JOYACCESS 2.4G white Mouse & The M65 Pro RGB from Corsair.

White mouse: It can be challenging to find the right gaming mouse in such a crowded market when you have a white gaming setup. When choosing a mouse, there are many things to think about, including the colour, shape, buttons, sensor, and whether you want a wireless or wired model. It would help if you did not compromise on these details because they will significantly impact your gaming experience. Following are the best white mouse.

JOYACCESS 2.4G white Mouse:

The wireless mouse allows you to freely switch between three devices using just one mouse and a single click. Bluetooth and a 2.4G USB Receiver are the two ways we can connect our computer mouse to other devices. You can work or play games without disturbing others with the right and left buttons’ soundless design.


Smooth scrolling, extremely accurate with even the tiniest of movements. After an inactivity of ten minutes, the white mouse will go to sleep and must be awoken by clicking on any button. There is a requirement for one AA battery (not included).

Mercury-based Razer Viper Ultimate:

The Razer Viper Ultimate is ideal for any player thanks to its ambidextrous design, top-notch sensor, and lightning-fast wireless connectivity. Size-wise, it fits most hands and grip styles, measuring at 4.99 by 2.27 by 1.49 inches, and weighs only 74 grams (LxWxH). 20,000 DPI is the maximum resolution of the Razer Focus+ optical sensor while tracking speeds are as fast as 625 in/sec (inches per second). Polling frequency is set at 1,000 Hz, which is typical for gaming mice in the industry.

Model O, the Glorious:

Glorious’ Model O went head-to-head with Final mouse’s popular Ninja Air58 as one of the first direct competitors. The Model O is a great entry-level gaming mouse because of its low price and lightweight design (67 grams). Because of its low cost and lightweight, the Model O is a popular choice among gamers looking for a new gaming mouse.


The Pixart PMW3360 sensor and Omron switches on this mouse deliver impressive performance for the price. The Pixart sensor has a DPI resolution of up to 12,000 and a polling rate of 1,000Hz.

The Razer Orochi V2:

The Razer Orochi V2 is one of the most portable and lightest mice on this list, with long battery life. Players seeking the lightest white mouse without a honeycomb design will appreciate the mouse’s weight of fewer than 60 grams. The Bluetooth and Razer Hyperspeed wireless modes let users choose between long battery life and low latency.


According to Razer, the battery can last up to 950 hours with Bluetooth and 425 hours with Razer Hyperspeed. A single AA or AAA battery powers the mouse; however, an AA battery lasts longer.


Professional shooter gamers love Zowie’s EC2, and it’s easy to see why. The right-handed ergonomic design of this mouse is intended to minimize user discomfort. There is a maximum DPI of 3,200 on the EC2’s sensor and a tracking speed of 130 IPS. The DPI of this mouse can be changed using a button on the bottom of the mouse, unlike the majority of the others listed.


Players with smaller hands or those who prefer a fingertip grip may have difficulty using this mouse. The main selling point of this mouse is its softness.  The front of the right side has also been raised to accommodate the fourth finger.

MM711 by Cooler Master:

Featuring a honeycomb design, the MM711 is a premium mid-range gaming mouse from Razer. The honeycomb performer from Cooler Master provides excellent support for both the palm and claw grips. The MM711’s sensor, the Pixart PMW3389, delivers solid tracking performance. Omron switches and RGB lighting are just two more reasons to take a look at this mouse. Omron switches have a 20 million-click life expectancy.


When combined with the honeycomb pattern, the RGB lighting creates a striking visual effect. More people will grip the mouse comfortably and efficiently thanks to the glossy and matte finishes. You can choose from various DPI profiles ranging from 400 to 16,000 DPI, depending on your playing style.

Tsinghua Unicorn:

The VicTsing Pro white gaming mouse features an ergonomic design with non-skid, textured grips on both sides to alleviate wrist pain. With the mouse’s six programmable buttons and the drive disc, you can give them different commands and macros. With these customizable buttons, you’ll be able to complete even the most challenging commands in your favourite games with ease. The mouse features a DPI toggle button for precise positioning and pinpoints accuracy to top it off.


This device’s textured side grips help keep your wrist relaxed while you use it, and the notched, 2D titanium wheel lets you navigate with confidence. For fast-paced games requiring a higher level of reflectivity, this mouse uses Smart Cast technology and has two buttons.


The ROCCAT Swarm driver system, part of the Smart Cast driver system, gives you complete control over 22 different button functions.

Perdition Redragon M901:

The contoured frame and Teflon pads give you ultimate control when riding with the Redragon M901. Because of the connector, you won’t have to worry about gameplay interruptions or restrictions. In addition to the 12 mechanical side buttons, this white gaming mouse has 19 programmable buttons. All Omron switches use hardware that reduces tension, making them easier to click and less likely to stick.

The M65 Pro RGB from Corsair:

Only one gaming mouse on this list has an aluminium frame, and that’s the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB. It’s made of lightweight aluminium and has three bottom tuning pins that let you fine-tune the weight distribution. In addition, it has three points of contact for frictionless movements and smooth swiping. The centre wheel has a metallic interior wrapped in a rubber coating to scroll, control, and precision.


If you have a white gaming setup, you can use whatever mouse you want. White mouse setups can complement in various ways to make them look as good as they perform.

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