

Here is a prominent example to explain, move to strike, the last word means. In 2019 when congress suggested two articles of impeachment against Trump, this term, ‘I move to strike the last word’ was used repeatedly there. Thus, the move to strike the last word meaning was evident in that debate, which means having extra time to debate. So, it is a technical method of performing a specific task in Congress.

Literal and Contextual Meaning:

The literal meaning of the word Strike is to affect or hit someone. The word is extracted from German Striken or Strachan, the classic English word. The purpose of classical English is to begin or move. So, if you strike anything, you move it forward. What does strike the last word mean as simple as the meaning of striking is? It is the moving or proceeding of the ongoing debate. This phrase has been used multiple times in the House Judiciary Impeachment markup hearings. That is why many listeners think and ask what strike the last word mean. So, to clear the ambiguity of the listeners, this article has enough explanation.

What is the Phrase Strike the Last Word Meaning?

It is one of the impressions of Congress or technical actions taken by members of the committee. After being used in the House Judiciary Committee, the phrase, ‘I move to strike the last word’ or Strike the last word meaning was used many times so every person could get enough time to argue for the amendment bill. In this regard, the research institute of Congress also issued a report that suggested a proper House Floor rule.

In clause 5(a) of that rule, it is stated that each member who will offer any amendment will get 5 minutes to elaborate it. Then, that person will be allowed to debate in opposition to the amendment by saying the sentence, “I rise in opposition to the amendment.” After this, additional 5 minutes would also be given to them. So, collectively Ten minutes is allowed for discussing one suggested amendment while members are given extra minutes by using the ‘Pro Forma’ scheme. So, in this way, the words, “I move to strike the last word,” came; this gave other members of the committee additional time to speak.

Who initiated the terms Strike the Last Word Mean?

This term has been used many times in Congress meetings. Thus, Congress Research Institute has termed ‘Strike the last word’ mean or ‘move to strike the last word’ mean like one of the essential phrases of the Amendments Types. In those Clauses, there is a Pro Forma Amendment that allows a committee member to debate for five minutes on any amendment he has made. So, this is one of the essential and repeated phrases you will listen to in any congress meeting or committee of the whole.

Pro Forma Amendment:

An amendment is a change in any bill presented or going on in congress. The amendment enables to replacement of the whole account. Committee members give their specific agendas and suggestions to amend any underlying bill in the Congress meeting. For this purpose, there is a formal procedure to have a proper debate on any legislation. Pro Forma Amendment is an action in which a member gets 5 minutes to debate for an amendment. Then they get recognition from the Chair by stating the term, “Strike the last word.” So, if someone asks what does strike the last word mean,you can explain it thoroughly.

Nature of the ‘Move to Strike last’ mean:

The question in your head, what does strike the last mean, has a simple meaning: allow someone to speak and influence others through one’s suggestion. In the formal meeting of the Congressional Committee, this act is called the Pro Forma Amendment, which gives a member of the committee 5 minutes to debate. It is a straightforward procedure, so it does not need any vote, or it is also unable to amend any clause in the meeting. It is automatically withdrawn after completing those additional 5 minutes in the debate. There are other amendments or substitute amendments that bring changes to the bill.


You have come across the phrase of moving to strike last, and you would wonder what strike the last word mean. Here is a simple explanation of this term in this informative article. The actual meaning of this phrase is to allow or give a five-minute time to anyone to speak. This term is, in short, a term used in Congress in which members of congress lay down their essential amendments in the meeting through these words.

This discussion on any amendment is also called the Pro Forma amendment. Members get 10 minutes to represent their amendments. Five minutes are given to present the changes. Any other five minutes are given for a debate on it. On the other hand, when a committee member uses the term, ‘I move to strike the last word,’ they are given extra 5 minutes to argue on that suggestion. Thus, in this way, many members of Congress use this phrase in a meeting. What does strike the last word mean? What Does Strike the Last Word Mean?

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