All the facts you need to know about who is Ryan Trahan married to?

Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Ryan Trahan married Haley Pham. Haley Pham is a social media celebrity and the wife of Ryan Trahan, who is also a social media star. Pham was born on December 5, 2000, and she is now 22 years old. Trahan is also a social media star. Haley and her husband, Ryan, have amassed thousands of followers across many social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and their massive following on YouTube. Haley’s goal is to break into the mainstream entertainment business, and she plans to do so by using the fame that came with her profession as a video blogger. Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Ryan Trahan married to Haley Pham.

Due to their participation in the television miniseries Carpe Challenge: Miami, she is recognized as an actor in some circles. The YouTuber is one of the stars of the reality television program, which also features Jo Franco, Hayes Grier, Aaron Burriss, and Chachi Gonzales. As a result of her meteoric rise to fame, an increasing number of individuals are interested in learning more about her private life. The following content is all about who Ryan Trahan is married to.

The following is a synopsis of Haley Pham’s bio:

Haley Pham is her full name.

Gender: Female

Birth date: December 5th, the year 2000

The age of Haley Pham is 22 years old.

The Vietnamese ethnic group

Citizenship: United States of America

Zodiac Sign: Saggittarius

Orientation Sexual: a Straight Orientation

Christianity is the main religion.

Status in Relationships: Married

Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Haley Pham’s

Joe Goodman and Mommy Pham are Haley Pham’s (Haley’s) parents.

Siblings: Tyler Khem and Benjamin Pham

The height of Haley Pham, measured in inches, is 5 feet, 4 inches.

The height of Haley Pham, measured in centimeters, is 163 cm.

The net worth of Haley Pham is three million dollars.

Career on YouTube and Marriage to Ryan Trahan are two of her most notable accomplishments.

The Instagram handle for Haley Pham is Haley Pham.

Facebook: Haley Pham

What is Haley Pham’s, Age Range?

It’s been 22 years since Haley Pham was born. She was reportedly born on December 5, 2000, as stated by several different sources. She was born in the state of Texas and spent most of her childhood there, and she is a citizen of the United States of America. Her hometown is Austin. The popular YouTuber Ryan Trahan is two years older than his wife, the internet personality.

According to reputable sources, Trahan was also born in Texas, specifically in a community known as Eagle Lake. Since he was born on October 7, 1998, he is now 24 years old. His birthday is October 7. It’s all about who Ryan Trahan is married to that has been discussed.

What kind of people does Haley Pham call themselves?

The vast majority of individuals are aware that Haley Pham has citizenship in the United States of America. It is also common knowledge that she hails from the city of Austin in the state of Texas, where she was born and reared. The fact that many people do not know her ethnicity and other pertinent information about her family history has stayed the same.

Several different parties have asserted that she is a Native American who originates from Europe. If what you say is true, then what I said is only partially accurate. According to the evidence we have uncovered, the popular YouTuber is an American of Vietnamese ancestry, at least on her mother’s side of the family. Several of Haley’s films have included her mother, whom she refers to as Mommy Pham in her work.

The public does not know her proper name, but they do know that she was formerly married to a guy called Joe Goodman, who also happens to be Haley’s father. Her real identity is kept a secret. Her parents also have another kid named Benjamin Pham, and that other child’s name is Tyler Khem. Haley Pham is not an only child. Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Ryan Trahan married to Haley Pham.


When Haley was a senior in high school, her parents went through a divorce. Then, her father left the family. Therefore the YouTuber and her siblings are now being raised by their mother. According to some accounts, Haley Pham’s mother eventually became unemployed, which may have contributed to the fact that Haley Pham did not continue her education after completing her high school education and graduating from high school.

She decided not to go to college and instead focused her energy on making videos for YouTube, which she eventually became a job, all of whom Ryan Trahan married.

Career as a YouTube creator:

Although Haley Pham’s career as a video content producer most likely started before the year in question, June 30, 2010, was the day she launched the channel that bears her name on YouTube. Initially, she focused her attention on the production of beauty and lifestyle films. She likely became sick of hearing about it when she began vlogging in 2018 about her life and the things she does daily.

At this moment, she had just started her senior year of high school, which was the last year of her formal education. In the beginning stages of her career as a YouTuber, Haley Pham attracted a lot of attention to herself because she declared and maintained her Christian religion. She produced various films on studying the Bible, in which she often highlighted topics such as praying and leading a good life.

Many members of the religion, even grownups that are far older than her, came to like and respect her.

Share of difficulties:

Pham’s life has not been without its share of difficulties. Although she has thousands of devoted admirers and followers, she has had to overcome several obstacles along the road. For instance, when she traveled to Greece and Italy in the latter part of 2019, many admirers turned against her. Pham documented his trip on his blog but did not have any nice things to say about the countries he visited. Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Ryan Trahan began a relationship Haley Pham in 2018.

It upset her admirers, and they started accusing her of being inconsiderate and acting like she was entitled to anything. In September 2014, in addition to the initial channel she had established on YouTube, Haley launched a second channel under the name Haley Pham Vlogs. This channel’s only purpose is to provide a forum for the host to talk about the books she’s read and vlog about her life.

Social media sites:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Pham’s fame has expanded to other social media sites, where she also has thousands of followers in each of those communities. The following is a rundown of her many social media usernames and the number of followers she has:

2.43 million People have subscribed to Haley Pham’s channel on YouTube.

Eight hundred forty-one thousand people are subscribed to Haley Pham’s vlogs on YouTube.

Nine hundred thirty-eight thousand people are following you on Instagram, Haley Pham.

1.6 thousand People are following Haley Pham on Facebook.

When Did Haley Pham get engaged?

Pham and Trahan had dated for less than two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. On May 18, 2020, Ryan got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Pham, and she said yes. They did not waste any time before heading down the aisle and were married in November 2020, just six months after they got engaged.

When it came to light that the two had tied the knot, they initially denied it, but eventually, they conceded that it was the case. According to the reports, many people at their wedding, including their relatives and close friends. They received significant criticism for not adhering to the guideline of maintaining a social distance, which was intended to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, and for not wearing masks.

They may have lost some of their supporters due to this, but everything seems to have been resolved today. YouTube stars have been married for more than two years, but they do not yet have any child together; it’s all about who Ryan Trahan is married to. Who is Ryan Trahan married to? Ryan Trahan married Haley Pham.