What Happened To YouTuber Yamimash? His Drama and Controversy Explained!

What Happened To YouTuber Yamimash? Yamimash is a YouTuber who started with many followers early on in his career. Still, his popularity has since waned due to the accumulation of several factors that contributed to his unfavorable notoriety. Yamimash, whose real name is Aaron Ash, but he goes by the alias Yamimash online, is a YouTuber famous for playing various scary video games. Yamimash began uploading videos in 2009. After avoiding providing them in the form of commentary, he eventually decided to experiment. It was in 2012 that he started accepting subscriptions for games other than Call of Duty and Game of War.

After that, Yamimash ventured into the horrific world of Slender and other games, where he quickly rose to prominence. In a similar vein, he is not only into playing horror or puzzle games but also into Pokémon and Minecraft. Yami has spent a lot of time playing terrifying video games. He has experience with MAZE and Hotel 626, which is widely considered one of the most frightening video games ever created. Here we will discuss more What Happened to YouTuber Yamimash in detail.

What’s Yamimash’s YouTube controversy?

In 2016, the YouTuber Yanimash was hit with several allegations, which caused his career to take an unexpected turn. He became the centre of attention due to the incident, but it was detrimental to his career as a gamer. Keemstar, a user on YouTube, published a video in which he revealed that Yamimash had been sending photos of his private parts to a girl who was too young to be his girlfriend. Keemstar’s video exposed Yamimash’s behaviour.

Yamimash published the video “My Side Explained” with his ex-girlfriend, in which he asserted that the two of them had communication but that he did not send any graphic images. He accused her of being an attention seeker. A single complaint could derail the career of a YouTuber all by itself.

Is She Still Participating In Online Activities?

In response to the accusations and scandals that Yanimash was subjected to by Keestar in February 2017, he uploaded a new video with the headline “My channel is gone.” Early in October 2017, he also stopped releasing videos. He started uploading videos at the beginning of 2018, albeit at a more leisurely rate, and he is now producing a cooperative playthrough after having done multiple solo plays.

What Happened To YouTuber Yamimash?

After the incident, Yamimash’s popularity decreased, as seen by a considerable drop in the number of views. The other YouTube artists with whom he used to work on videos have stopped doing so. His inability to restart his channel rendered his attempts to reconnect to it fruitless, even though he made every effort possible to do so. His fans were also leaving him, and he gradually became a phantom of his own life. His readers had stopped reading his work.

Where precisely can I locate Yamimash at this hour?

Yamimash is now publishing videos to Twitch, and it also appears that he has begun uploading videos to YouTube as of 2018. In August of 2021, Yamimash posted a note on his Twitter account alongside a selfie explaining that he might come back to produce videos or stream. Still, it will not be consistent as it was in the past and will most likely be a “part-time affair.” The explanation accompanied the note that he may come back to produce videos or stream.


What Happened To YouTuber Yamimash? Even though he does not interact with his followers on social media platforms like Twitter or YouTube, this has given his audience a glimmer of optimism.   Despite everything that had taken place, he expressed his gratitude to the beautiful people in his life for their support. In 2021, he published a significant number of videos; nevertheless, he could not attract a sizable audience to his content, resulting in a deficient number of total views.