How to stop windshield wipers from skipping?

It could be frustrating to have unclean windshield wiper lubricant. It does not only generate unpleasant strains on the glass, but it can also be a worry for safety. But don’t assume you have to spend money on a new wiper blade. This problem can rectify most of the time with little rapid maintenance. A can of WD40 Waterproof Silicone Spray specialist and a clean cloth for microfiber will make your windshield wipers perform as if they were new.

When it snows, lift your wiper blades:

It can appear as an unnecessary motion to pull up your wiper’s arms if it sounds like snowing or snowing. You save some possible difficulties and additional expenditures. When the snow reaches the windshield, mainly when the winter is warmer, or your car windshield is heated on a cold, snowy day, it melts into water and then freezes to ice when the temperatures drop.

Activate your washing machines:

If your wiper blades are against the windshield wiper lubricant, they will freeze. In this situation, you likely break the rubber edge of the wiper blade when you try to operate your wiper. Your wipers are not going to clear smoothly, and you’re going to have to replace them. You have to look for cracks, chips, or other damage to make sure your blades endure as long as you can.

Don’t scrape the blades down on your windshield:

Many individuals cut corners in the winter and smash their frozen windshields down with their wiper blades. When you do that, the scraper’s sharp edge will harm your wiper blade’s rubber portion. You can cut, shred or gouge the Rubber, and your windows won’t be apparent, right? You’re going to have to substitute them.

Clean your washer blades with the fluid of the washer:

While your wipers still work effectively and clear your glass, they collect dirt and debris. It sticks to the rubber edge and can cause damage not only to the Rubber but also the windshield glass when it goes over the windshield. Soak a clean towel in a fluid washer and clean your wiper blades. It can extend its life.

Park under the shade of your car:

You can’t always park in the shade, but when you can, you can. All aspects of your car, including the wiper blades, are excellent. When the Rubber on your wipes gets heated, some of the flexibility is baked, and it ‘dries’ out. It gets rigid and fragile as rubber ages. Wiper blades with a solid and fragile edges are not transparent.

Don’t dry your washing machines:

Your wiper blades intend to clear precipitation and humidity from your windshield wiper lubricant, whether it has been sprinkled in the rain, snow, or even a washing fluid. They are not suited for dry windshield operation. You can hear crying, and squeaking sounds when you dry them as they pass over the glass.

Rubber wears Rubber.

It is an indication of the use of Rubber. Furthermore, activating dry wipers might permanently harm the window with any dry particles on the glass. If it does not rain or snow, spray fluid on the windscreen before using the washing machines.


Make sure you have all the necessary supplies close by before you start. Everything you need is a WD40 container and a clean microfibre. These stages can make in a garage or outside. To prevent the procedure from hurrying, make sure you have some time to complete the instructions below. Recall that this approach will not perform miracles and make your blades fresh. Do not ignore regular maintenance and ensure that the blades are inspected regularly.

How do clean Blades of the Wiper?

  1. In the locking position, lift the wiper blades. It will be much easier to clean the blades when not forced down on the windshield wiper lubricant. If you have an SUV or truck, obliterate the wiper blades.
  2. Spray the clean WD40 Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant Spray cloth with microfiber. Then run down the first wiper blade rubber portion.

Towel with microfiber:

To steady it, you should hold the microfiber towel in one hand and the wiper blade in another.

  1. Ensure this action a few times to make sure the Rubber removes all dirt and muck. After that, you can move to the next wiper blade.
  2. Don’t forget to clean the back windshield wiper lubricant. Once all the wiper blades have been inspected.


Your finger can also run over the rubber portion to make sure it’s smooth. Again, repeat step 3 if you sense bumps or defects. Once all of the steps above are finished, wait a few minutes before driving the car. You want to prevent leaving any WD40 liquid on the paint of your automobile while you drive. It is vital to wipe up any extra residue.

What causes the streaks in the windshield?

There are several various reasons why your windshield has strings with the wiper blades. You will note that some of these reasons might lead to more significant difficulties. For example, if the blades are too old, they could be stuck on the glass and make a loud thumping noise.

Blades of Dirty Wiper:

The most significant reason for windshield wiper lubricant strips is always dirty wiper blades. You will be in contact with your car while you drive oil, road tar, sand, salt, and many other impurities. Since the windshield is on the front of the vehicle, much of this dirt is trapped. With time, these pollutants will slide down your windshield and get trapped on your wipers. The wiper blades must constantly be rubber portions clean.

Uneven Blades Wiper:

Unnatural wipers may also generate streaks of the windshield the glass. The conventional wiper blade has two primary portions. The bracelet and the rubber band. This rubber portion is caused to move, slide down or get loose by variable wipers. As a result, when it rains, you may notice uneven streaks in the glass. But there’s no trouble stopping.

Rubber is not perfect:

Disparate blades can also be very loud, as the Rubber does not hit the glass perfectly. The wiper blades might also skip when this happens, as they stay in the movement. Thus, when they dry, they modify the shape of the blades. As a result, you will have a windshield with streaks.

Blades of Old Wiper:

Wiper blades are like tires for cars. They will not last forever and must be replaced. Cleaning your WD40 wiper blades will assist in prolonging their life. All wiper blades will be different, but the first step is to examine them. Wiper blades endure a lot of abuse – especially if you live in the snow somewhere. Ice and snow can damage the wiper blade, causing strains.


I know where you park you can’t always control it. However, your wiper blades can get damaged faster if parked in direct sunlight. It begins to crack when the Rubber becomes dry. The cracks generate an uneven surface that leaves strips and lines on the windshield wiper lubricant. Try to park in the shade if you get the chance.

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