Best white gaming headset of 2021.

White gaming headset: Most professional gamers now use white gaming headsets instead of the more traditional black or dark grey ones. The white gaming headset trend will last for years to come, and it will be a must-have accessory for gamers worldwide thanks to its sleek style and game-changing performance.

Best white gaming headset of 2021:

The stunning white colour may be enough to catch the eye of onlookers, but good looks alone won’t be enough to beat the competition. Check out 2021’s top white gaming headset to see which ones look and perform the best.

Wireless RGB Corsair Virtuoso Gaming headset:

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is a comfortable, customizable, and crisp gaming headset. Despite the headset’s all-white colour scheme, the customizable RGB corsair logo adds just the right amount of personality while still emphasizing the device’s crisp and tidy appearance. The lightweight and durable Virtuoso headset are made of machined aluminium and memory foam, so you can wear it all day without feeling it.

White Edition of the ROG Strix series from ASUS:

The Delta White Edition headset, like all ASUS ROG products, is designed with gamers in mind. This headset has a few flaws, but it does offer near-real-life sound quality, plenty of customization options, and a connection for nearly every gaming platform. This headset has industry-leading audio quality thanks to certifications from Teamspeak and Discord, as well as a slew of awards. The ROG Delta is equipped with four high-grade DACs.

Arctis 7 from SteelSeries:

Two words describe the SteelSeries Arctis 7: rock solid. There’s a lot to love about the Arctis 7’s performance in every area: sound quality, versatility, and comfort. The Arctis 7 has a minimalistic, streamlined design with an easy-to-adjust headband. It’s a beautiful watch. The ultra-comfortable headband can customize to fit your head perfectly by adjusting the two Velcro straps. This piece’s understated design makes it perfect for wearing to the office or on the subway.

The Logitech G733 is a wireless lightspeed headset:

This gaming headset is high-quality and full of personality, with plenty of RGB effects and customizability to show off. It delivers excellent gaming sound quality. It is the headset for you if you’re looking for one that looks as good as it works. However, despite its lack of connectivity versatility, the Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless offers a great gaming experience and plenty of personality at a reasonable price point.

Artemis Spectrum G933 by Logitech:

When it comes to gaming headsets, Logitech has built a heavyweight contender with a lot of swaggers. Excellent sound quality, a futuristic design, and unmatched adaptability are all features of the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. Your PC, mobile device, or nearly any gaming system can be easily connected using a wireless USB receiver and various wired connection options. The headband padding is foam, and the earcups and earcups are both black plastic.

The Arctis Pro Steel Series:

Gaming headset manufacturer SteelSeries has taken personalization to a whole new level with its newest product, the SteelSeries Steel. The Arctis Pro Wireless uses the Siberia 840’s sophisticated receiver while still maintaining the sleek Arctis line aesthetic. There are numerous audio settings available on the Arctis Pro, and it has one of the best microphones of any headset on the market right now.

Lite Premium V2 headset in white:

This headset epitomises the phrase “less is more.” This low-cost gaming headset does away with all the frills favouring a more understated design and a more wallet-friendly price tag. There are no high-end features or performance with a gaming headset that costs less than $100. However, you will receive a reliable device that is capable of performing all of your tasks. There’s nothing flashy about the lite premium V2.

The Alienware AW510H gaming headset:

Alienware, the gaming tech giant, has to be included on our list. When it comes to Alienware laptops, the AW510H does what it does best: takes cutting-edge technology and dresses it up nicely. The AW510H’s headset is more refined thanks to the headset’s super-simple colour scheme and integrated head beam. ABS is used for the majority of the headset case, and it does its job admirably. Both the flexibility and the durability of the headband are top-notch.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset:

Sound and performance have never been better thanks to the HyperX Cloud Alpha’s focus on doubling down on its strengths. Because of the sturdy and solid build, this is an incredibly durable accessory that can take as many drops as you can dish out. Solid joints or thick padding protect all of the headset’s moving parts, including the metal band and forks. Rather than thin plastic, the earcups have a metal backing with thick, comfortable ear pads.

Toys “R” Us Elite Pro headset:

Turtle Beach is a well-known name in gaming audio, and it’s easy to see why. It’s been a long time since the manufacturer offered eSports headsets to the gaming community. Turtle Beach has returned to the fray with the Elite Pro 2, an incredibly comfortable and aesthetically stunning device. To put it another way, the Elite Pro 2 appears to be fantastic. The Elite Pro 2’s PC-focused sibling, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas, inspired the physical design.

T-Rex Gen 2 White Turtle Beach Stealth 600:

Turtle Beach is well-known for its low-cost gaming headsets, and the Stealth 600 Gen 2 White delivers on that reputation. Although this headset is Xbox-specific, it works flawlessly on the console right out of the box. However, it requires an Xbox wireless adapter to function properly on a Windows computer. Thanks to its good audio quality and long battery life, it is an excellent semi-budget wireless headset for Xbox gamers.

Game Zero headset:

The Game Zero is an understated but attractive gaming headset peripheral. It has metallic red accents, so it stands out from the rest of the studio headphone lineup. Other than that, the Game Zero looks like any other pair of headphones you’d see people wearing in public. Earcups and chassis are black, and there is a Sennheiser logo on both the ears and the band.


The earcups on Game Zero are enormous and incredibly comfortable. They’re extremely well-sealed and provide overall solid comfort even with minimal squeezing. The warm and inviting leatherette wraps around your body, enveloping you completely. White gaming headset, White gaming headset.

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