What happened to yamimash?

Two pastimes that have grown into a major industry since their early beginnings are playing and watching online games. It’s not uncommon to hear of people who made millions playing internet games. yamimash was a well-known gamer on YouTube. In 2009, he began posting movies online and quickly gained a large following. Controversy erupted in early 2016. After this, his fame began to dwindle until it was practically non-existent. What happened to yamimash in early in 2017.

About Yamimash:

Aaron Ash, better known by his moniker Yamimash or Yami, was born in Warwick, England, on August 25, 1991, and is 28 years old. “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” “Slender,” and other popular video game titles have made him a popular YouTuber, vlogger, and professional gamer. In 2009, he began posting videos of himself playing God of War 3. In the end, he decided to add Call of Duty to his gaming repertoire.

Personal life:

When Yamimash started making videos, he was not a big fan of remarks. Thus he didn’t include any. When the industry began to change, he decided to give it a go, which worked out well for him. When it comes to his private life, Yamimash prefers to keep things private. However, it is known that he was in a relationship with a woman named Jessica from mid-2013 till the end of 2017. He is now reported to be unmarried. His home is still in the town he grew up in.

Those who worked with him:

In 2012, Yamimash sought to expand his business beyond the two-game channel he had previously established. When he started playing other games, his popularity skyrocketed. Slender, Dream of the Blood Moon, White Noise, Hotel 626, MAZE, and other horror-themed games were still his favourite genres despite an increase in the number of games he participated in.

Yamimash’s gameplay:

It’s not just terrifying games that Mash, as his fans lovingly refer to him, enjoys playing. Minecraft and Pokémon are just a few of the games he’s covered in his video game library. On the other hand, practically all of Yamimash’s gameplay includes Facecam. However, he has collaborated with some of his fellow YouTube gamers on a few occasions.

Horror game Send:

He and his best friend, Edge, have worked together on several occasions. For the game Bloody Trapland, they recorded a total of 20 video episodes. They also worked together on a YouTube series in which they took on the role of Slendytubbies in the horror game Send. Terraria’s two-episode collaboration with them was brief.


His pal Shane, also known as AaroInTheKnee, has also worked with Yamimash on several projects. yamimash used to share a room with him. It isn’t the first time they’ve played games together. His 50-video Minecraft series with AaroInTheKnee is the longest he’s ever put online. One of their other friends, who was also a horror gamer, joined them later on. For Slendytubbies, Markiplier collaborated with Yami as well as Edge and Yami.

Girlfriend of yamimash:

Yamimash’s dating history is unknown to the general public. In the middle of 2013, he began a relationship with fellow Youtuber Jessica (JessAwesomexo). Jessica has a six-year age gap with Yamimash. A small percentage of his fans and YouTube viewers disagree with this point of view. Because they’re both legally old enough to consent, the vast majority of his admirers see nothing wrong with what happened to yamimash.

Conspiracies as well as slander Yamimash’s surroundings:

More than 250 million views had been viewed on Yamimash’s channel by the end of 2015. However, the year began with a bad note, which ultimately led to a downward spiral in his career. On January 2, 2016, another YouTuber, Keemstar, posted a video alleging that Yami had emailed a 14-year-old girl explicit images of his genitals.

What happened to yamimash when he was 24?

A 24-year-old Yamimash was in charge of the operation. Keemstar spoke to the girl and her mother through Skype and confirmed all she reported with the police, child protection services, and other authorities.

My Side Explained:

Among his supporters, this sparked a commotion and polarized their views. There was a consensus that the entire event was staged, and most of them upheld Yami’s integrity. yamimash posted a video entitled “My Side Explained” on January 5, 2016, three days after the first post.

Conflict of Yamimash:

His girlfriend Jessica was with him when the video was shot. Even though he denied it, he acknowledged talking to the girl and flirting with her. It was stated clearly that there was no activity between them and that he did not send any photos. His girlfriend, Jess, was also on his side. In addition, neither the girl nor her mother ever presented any documentation of the photos.

yamimash, is he dead or alive?

As a result of the scandal, Yamimash was able to keep his career alive for a time. Maintaining regularity and uploading movies were two of his main priorities. Since then, his subscriber growth has stalled, and his viewership has decreased significantly. Soon, he was falling behind on his video uploads due to laziness and depression. He ceased posting videos altogether at some point in 2016.

My Channel Is Dead:

On February 11, 2017, he eventually posted a video titled “My Channel Is Dead” What happened to yamimash. He discussed how the events of the last year had left him sad and unable to continue. He informed his fans that he had finally come around and would be returning to YouTube full-time shortly.


As a result of the events of the past year, Yami’s relationship was no longer viable. March 5, 2017, he posted a video on YouTube discussing his desire to mingle more and do other things in addition to YouTube.

Yamimash on Youtube:

yamimash has returned to YouTube with a vengeance, uploading an average of six videos every month since his return. “I Quit” was the title of a video that he posted on April 1, 2018. It turned out to be an April fool’s joke that scared his supporters into thinking he was quitting YouTube. What happened to yamimash? What happened to yamimash?

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